Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Mylie!

Cohen's friend Mylie turned 3 last Thursday and we got to celebrate with her on Friday at her Dora swim party.  It was such a cute party and the girls had such a fun time.  At one point I heard Cohen telling them all "swim parties are the best!"  These little girls are all in the same Sunday School class at church and it is so fun watching them grow up together.  I can't believe they are 3 years old!  Happy Birthday Mylie and we loved the party!
Sweet girls!

The birthday girl blowing out her candles

Cohen & Mylie

Opening presents

Eating her favorite...watermelon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fishing Fun!

Cohen got to go on her first fishing trip Wednesday night.  We have a pond that we can fish at here in our subdivision so we loaded up and drove down.  Kelly has been wanting to take her for a long time now.  Denny, Jessica, Katelyn (Kate-Kate), Eric, Jarrett, and Hazel all came along and fished to so it was a fun night for everyone.  Cohen got a little tired of holding her own fishing rod, but she loved watching everyone else catch a fish and then having her picture made with it.  She even got brave after a while and would touch a fish and then she actually held a fish!  One fish she went to hold jumped right as she started to hold it and I was able to catch it all on camera.  Such a funny shot!  She really enjoyed her first fishing trip though so I'm sure we'll have a few more this summer.  And to top it all off, she was able to ride in the back of Jarrett's truck to the pond.  Can you say country girl?!
Checking out Jarrett's fish

What a funny fish!

Now one with Hazel's fish

The fish JUMPED!

Little country girl!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cohen's first manicure

On Monday Cohen and I had a special girl's day out.  After visiting the library to get signed up for the summer reading program, I took Cohen to have her nails painted at the nail salon.  She really loves having her fingernails and toenails painted so I thought this would be something just she and I could do together before a new little one joined the family.  I needed a pedicure very bad anyway so the timing was perfect!  She was amazed at all the nail polish colors and after picking up some wild colors, she settled for pink and purple (her 2 favorite colors).  Purple nails with a pink flower.  She sat with me while I got a pedicure and they came and painted her nails purple with silver glitter at the tips, then finished them off with a pretty pink flower.  She thought she was something else!  She does have a bad habit of peeling off her polish and that started on Monday night at the ballfield so we'll see how long this polish lasts.  It was a special treat though and we both enjoyed it :)
Picking out her polish

So many pretty colors...it was a rainbow!

Watching as she gets her flower painted

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Start of Summer!

This weekend was so nice!  Very hot but we love the sunshine, and I will take hot weather over cold any day!  Cohen decided she wanted to get her "baby pool" out so that's just what we did.  Daddy got her pool and little slide down from the attic and we filled it up.  She really needs something a little bigger but this will have to do for now.  It really amazes me how a little water, a slide, and some sand toys can entertain her for hours!  She would stay out all day if I would let her and I would stay out longer too if I had my own pool to sit in :)  Being 9 months pregnant and 90 degree weather don't mix for hours to well.  I did go get some great lounge chairs for us to have though so that made it a little bit better :)

Getting ready to slide


Cohen "Watering her garden"

After playing out side for a while it was time to come in and rest.  I turned on her favorite movie, Strawberry Shortcake, and she watched that.  Afterwards she still had not taken a nap so I told her she had to find a way to go rest.  I noticed it had gotten pretty quiet so when I went looking for her this is where I found her...under her play table in the playroom where she had been in the middle of peeling paper off of her crayon.  This is something she has had a bad habit of doing lately.  The crayons are brand new but yet she still wants the paper off.  I will hear "i'm sorry mama" and I know as she is saying that she is already peeling the paper off.  I got a big kick out of finding her here though.  Too precious!

Friday, May 20, 2011

36+ weeks!! Its almost time!

Yesterday we had our last ultrasound appt.   Cohen came with us so she could get a glimpse of her "baby sister" one last time before she makes her big appearance.  She was a little confused though when we left the Dr's office without a baby :)
The Dr. said our baby girl was looking "perfect".  She is about 5 lbs 13 oz now.  I was about 1 cm dialated, very thinned out and the head was very low!  We are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  I had Cohen at 37 1/2 weeks so it could be anywhere from 1 week to 3.  The Dr. did tell me she would see me next week if not before so I guess we could meet her anytime.  I am very very ready!  The uncomfortable stage has set in and has been for a few weeks so I'm ready to feel normal again :) (if that's possible).  We are excited and nervous about the change of bringing home a new baby but I know it will be fun.  Change is always scary to think about!!  Unfortunately we didn't have any pictures :(

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cohen's first choir musical

I actually thought I had already posted this but I didn't!  Cohen was recently in her first choir performance/musical at church.  We were so excited!  She has really loved going to choir since she turned 3 and the timing worked out for her to be in the musical.  The kids did a great job and we were so proud of her (of course).  She loves singing so it was right up her ally!  The funniest part was when Keyes (our neighbor) decided he wanted to play with his belt and Cohen very carefully took it all in.  This is one of those moments I wish I could be inside her head!  It was hilarious.  It was a great job by everyone.

This is where the fun started

He's caught her attention now

Very curious on what is going to happen next...

So proud of her!

Monday, May 2, 2011

All of our Easter Celebrations

I know it was over a week ago but we had quite a busy Easter.   Cohen started her Easter off at preschool with an egg hunt and party.  Since the weather was not great that day she had to hunt eggs inside but that didn't slow any of the kids down at all.  Later that day we had our neighborhood egg hunt and believe it or not, I forgot my camera so I have to rely on my sweet neighbors to give me copies of the group picture.  Pregnancy must be getting to me :)
A little blurry but you can see the excitement on her face

Showing off all of her eggs!

On Saturday our church had their egg hunt.  There were games and Cohen's favorite, the face painting!  She also had a great time dancing to S.O.C., followed by the anticipated egg hunt.  By this time she was all into finding the eggs and being able to open them to see the good candy inside.  Easter is turning into Halloween slowly but surely!
Watching so closely as she gets her hand painted

She ended up with both cheeks painted and both hands!
All smiles!  She looked so big just sitting out there with everyone

Dancing to S.O.C.
In deep conversation with her best friend Josie
Cohen & Josie after the egg hunt

And Finally the big day, Sunday!  Cohen was thrilled to see that the Easter bunny brought her a princess scooter and loved the "bag" on the scooter!    She also loved her lipsticks and candy :)  We had a great time at church and Cohen put on quite the show for me when I tried to get her picture.  We then headed straight to Athens to Nana's house for a delicious lunch and then back to Lavonia to Suzy's for another yummy dinner!  Egg hunts went on at both places and this time the eggs had money in them so Cohen really enjoyed filling her piggy bank.  It was a great day to spend with all of our wonderful family and of course an awesome day to stop and realize what the true meaning of this holiday is.  We serve a great God and we cannot forget how he paid the ultimate price for our sins!