Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Randoms

In our house the camera (or the iPhone) is always close by and handy so we can snap pictures of any funny or cute moment that might arise, and with 2 children they always DO!  These pictures may not get a blog post and I am terrible about posting pictures to facebook even though with Instagram I'm getting a little better.  These pictures may not matter as much to anyone other than us but I still thought it would be fun to do a blog post on several of the random pictures I've taken over the past month.  Some with my phone some with my camera.  As a mom I could take a picture of my girls every day even if its just because I think they look cute in their clothes, thats what us moms do :)  I'm proud to show my babies off and I love all of these cute day to day moments.
Dancing with Daddy...they have their own "special" routine
Striking a pose after her dance

Trying to learn to blow up a balloon.  

Enjoying a beautiful day outside...keep the warm weather coming ;)  Kate was in her "Car" for the 1st time

Getting her back scratched...she loves to be tickled

Loving some bread!

This was Kate's wild hair one morning
Cohen had a little static from the trampoline

The smile I love so much!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very nice Valentine's Day.  We started our day going to story time at the library and Cohen made a Valentine's bracelet and the kids all exchanged Valentine's and had snacks. After lunch I had to run to Commerce for some things and the girls were good for me the whole time.  Cohen always enjoys Commerce because of all the merry-go-rounds and little cars she can sit in.  So far she still only thinks the Merry-go-round is the one that moves and I've always wondered how long this would last.  I'm sure not much longer and then she will want money to put in all of them!  I think its so cute.  For Valentine's night we all went to spend it with my Mama, my sister and my nephews.  Kelly and I had been on our Valentine date on Sunday night when we went to the movies to see The Vow so it was nice to spend it with my family.    
When Kelly got home he had a Valentine for Cohen from him since I had already given the girls their Valentine's from me.  Cohen opened her card and loved his picture that he drew for her and then just looked at him and said "What else do you have me, this is just a card?" You can see she had already opened a few cards with treats earlier in the day. We both laughed but then had a big conversation with her on how you don't always get presents for every holiday and how she needs to learn to be thankful for what she gets and already has.  Kelly did give her a little basketball goal to put on the back of the door for them to play with.  I do love her excited face when she opens something even when she has no idea what it is:)  
Making her bracelet at the library

My sweet Valentines!

Cohen & "her Valentine" as she told me

Reading her card from Daddy

This is her telling him "this is just a card"

This is the face I excited but not sure what exactly it is

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gym Dawgs!

Last Friday night Cohen got to experience her first GymDawgs meet in Athens.  We had a girls night out with several of our friends and it was so much fun!  I love watching the Gym Dawgs and have always loved going to see them and since Cohen now takes gymnastics I thought it would be fun for her to see them too.  She was just as excited about the dance music at the beginning of the meet.  She told me that she wanted to be a dancer, cheerleader and a gymnast when she went to this school.  Ambitious!  Half way through the meet though she had crawled up in my lap and went to sleep so I'm not sure how the gymnastics goal is going to work out :)  The next time we go I'll be sure she has a nap earlier in the day!  She did like what she saw though and I really enjoyed it.  Its always fun to watch the Gym Dawgs win and that's just what they did!
Cohen & Josie

Taking everything in 

Halfway through the meet this is what had happened

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kate Daniels-8 months

This post is a few days late, but with all of the birthday festivities I didn't want it to get lost in the mix.  Not only did Cohen have a birthday party last Saturday, but we had another little "birthday" that same day and that is Kate was 8 months old.  Another month has flew by and my baby has changed so much.  Kate is now officially a crawler!  She has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth but would always fall back down to her belly.  Not anymore!  This week on Tuesday she took off and hasn't slowed down since.  We are learning real quick that the house now has to be "baby-proofed"and fast.  Cohen didn't crawl quite this fast.  She was a little navy seal and stayed on her belly but curious Kate is into everything.  It is precious though.  She still has no teeth though.  We are convinced that she is close due to a few bad nights here recently.  Even without teeth though it hasn't stopped her interest in table food.  She loves to try our food and I find myself a little more laid back with her than I was with Cohen. I'm such a nut about choking so that's good for me :)  Kate is still a Mama's girl and it gets more intense each day.  She wants me to hold her whenever I'm in the room.  Yesterday I had to put her in the Bjorn to get clothes folded and she fell asleep in it.  She even will say ma ma ma ma when she sees me so I'm thinking this will have to be her first word!  (Love)  She has learned to wave too!  Her favorite person to wave to is herself in the mirror. We play a game with the mirror in our foyer and each time she sees herself she will throw her hand up and make a sound like "Ayyyyy".  Just this week she has also started making this little funny, wrinkled up face when she sees something she wants.  Mainly for her bottle or food but it is really funny and I hope to catch a picture of it soon.
Cohen had gymnastics yesterday and it was not my day to drive so I was able to have some picture play time with Kate.  I never take what I would call "formal" pictures of my own kids, its always snapshots so I feel better getting a few of Kate.  I still want to do some of Cohen as well since she just turned 4.   We're going to hold off for another warm spurt in the weather so we can go outside.  I also want to do some 8 month comparisons between Kate and Cohen so that will be an upcoming post.  I have some of the same outfits so I'll play around with that.  In the meantime enjoy these of sweet baby Kate!

At 8 months Kate...

  • Last week weighed 17 lbs 12 oz
  • Is CRAWLING and into everything
  • Still has no teeth...yet
  • Loves her baby food and the table food we let her have.  Loves Puffs and Mum-mums.
  • Suzy takes her to Burger King at least once a week to visit with the breakfast crowd, and from what I hear she is a big hit with everyone.
  • Sleeps good most of  the time.  We have had some rough nights lately but I think a bad cold and teething is a big reason.
  • Is waving!
  • Loves her reflection
  • Wears 6 months or 6-9 months mostly
  • Enjoys her stroller when we can get out
  • Still loves Dooley and we have to watch to make sure she isn't too grabby with him.
She was great yesterday for me to snap a few pictures and almost posed for me!


more posing!

Posing with a wave!

I had to get her sweet face crawling right at me.  too cute! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Cohen!

Monday was the big day, Cohen's 4th Birthday!  I think she had a great day and really enjoyed herself all day long.  She started her day off with breakfast in bed which she chose to have in our bed :)  She did ask me to share with her which I thought was super sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing french toast sticks with her.   It really started both our days off great.

Monday is school day and this day was our field trip to the post office.  Last week the kids made Valentine's to mail to their parents.  We walked to the post office which is only a block down from the church.  After buying stamps, the kids got to pick out a stamp and put it on their Valentine and then drop their card off in the mail slot.  They were full of questions, like "how is the mail man going to get mine?" and "where is it going in that hole?"  I know they will be so excited when their Valentine shows up in their mailbox at home.  When we left to walk back we saw the mail man delivering mail to the local businesses so that was very exciting to see his truck and to get to wave to him.  I love experiencing these moments through their eyes.

Putting the stamp on her letter 

After we got back we had a party for Cohen's birthday.  Kelly came and we all had brownies and cupcakes (her requests).  We spent the rest of the day at home until later that evening and then we headed out to Cohen's favorite restaurant...the Pizza Shack!  She gets that one honest because we all love the Pizza Shack.  She even loved blowing out her candle on her dessert pizza.  After dinner it was back to the house to finish opening her presents.  Sug & Pop had came by before we ate to give her their big gift which was a jr. trampoline!  She loves jumping on the trampoline at Suzy's house so now she has a small one to jump on here at home.  She jumped right in and went to jumping!  It was a big hit!  I think we really wore her out because tonight she was asleep at 6:00.  So I will either have a very long night ahead of me or she will be well rested tomorrow!  Happy Birthday my precious Cohen, you are a blessing and of course my sunshine!
showing off her new "jewelry" 

Following the long string which led to the trampoline

All she was was a jumping blur!

Baby girl loved the ribbons!
Cohen wanted Savannah to help her with the gifts.  Sweet girls!