Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lake Fun & School Shopping

This week we have been coming down from our high from our road trip last week.  We are also enjoying our last few weeks of summer.  It is winding down way too quick!  We have to pack a lot in this week because next week we are heading to Florida.   On Monday night we got to go out on the lake with our friends/neighbors on their new boat.  We are right here on Lake Hartwell so its fun to get to enjoy the lake.   My girls have never been tubing on the lake so they were so excited!  Cohen kept thinking about tubing down the river which was totally different.  I'm happy to say that both girls absolutely loved it!  Cohen is already asking to go back out and tube again!  Even Kate enjoyed it even though she was quick to tell Westley she didn't want to go under the water.   She tubed with Grace and it took a few tries to get them balanced on the tube and so she took a few spills but after getting adjusted on the tube they were good to go.  Kelly was almost in tears looking at her tube because he kept saying she looked like such a big girl back there.   I love getting to do these fun things with them though.  Bryce was with us and he enjoyed the boat ride.  He actually took a little nap on the boat.  Sweet boy.  Bless his little heart, he had to wear his sister's pink puddle jumper.  I'll have to remember to take his "boy" one next time.  The life jacket we had just looked like it was so uncomfortable.  We had such a fun time though.  It was a perfect night on the lake.  There weren't too many people and we got to have a little picnic on the boat.  We all took turns on the tube.  I think Kelly had the roughest spill by far.  Dawn and I tubed together and I'm pretty sure we laughed the entire time.  We had already told Westley he had to go easier on us than on Kelly :)  We had a blast and we are looking forward to more lake fun!  Even with school about to start there is still a lot more summer fun to be had!
Nothing but a little head above the bulky life jacket

I asked Kate to give me a thumbs up before she got on the tube with Grace...thumbs, pointers, its all the same!

Boat rides tire him out

Getting brave...and dancing on the tube

 Someone woke up and was all smiles 

These 3 jumped in to swim every chance they got

Kelly's wild ride

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Nothing beats a pretty lake sunset

Wednesday we took the kids on our annual back to school shopping trip.  I cannot believe it is so close to the start of school.  I'm almost sick about it.  I am not ready at all.  I love our laid back summer days and while we are busy in the summer, it takes on a whole new meaning when school starts back and the activities go back in full swing.  I love it all but these summer days are just wonderful.  We did have some fun shopping though.  I always love a good shopping trip.  Cohen is now ready for 2nd least supply wise!  Dawn and I have shopped together ever since Keyes and Cohen started kindergarten.  I can't believe Elliott will join them at the elementary school this year!  They all had a blast getting their school goodies!

This mama was shopped out!  

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