Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter 2016

I have been a slacker on the blog lately so this is definitely a catch up post!  We have been so busy between Cohen's competitions and Kate's soccer games, and just life!  I do love this time of year though so its ok.  We had a great Easter and loved celebrating our Risen Savior with our families.  All the Easter fun started on Good Friday with school Easter parties for both Kate and Cohen.  Bryce and I headed to Kate's party and egg hunt first.  Kate LOVES to hunt eggs and will hunt them all year long if someone will hide them.  No need to keep all the fun just for Easter!  She was ready to hunt.  I had actually got to go Wednesday to her class to help them dye eggs.  I love being able to help any chance I can and see a little glimpse into her school fun. She loved dying her eggs and watching while all her friends did the same thing.

Bryce was a lot more interested in the Easter party than the egg hunt.  He smelled those cupcakes and quickly made his way to Kate's side to help put away her treat!  Since she isn't the biggest cake fan she was happy to share and even helped to attempt to keep his mouth clean.  It was a lost cause until he finally finished but I love that she was being such a sweet big sister.  

After Kate's party I dropped the kids off with Kelly so I could be at Cohen's party without chasing 2 other kids!  Her egg hunt was a little different this year.  To help avoid the massive egg pick up in a matter of 2.5 seconds, the 2nd grade teachers made the egg hunt a little more interesting this year.  The kids had answered 10 questions on a notecard in the classroom and all the eggs had the answers on them.  For round 1 of the hunt each child would find 10 eggs with each of the 10 answers on them.  One was their name so that one would at least be a little tricky to find!  After everyone had found their 10 eggs they sat back down and then got ready for round 2 which was getting to pick up 15 eggs of their choice.  It was neat to do things a little different and like I mentioned, it help to keep them going for a little longer than the normal 30 seconds it takes to clear the eggs off the ground.

Not only was this Easter weekend for us but it was also Uncle Davis' birthday weekend.  After soccer practice we all met at the park and had a cookout for his birthday along with a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt for the kids.  I think the egg hunt was so good we may have not found a few!  The girls did love that though and we all had a fun time.  They were really excited to see Kayla with Uncle Davis too!  We love when Kayla comes and we get to spend time with her.  

Saturday we spent our day dying eggs and having some egg hunts at home.  The girls had fun dying their eggs tye-dye, they loved the egg wrappers, and drawing on the eggs.  We also made our resurrection buns which are the best!  During the day Kelly had taken Kate and Addison with him to my mom's house for a while.  Bryce took a good long nap so I got some one on one time with Cohen which was nice.  With her being in school its hard to get alone time with her so we enjoyed our afternoon.  She wanted me to hide eggs for her and we had a little chalk fun.  These moments are so precious.  She is growing so fast and this mama has a hard time thinking how big my first baby is getting!

Her face says it all...she loved hunting eggs.  She even said she really loved having me to herself :)

That night we went to the Bold Springs BBQ chicken dinner/cake walk.  Kate and Addison were walking together when they had their number picked!  They were so excited that they won even though they had no clue what the pie was they had won.  I only wish I had a picture of their faces when they realized they had won.  So sweet!

Sunday was a little wet and cooler but we were all excited to start our Easter morning.  What an awesome day it is.  I can only imagine what that actual Easter morning all those years ago was like to know that Jesus had risen!  In all the hustle of the day I always love looking at the cross at church to know that our God is alive and we have hope because of that.  When we got to church we had our picture taken at the cross.  It is always so beautiful with all the flowers and we had ours taken first thing.  Many more flowers were added!

After snapping a few pics at the cross we headed to the gym for Easter breakfast with our church family/friends.

After church service we headed back to the gym for the egg hunts.  Everything had to be moved inside because of the weather.  It was quite entertaining to see the eggs rolled out for each age group and the kids pick up eggs as fast as they could.  The K-5 kids had a certain color they were assigned to pick up to help control the chaos.
Pop helped Bryce.  All he needed was one egg, which to him was a ball and needed to be thrown!

After church we took some quick pics at home of the kids.  You know how it goes when you hope to get one cute picture of them...just one!  It starts like this...
Bryce clearly doesn't understand my desire for a cute picture and wants no part of his sisters holding we get a cute one of just the girls.

Attempt #2 is the best its going to get.

And while we were picture taking, I had to get one with my sweet mama!  It was one year ago that she was getting ready to start her battle against breast cancer.  Now she has fought and won and is rocking her new hair!  I think my legs might match her hair color to a tee....)dear summer please come quick so we can change that.)

We all then piled in the car and headed to Nana's for some Easter lunch and fun.  We had such a fun afternoon there and the kids of course got in another egg hunt.  They were pros at this point.

 Bryce & Claire.  I love how they both held up what they were holding, ham for Claire & an animal for Bryce.  

Cohen and Savannah were all about playing with Snapchat.  I actually got this snap from Cohen because they were playing on Sara's phone.

Then the fun started with the face swap.  Here we have Cohen & Sug swapping faces then Cohen & Bryce.  We got our laughs in for sure!

We ended our Easter at Suzy's but have no pics from that one.  We definitely enjoyed our Easter!!