Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cohen's Gymnastics Show

Yesterday was Cohen's gymnastics show.  Cohen takes gymnastics in Pendleton, SC at Upstate Gymnastics and this was their annual show to let each class show off what they had learned.  It was very laid back but very organized.  I have been real impressed with the gym and I can tell they know what they are doing.  At Cohen's age though it is just very cute!  Her class was divided into groups and each group had their turn on the bars, beam, vault and then some floor exercises.  It was very cute and even though it is still very simple things at Cohen's level, I can tell she has improved.  She really has fun too and that is what counts.  Even though I think the snack she gets after class is always the highlight for her and Josie.  She loves having Josie with her and it is entertaining for sure!
At the show, there were several funny moments.  Cohen danced at each station to the music that was being played, so I'm still thinking we will have to try dance class as well next year!  She has some moves for sure!  Another was at the end when all of the little girls lined up and bowed to the audience.  Since we were in the high school gym they had to bow to one side, then turn and bow to the other.  When everyone turned to bow to our side, Cohen stayed facing the other side and finally she turned around to bow to our side.  That was funny and her bow was hilarious as well, it was more of a squat down to touch her toes! Ha!  I love it!  Later when we asked her to bow to us at home, she did it right so I'm not sure what she was doing.  She got a ring pop after the show and she said that was the best!

Cohen & Josie

Cohen's flip on the "vault"

On the balance beam 

Still facing the other side after the other girls have turned to bow
Her bow/squat

Cohen & Savannah

Cohen's audience (minus me who's taking the picture)

                                                                The Finger family :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hilton Head!

Over the weekend we took a short but much needed trip to Hilton Head!  We LOVE going there and always have fun no matter what time of year it is.  It was fun with Kate because she has only been to the beach as a very tiny baby.  Now she was ready to move on the sand and of course taste it!  Everything she finds goes straight to her mouth :)  Cohen loved the pool more and even though the water was very cold to me, she went right in and had a blast.  She woke both of us every morning asking if it was time to go to the pool and ocean.  It was cute to hear and see her excitement.
We spent time riding bikes each day too.  This is another thing we love doing down there.  This year Kelly pulled both girls in a bike trailer.  Kate loved it!  She would sit right up and try to take everything in.  After a while she might fall asleep but usually it was at a point when we would be close to stopping to do something so she had to wake right back up.  Both girls did very well though and we really enjoyed our rides.

Kate LOVES a ball and is happy just having that and nothing else

So proud of herself

Interested in what sissy is doing!

Loving a handful of sand

Tasting the sand
I don't think she liked it :)

Kate loving her ride

This is how to keep Kate in one spot on the beach

One cute thing I want to remember that Cohen said was about the "hairy trees".  When we were driving down she did not sleep much at all.  She was so ready to get there and asked us quite a few times if we were close.  As we got closer to being there she suddenly said, "I know we're almost there, I see the hairy trees and that means we are close!"  I remembered she had said that last year but I thought it was hilarious for her to notice the moss hanging and realize we were getting close!  While we were out riding our bikes, I let her get out so I could take her picture with the "hairy trees".

We some other fun "firsts" for the girls as well.  Cohen got to eat Japanese for the first time where she got to watch them cook in front of her.  Before she has only had the "express" version.  She really loved that and said the volcano was her favorite part.  She ate really good too and really enjoyed eating with her "sticks".
Kate was introduced to ice cream and absolutely LOVED it.  I'm not surprised though.  This little girl loves to eat anything we are eating.  I hope she stays that good of an eater!

Cohen found a new interest at the beach...taking pictures!!  This was hilarious and I wish I had a picture of Cohen taking our picture!  My camera is not small and it is pretty heavy but we were brave and let Cohen take a picture of me and Kelly.  She loved doing it and kept asking the rest of the trip to take pictures of us.  It was priceless!!  Here are some of her shots...I think I have a helper in my future!

She hasn't learned to zoom in and yet!!

just a little off center :)
And last, I had to post some cute pictures we took of Kate.  My BF LeAnne had bought the cutest tu-tu outfit for her little girl Baylor.  We did some pictures of sweet Baylor in it right after she turned 1 and I thought it was one of the cutest tutus!  Annie was sweet enough to let us borrow it so Kate could have some pictures in it too!  I want to get some when she can stand alone which is coming soon I know, but I took it to try to get some while we were at the beach too.  It gets harder and harder to hold Kate down for any picture and she almost knows what I'm doing and looks away sometimes!  With Kelly and Cohen's help we were able to get some cute ones though...thanks again Annie for letting us use the sweetest tutu!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

We have stayed pretty busy over the weekend, mostly with random things.  Last Thursday we celebrated Sara's birthday.  I had some cute pictures that I wanted to share.

Addison was all smiles for me!
Friday was spent at the ballfield watching Brock and I have yet to take any pictures of him but hopefully I will get some.  Its still early:)  Saturday we had a birthday party for our cousin Taylor.  Taylor and Cohen are only 2 months apart.  Blake & Kasey recently welcomed little Gavin so now they have 2 boys to be close to our girls.  We had a fun time at the party and Cohen's favorite part was getting her face painted like a butterfly.  The butterfly was matching the one on her shirt.  I'm so glad I took my phone so I could snap these pictures.  All day long she kept asking me if her butterfly was still there.  When I did have to wash it off she asked me if I could go buy some paint at the store and learn to paint her face like that so she could have it again.  She was so proud and it was so cute.

Another highlight of the weekend was picking strawberries from our very own strawberry plants!  Last year Kelly planted a few plants and this year they have multiplied and are full of berries!  Cohen loves to go out and check the plants to see if they are ready to pick.  It really is fun and it is amazing at how many strawberries are on one plant!  I think we may try to plant a small garden so she will love that!  I took a few pictures of the girls outside picking the berries.  Cohen had the bowl and was ready to sit for a picture with Kate.  Kate, being as curious as she is, made one move toward the bowl and Cohen quickly pulled the bowl away announcing they were her strawberries.  She did scoot far away and then leaned in to smile for a picture.  She was willing to have a picture together but only as long as Kate was not getting those strawberries!

Our bowl full

Pulling the bowl away from Kate

Leaning in for a picture as Kate loses all interest

I got some cute pictures of Kate that really show off the 2 teeth she is getting on the bottom.  They are barely where you can see them but there is no way I'll get a better picture of them until they are all the way through so I'll take it!  What I don't have a picture of is her INSIDE the fireplace!  One thing that has always amazed her and I found her inside the fireplace in the old ashes.  Needless to say, Kelly has been cleaning it all out tonight.  Into everything!

2 little teeth shining through