Friday, November 20, 2015

Superhero Run

Last Saturday the girls and I did the CASA Superhero 5k and fun run.  I love that I can take both girls along with me to these 5ks.  Cohen gets so excited about them and begs to do the actual 5k vs. just the 1 mile fun run.  I know she could do it at her own pace but I don't feel comfortable with her on a course by herself.  I do love her enthusiasm though and hopefully when she's older we can do some together!  Kate is not quite as enthusiastic but she did agree to do it and wanted to.  She is also like me in the fact that when it comes time to get out of the bed on a Saturday we are not so excited.  It was also a chilly morning but it did warm up.  Dawn was here to pick us up at 7:50!  The fun run was at 8:30.  We had the kids doing this one and Dawn and I were doing the 5k.  The girls had been excited to wear their superhero shirts.  I was super proud of them both for running the entire race.  I don't think it was quite a mile because as you can see from Cohen's time she was finished in 5 minutes.  Either she is way faster than I thought or it was a little less.  Based on what I could tell from the 5k, the fun run was over half a mile but not quite a full mile.  Either way I was so proud of them both.  Even Kate ran most of it!  Grace and Eliza Kate ran with Kate and said she wanted to be carried a couple of times but Grace didn't hold her but for a second and then had her down running again.  Everyone got a medal after crossing the finish line which they both loved!  I have caught Kate wearing hers several times this week!

As you can see Kate wasn't going along with Cohen's idea to jump for the picture


Cohen coming across the finish line

Here comes kate!

Next up it was time for Dawn and I to run!  It is so pretty running through the park and it did start to warm up which was a big help.  Of course we warm up too when we are running 3 miles!  And to top it off I was 1st in my age group and Dawn 2nd.  A pretty good run for us I would say :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

School Pictures 2015-16

Both girls recently had their school pictures made for this year.  I have to post these because i definitely want to have these in my book each year.  I got the honor of taking Kate's at the preschool and of course she gets more images than the one Cohen gets for the yearbook.  Both girls are just growing so fast!

Cohen 2nd grade:

Kate's 2015-16 Preschool Pictures-Mrs. Lori's 3 year old class

Notice that this is a class of all girls except 1 boy!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bryce 13 Months

Well little man is over a year old now!  He is one active, happy little boy.  Having 3 kids I'm always busy with each one but Bryce is very busy and into everything.  Most people tell me, "that is a little boy."  Kate was into everything too so it brings back a lot of memories with her.  He loves to climb and a fall doesn't stop him from doing it all over again.  He hasn't started walking yet but this week he did start taking several steps at a time.  He is now taking more and more each day so I could really say he is a walker now.  By next month's post he will be all over the place!  He also still has no teeth. Now this doesn't stop him from eating.  This boy wants to eat 24/7!  I could feed him and 5 minutes later sit down to eat myself and you better believe he is right there with me ready to get whatever I'm eating!
One of the cutest things to watch is Bryce with his sisters.  Specifically Kate because she is home with him during the day.  In the morning he is always excited to see her and they play together.  She thinks she is a little mama to him and likes to pick him up, tell him no, pretty much have him do whatever she wants.  He is not so eager to obey to her every command and will squeal out in protest.  I love her love for him though.  Recently we were at Wal-Mart and I had Bryce in his car seat in the bottom of the cart and Kate sitting in the front of the cart.  Kate turns to Bryce to hand him something and then says "your welcome kid."  I can't help but laugh at her.   We just had Bryce's 1 year wellness visit this week and here were his 1 year stats:

Length:  29 1/4
Weight:  22 lbs 2 oz
Head Cir.:  19 1/2

Bryce LOVED Dr. Setia and wanted to be held by him the entire time.  I could only laugh at him.  Dr. Setia told him he was "awesome".

Bryce has started to say a few more words this month too.  His favorite would be "Bye".  He also continues to point at Dooley and every other dog and say "Dooo".  I think he thinks all dogs are Dooleys.  He now will point to all the lights in the house and say "Laaaa".  I know more words are going to be added over the next few months.  He is learning so much each day.  He loves to go outside and half the time he says "Bye" he is wanting to go outside.  Tina gave him a new tricycle that we can steer for him right now and he LOVES it.  I'm pretty sure he could stay on it all day.  That and the golf cart.
Another big event for Bryce this month was his first haircut!  He was in need of a trim since he was about to have a little mullet going on.  With the help of some puffs he sat and was happy to have it trimmed.  He loves to have his hair brushed and will pick up his brush and start to brush his hair.  

Here are some of our pictures over the past month.  I even took some of Bryce when I did the preschool pictures.  I love that big "gummy" smile!

Bluest eyes!

climbing in his walker

Ready for his haircut!

the after shot

He also loves his tractor! 

 Kate loves the tractor too, so she prefers that Bryce sit in her lap!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween Festivities At Home & in Florida

I'm a little late posting our Halloween pictures this year.  I had posted the kids in their cute animal costumes in my last post so this one just got put on the back burner but here we go!  We were actually gone on Halloween this year because we were in Florida for the Georgia/Florida game.  It actually turned out to not be much of a game but we were with so many of our good friends that we still enjoyed our weekend.  That trip is always one that is fun.  A win makes it even better but a loss isn't a waste of our time for sure.  I love Halloween and I hate missing out on things with the kids but we always get to be here for church activities and we had went to the fall festivals the weekend before so I was at peace with it!  We left on Thursday afternoon.  We were driving down with Blake and Kasey.  Alan, Jennifer and their kids were going down with us so we had a fun time driving and eating together.  It makes that 6 hour drive bearable!   We got to our house around 11:30.  It was a very nice townhouse.  We love Amelia Island and its always fun to be there!  After getting everything in we were all ready to crash.  Cohen was staying with the Harbin's on Thursday night and was going to Keyes' soccer party with them.  Dawn sent me some cute pictures of them having fun. I know Cohen was enjoying herself!   It was spirit day at school that day which is why Cohen is already decked out in her Georgia gear...face tattoos and all.

These were a couple of pics of our house.

This huge mirror was right in the kitchen...I mean who doesn't love to see themselves eat right?!

On Friday morning the guys got up early to go play golf all day.  The girls all slept in and then got ready and headed out for some lunch and shopping.  It was nice to be able to shop with no kids!  The weather was beautiful though and so warm!  When we got back to the house Kasey and I made our way over to the beach.  Just like everything, the beach is so pretty in the fall.  The sun just shines different or something.  The sky is so blue and everything was just so pretty.  You can see by all the pictures that I was slightly obsessed.  I love the beach!

We just happened to be right at the pier!  That called for more picture opps!

Yay for being at the beach AND it was so warm!

Meanwhile....back at home it was Halloween fun at school for both girls!  Both wore their costumes to school.  Kate had a party and trunk-or-treat at the preschool.  Suzy had kept her on Thursday night and had agreed to do the trunk-or-treat.  I hate missing it but I have to give major props to Suzy because she had a fabulous trunk!  We had looked up ideas online on Thursday before I left and she found this cat idea and thought she could do it no problem.  With Jessica's help they bought supplies and got it ready.  I was anxiously waiting on pics on Friday and I thought it turned out so cute!  Sug had taken some pictures of Kate for me too.

Apparently she was feeling her bucket was too heavy at this to love the "Kate" face

Suzy's cat trunk

There sure was a cute skunk there!
Later that afternoon Suzy took the kids to trick-or-treat in town.  I think it was a mad house from the sounds of it but I know they had fun.  I got this cute picture of them all dressed up.  I love it!

That night back in Florida, we headed to downtown Fernindina for dinner.  We had reservations for over 30 people!  We ate at Brett's and it was so good.  I love Georgia/Florida weekend in Amelia Island because almost everyone you see is sporting red/black or blue/orange.  It is all decorated for the teams and just so much fun.  I love it in the summer too but for different reasons!  We all had a blast and of course did a big group picture!

That night we just hung out at the house and got everything ready for the next day.  We left early Saturday morning to head to Jacksonville.  We got to the lot we park in and finally got the tailgate set up.  The ladies managing the lot were trying to park cars in spaces that were nonexistent.  I know they were cramming them in to make money but that was a little frustrating.  That might have been our first hint of what a frustrating day it was going to be.  We had some yummy food though and everyone in our lot was having fun time.  The rest is well known by now.  The game was not a fun one to watch and was not good for us Georgia fans.  I think we all went in expecting a loss this year but it was just not pretty at all.  To make it worse, we had some of the rudest Florida fans ever around us.  It turned me off to Florida even more than I already was if that's possible.  I can't even put into words how bad it was.  Needless to say we moved down with some of our other friends after halftime.  Best thing we could have done.  After the rough loss we headed back to Amelia for dinner at Chili's.  Another stop that has become tradition after the game.

The girls had spent the night at Sug's house on Friday night and we got these cute pictures Saturday morning of the girls enjoying their spooky Halloween donuts.  They loved their vampire teeth!  I know they had a blast.  On Halloween night they got to trick-or-treat with their cousins and friends and then spent the night at Aunt Sara's.  I am so glad they had a great Halloween!

It was an awesome weekend for everyone!  A huge thanks to everyone who helped us out by watching the kids and Dooley!  We love our family and we are so lucky to have them!