Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring "Phone" Cleaning

Now that summer is in full swing I am going to have a random post of all the pictures from the past few months on my iPhone.  Its hard to have a post for every picture I take since that would be so many but I do want to save these pictures so I'm going to post them all here today!  Most of these are from our week of spring break that I apparently should have posted about and didn't.  Oops!  We didn't go off for spring break but our week was full of fun playdates with our friends and some little day trips.  It's crazy how quick a week can pass and the fun that can be had just by seeing and catching up with friends.  I love this and I always have to remind myself that sometimes kids just love being at home and playing more than anything.  I know I am guilty of thinking I need to always have something big planned for them.  I think this is one down fall to being a stay-at-home mom.  I feel my job is to go and do with the kids but in reality they love playing with me at home as much if not more than going places.  When I look back on our pictures I'm so glad we had such a fun, relaxing week with our friends!
One day we met up with Rebekah, Cade and Nolan for lunch.  After lunch we decided to go to the park to let the kids play outside.   It was such a pretty day.  I actually got sunburned!

Kelly took the afternoon off on that Wednesday and we took our girls and Brock to Rush in Athens which is an indoor trampoline place.  Nana was a huge help and watched Bryce for us while we jumped.  We knew he would be way too much to handle and he also needed his nap!

 After we jumped we picked Bryce up and decided to go downtown to eat.  I had a shopping stop to make at Empire South too ;)  We decided to eat at the rooftop restaurant at the Georgia Theatre which we loved.  I love any reason to eat downtown! A lady who was visiting Athens saw Bryce, who was being his usual friendly self waving at her and everyone else, and she said she had never seen such a small bulldawg fan and couldn't get over how cute she thought he was.  We didn't go into details about how we have our kids in GA apparel in the hospital when they are born! LOL!

This cracked me up since it looks like we have our baby in the bar!

Another day trip we took was to the Greenville Children's Museum.  Dawn and I took all of our kids and let them have some fun at the museum and then went to McAlister's for lunch.

Cohen had some sleepover fun with her friend, Josi.  These 2 always have the best time and what is even more fun is when you and your best friend have matching pjs and you didn't even plan it!

 Cohen and Josie B. also had a sleepover.  Jen sent me this picture of them having some karaoke fun! These 2 are always coming up with some fun idea to start a business, sell something, or in this case write a song!  I love them!

Bryce loved some more playground time.  The end of that week was a little cool but we still managed to get outside.  He loves being outside more than anything and really loves the slide!

On that Sunday night before heading back to school we celebrated Addison's 5th birthday.  She had chose to go eat Mexican at La Cabana.  I think she was excited about the birthday song they sang to her!

Bryce loves his Pop
 Kate thought the whipped cream on Addison's face was too funny.

More slide fun we've had over the spring time.

Kate got to have Donuts with Dad after school went back.

With spring comes the fun of all the birds building nests in our bird boxes, trees, and even on the porches!  We have a lot of wind too though and on these particular night Kate came home to find these baby birds on the ground because their nest had blew over.  It was so sad and we decided we would take a chance and pick them up since they would die if we didn't.  She was already crying after Coco the dog came in and got one of the babies!  It was traumatizing for our little animal lover! When she got to dig for worms to hand feed the birds though it was all worth it!

More random pictures...Bryce and I visited Daddy at work and Bryce quickly took over Daddy's desk.

Kate and Addison loved their Wednesday afternoon play dates at Sug's house!

One Sunday after lunch at Sug and Pop's house, Pop caught a lizard for Kate and it crawled right up her shirt!   On a separate day Sug sent me these pictures of Kate.  She had just got out of the car and had caught a frog and then a few minutes later with the frog still in one hand, she caught a lizard.  If you notice, she is holding both in the picture!  She is a nature lover for sure!

got a frog!

Frog in the left hand...lizard in the right.  What will we do with her!?
Some more funny pics from our little Kate is from our family soccer game we had.  Kate decided to put on someone's sunglasses and Brock's hat.  She was quite funny and cute, and then we had a little fun on Snapchat and we had Kate doing her impression of Eric Church.  These snapchat filters provide us with way too much entertainment!

Our spring fun continued when I took Cohen to watch the Uga Majorette tryouts.  Right now this is Cohen's goal...to twirl at Georgia.  It was very neat watching the tryouts and let me tell you, these girls perform great under pressure.  I was nervous for them.  I can only imagine if that is my child one day!

Here are some fun pics from one of our walks.  Caron and I had a little fun with Stacey's donkey Eeyore.  He is quite the people lover!

 Bryce was a little unsure of Eeyore.  He likes animals but only at a distance for now.  Unlike his big sister!

Speaking of animals,  Kate got to experience the Franklin County Livestock barn too.  You can't live in our small country town and not go to the sale barn!  This is the cattle sale every Tuesday.  I went with my Daddy as a child and of course loved it.  I think I loved being with him mostly but I knew Kate would be fascinated seeing all the cows.  Not to mention they have a great lunch :)  We went with Kate's friend Brinley and her mom Kayla.  These girls had a fun time.  Bryce on the other hand liked the lunch part but was not a fan of the cows and the noise.  He calmed down after a bit but having one child who was not feeling it while the other was running everywhere was quite the chore for this mama!  As we were leaving we ran into Denny!  Bryce was excited then!  He loves Denny.

Taking in the cattle sale

That night she was all pooped out but it was so sweet seeing her asleep.  She had fell asleep looking at her Bible.

Bryce recently went for his 18 month check up.  He was doing perfect!  I can't get over how fast he is growing.  Have I mentioned what else is growing fast on him...his hair!  We have now had hair cut #4 and it was a big boy cut.  He hates hair cuts but Annie was great and we managed to get it done!  Our more recent pics show it.  These are still his long hair.  He was 24 lbs at his check up!

More random pics...
Bryce looking out the window for Denny.  Denny was eating right into it!  These 2 are definitely best buddies.

Having some yummy tacos on Cinco de Mayo...any holiday requires celebrating right?!

Daddy has been busy making our yard so pretty this spring.  This day we were buying a lot of plants and flowers.  The kids have a fun time roaming around the nursery.  Especially that little boy!

Later that same day we celebrated Grace's 15th birthday!  She had a fun party for all of her friends and we were excited to celebrate with her too.  The girls loved her fun games like paint twister and digging for gummy worms in the whipped cream!

She was a hot mess by the time we headed back home.  It was straight to the shower for both girls!

Well that will do it for spring cleaning (picture style) for now!  Oh what fun we have had for sure!