Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Road Trip to Nationals Day 4: Competition Begins!

So today officially started nationals competition.  Cohen's events are spread out over 3 days but today was the beginner title competition which consists of modeling, strut, and solo.  She also had open strut this afternoon.  Most competitions have everything squeezed into one day and we are there ALL day!  Its nice to have her events spread out so that we get finished and still have our afternoon.  Everything also ran on schedule so that was nice.  There are SOOO many girls here.  We had to be at the field house ready to start at 8:00 am so it was an early morning to say the least.  She started with modeling which requires her hair to be down and fixed and let me just say this...I do not do hair!  I hate this part of competition because of that but luckily today we had Cezann who did her hair and had her looking cute in no time.  When we got her ready it was time for Cohen to "trade" her good luck gifts.  They have this very cute tradition where the title winners all bring a good luck gift to exchange with all of the other girls competing.  Girls will walk around with their boxes and baskets and exchange little gifts with each other.  When Amy told me about this I was at a loss for something we could do.  We wanted to think of something that was creative and represented Georgia and the Southeast since that is where we were coming from.  We finally decided to do cake pops shaped like a peach.  Angie McCauley does THE BEST cake pops and she was able to make them for us.  We may or may not have sampled a couple.  And I may have stashed a few for the remainder of the trip.  They are seriously delicious and I thought they turned out so cute.  Her tag had her picture on the back & good luck message on the front.  I think she really enjoyed trading gifts.  The box we had full of cake pops was now full of different little gifts that Cohen had collected.  There were so many cute ideas!  After exchanging gifts she was up for modeling.  Thanks to Cezann I got several pictures of her modeling but that's where it stops.  I didn't take any of solo and only a warm up picture at her open strut.  She did a great job and we were so proud of her.   She has a lot of competition and these girls are all so good!  I don't know that she will make it in the top 10 or not, and we don't know until Thursday, but she definitely had a fun time and I am so proud of her.   Our eyes have been opened to the world of nationals and there are some fantastic baton twirlers!  It is very fun and entertaining to watch.  Her last event was at 1:00 so we were able to leave a little before 2 and go grab some lunch!  After lunch we took it back to the hotel for a little rest time.  Kelly and Kate had some swim time while Cohen went back to watch the competition with Mrs. Amy.  Cohen is in the room with Caroline, Cezann and Amy every chance she can get.  She's pretty much with them all day except to sleep.  She even rides everywhere with them.  Kelly and I are no fun for her and I'm afraid she may go through withdrawals when we leave Thursday night.  I love that she loves them so though.  She's a lucky girl to have them come all this way.  She has thoroughly enjoyed being with them!
Ready to trade her cake pops

All of her goodies from the other girls

Here is the front and back of Cohen's good luck tag

Getting ready to model!

The modeling portion also include a short interview with the judge.  Here is Cohen deep in conversation with her judge.

Bryce has been such a trooper!  

Warming up her strut

Providing our lunch laughter...Cohen and her orange
After some down time this afternoon we headed back out to dinner.  We met back up with Cohen, Cezann, and Caroline while Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Janet watched some of the team competition.  The weather here today has been awesome!  Dare we even say that this evening was cool?!  It was perfect weather to walk around and see the campus.  The campus here at Notre Dame is absolutely beautiful. I love UGA's campus and I think it is beautiful but this one is right up there.  The buildings are so pretty and unique.  Pictures don't do it full justice but you know me, I took a lot!  The girls were happy just to be with Cezann and Caroline.  Kate was being her usual silly self and giving everyone a random nickname.  Cezann was "buggy" and Caroline "trash".  How she comes up with this we will never know but she gives us all a good laugh!
I love this face!

As we were walking around on campus I hear Kate say, "Hold me Jesus",  I turn around to find this...

Chasing the bunny rabbits

We finally found Touchdown Jesus

Look at my little bitty man 

Tomorrow is Cohen's open solo day but thankfully it isn't an 8:00 am event!  

Also, for those who read my post last night, my Mama had her LAST chemo treatment today!! WOO HOO!  If that isn't a good reason to celebrate then I don't know what is!  Please continue to pray for her and her strength.  The days following a treatment have shown to be some of the hardest for her.  Today they did give her a bag of fluids to be proactive since she has gotten dehydrated after the last treatments.  Hopefully that will help her, and I know prayer will!  Thank you to everyone for all the prayers you have given her this far.  I know they have helped!  


  1. I've loved reading all about your trip and her competition! Sounds like an amazing experience.

  2. Thank you! It has definitely been a memorable trip!