Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bryce 8 months

I can't believe I haven't posted Bryce's 8 month post!  Its almost time for the 9 month but I've been meaning to sit down and post this for about 2 weeks!  Summer is ticking by so fast and we have been enjoying every minute of it.  Bryce is growing so fast and at 8 months he has mastered his version of crawling!  He does more of what we call "the worm" crawl but he gets where he wants to go and he gets there fast!  These last few days he has made progress on all 4's but I love his little worm crawl.  He loves to crawl around and investigate things.  His favorite would be the door stops and crawling under the bar stools or coffee table.  Its so funny how babies would much rather get into things and play with things they shouldn't have vs playing with actual toys.  Bryce also likes to crawl to Dooley. He is making friends fast!
A big event that happened this month was Bryce was dedicated at church on Father's Day.  Because of that we needed a family picture and were able to get a decent one!  Yay!  A huge thanks to my friend Caron who came and took this for us!

He is very loved by his sisters
Here are some day to day pictures of Bryce and all the fun he's having at 8 months!

The sticker tie has become much more fun to peel off and eat instead of sitting and having his picture made.

big blue eyes!

Like I said, he loves the door stoppers and crawling under the bar stools!  He has trouble getting stuck in the stools sometime!

He loves to ride the golf cart and take rides in his push car.  We started in the pink push car that his sister's loved but then I decided he didn't have to have everything pink so we got him his very own blue one.  We were at Brock's baseball game Sunday and we took his car for him to have fun in.  He LOVES it!
driving the golf cart with Daddy

in the pink car

Now he got his very on blue one! Complete with a shade too!
He is the cutest little shopper!

Bryce is still just the best baby!  He is so happy and anyone that knows him can second that.  He is very laid back and easy going.  His smile is precious and he shows it all the time.  He has no teeth yet so he just shines his little gums.    He LOVES the water and will try to drink it.  He does love to be in his floatie in the pool too though and just enjoys it.  At 8 months:

  • he weighs 18 lbs 6 oz
  • wears 6-9 mos. clothes
  • loves his blue blankie!  We will see if he will take to another one just so we have a spare on hand! He has a little one and a big one that he likes so we will see. 
  • Still takes a paci.  Our first paci baby!
  • Sleeps through the night and I'm happy to say he is sleeping in his room in his bed!  At least until his 6-6:30 bottle.  Then I do bring him into our room.  I have found this smile waiting for me in the morning!

He is just a joy and blessing to our family!  We love our "Brycee"  (as Kate calls him).  He is never in need of attention from anyone.  He is one lucky little boy to be so loved!
 We love visiting Nana's house and getting to sit on her porch!!

He loves the baseball field and we love watching our favorite player!

Elliott loves to hold Bryce too!  I know these boys will have a lot of fun in the years ahead!
I sat down in the chair with Bryce one day and just sat him beside me to watch T.V.  He put his little hand around my arm and I loved it.  This boy has my heart for sure!  Now if I could only figure out how to freeze time...I enjoy each minute with him for sure!

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