Monday, July 13, 2015

Stone Mountain

Last Thursday we got to have some family fun at Stone Mountain in Atlanta.  When I say family I mean the whole family too!  We went with Pop, Sug,  Adam, Sara, and their girls.  We usually try to make at least one trip to Stone Mountain each summer to see the laser show.  Most trips that means we go later in the afternoon, but for this trip we decided to go early so the kids could enjoy some of the other fun things to do there.  We had a pass that gave us access to almost everything at the park so the girls were able to do a lot of things!  When we got there we decided to see the 4D Rio movie first then go ahead and take the train ride around the mountain.

A little 4-D fun

Train selfie!
When we got off the train I got a great surprise...I saw my friend Betsie!! As we were walking down I noticed 2 cute little boys that I just knew I recognized and there was Betsie!  It is definitely a small world and both of us were so excited to get to see each other.  Life gets so busy and we keep saying we want to plan a get together.  I am determined to make it happen soon!
After we left the train, and got a little boy all fed and happy, we let the girls enjoy a little splash show.  All the heat we were feeling had that water feeling good!

After our little water and snack break we decided to take the little girls and Bryce to the petting farm while Kelly and Pop took the bigger girls to do the ropes course.  Kate being the animal lover she is was all about the farm animals.  As soon as we walked in I saw a sheep laying by itself so I thought I would let Bryce sit beside it for a cute little picture op!  Well he was just a tad unsure of that sheep...

No worries about this one liking it
Well I thought we might try again with a goat this time...yep no luck there either.  One look at the goat behind him and he was not loving it....

 That moment when you see there is a goat right behind you....I'm pretty sure this goat was smiling for me

While we were visiting the farm animals, we also did a little plantation exploring.  Out of all the times I have been to Stone Mountain I have never looked around the plantation grounds or went in the house.  There's a first for everything, right!?  This is the Dickey House and it was very interesting to take a look around inside.

We met back up with the big girls and guys for some barn fun.  The Great Barn is an indoor playground of sorts for everyone.  The kids can bag as many of the balls they find on the floor and can take the balls to shoot in the guns or use for the other games in the barn.  It is 4 stories of ball heaven!  At the top the kids can get on one of 3 slides to slide all the way to the bottom.  My girls loved this and Kelly & I had our go at it too.  Hubby preferred shooting matches with Cohen and Savannah and I'm not sure that he may have had the most fun of anyone in there!  Bryce took a quick nap during all this fun but woke up as we were leaving.

Kate was all about bagging all the balls she could find

Someone was really enjoying himself

Next on the agenda was letting the little girls do their own "little" ropes course and let the big girls climb the rock wall.  Kate & Addison had fun on their rope course and did a great job!  Cohen and Savannah were all into the rock wall and while I couldn't get a well lit picture of them, I did get these cute silhouette pictures of Cohen on her side of the wall.  I was proud of my girl.  She made it to the top super fast and was back down and going back up as soon as her feet hit the ground.  They got to climb twice.  I was proud of my girls!

By this time we had worked up an appetite and were ready to pick out our picnic spot.  Of course we had a photo detour when the girls saw these fun picture stands.   I got a kick out of their faces.

The laser show is by far my favorite part of the Stone Mountain experience.  If you have never been to Stone Mountain to see I would highly recommend it.  I still get amazed seeing the big carving on the side of the mountain and it is my favorite when it "comes to life" during the show.  We missed out on riding to the top of the mountain which I hate.  We missed the last car by about 5 mins.  We enjoyed our picnic though and just relaxing before the show started.  The kids had a blast throwing frisbee with us and just climbing all over Pop.  Sug had brought some fun glow things for the girls which was fabulous.  The laser show was great as always and had several new songs that we had not seen before.  I love it!  We had a great time and enjoyed our family trip!

Bryce took an interest in Kate's Doritos and she had fun playing games with him.

showing off their glow attire

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