Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cohen Twirls "Between the Hedges!"

Last Saturday was a BIG day for Cohen!  She got to twirl at the Georgia game "between the hedges" for Uga's Auxiliary Day.  She has been so excited for this for months now and even having to get up at 5:30 am didn't bother her.  I think that bothered me more than her!  We were worried she would be so tired and Saturday evening she was, but that morning she hopped right up and was ready to go!  We all headed down to Athens for practice, which started at 7, at the practice fields.  It was so cold that morning!  Kelly and Brock dropped Cohen and me off and I got her registered and ready to practice.  A few weeks earlier they had emailed the auxiliary day routine for the girls to start learning Cohen had worked on it a little and was ready to practice it.  Since she was there as an individual twirler she was in a certain group with other individuals.  After they got stretched they separated the groups from the individuals and everyone started warming up with tricks.  Cohen was by far one of the youngest there and was a little overwhelmed at first.  After a few minutes she looked at me with these lost eyes like she was wondering what to do.  I was thinking they would start with the routine any minute so I motioned her to come over and see what was wrong.  She started crying saying she just wanted to watch because she didn't know what to do.  I started talking to a lady near me who I recognized because she had been a judge at one of the baton competitions we had been at before.  She was telling me that the individual girls could perform a solo that they knew on their own since they weren't there with a group.  I thought this would be even better than doing the routine they had sent since Cohen could do her competition solo that she knows by heart!  Problem solved right? Wrong!  Cohen was still upset wanting to do the routine she had learned on the video...hmmm.  This sweet lady even recognized Cohen and was asking her to show her some of her favorite tricks.  Not working for Cohen either.  I was starting to get a little worried on how this would work out.  Something she was so excited about and now was so scared.  I have learned that when Cohen knows a plan she wants to stick to the plan and not change it especially last minute.  I kept talking to her telling her it would be like her being a "feature" twirler but she wasn't having it.  Kicking into full mommy mode on needing to fix this little issue I started looking around and I saw some girls doing THE routine that was on the video.  SOOOO....I told Cohen to stand still I would be right back and I headed over to talk to the majorette working with that group and their instructor.  It turns out that this was a group of 5, 6, and 7 year olds from George Walton who were doing the routine that had been emailed and the instructor was so incredibly sweet.  She asked if Cohen would like to join in with them.  Every ounce of sadness and fear immediately faded from Cohen's face and she said "yes!"  Since these girls were all her age she told me that she wanted to do this not only because of getting to do the special "routine" but because she could meet new friends.  That made it all worth it and the problem was solved.  YAY!
Kelly and Brock walked up at about this time and had avoided all of this.  Children don't always make things easy but I know she is still so little and I can only imagine what she had been feeling.  Its easy to treat your kids like small adults sometimes and a good wake up call like that is needed.  Now I would have thought twirling in front of 80,000+ people would be a little scary for a 6 year old but in Cohen's words, "this is totally awesome".  They took a big group picture of everyone and you can see that Cohen was all smiles :)

warming up at practice
After practice we had a lot of time to kill.  We ate breakfast, looked in the bookstore, and then made our way to the Dawg walk.  Being there so early has some advantages, Cohen and Brock would be on the front row ready to hit hands with all the players.  Cohen & I also took some selfies while killing time :)

After the Dawg Walk we headed to the stadium.  Blake, Taylor, Mama, and Suzy were already there.  I love being able to have Cohen and Taylor at a game together.  Its crazy to see how much they grow from year to year.  I hope that we can continue going to the games together and that our kids will love it as much as we do!

You can see that it had warmed up by the time the game started and we were having to shed some layers!  I took Cohen down to meet everyone during the 2nd quarter.  Parents couldn't go on the field to watch and watching from the hedges isn't the best view.  She was going to be in the end zone so I decided to go to that end zone and watch from a random empty seat :)  I had a great view of her so it worked out really well.  Mama and Suzy went with me and both could see her great.  I took a few pictures.  She did an awesome job and was all smiles when she came back to our seats afterwards.  She was telling me that she loved twirling and got to see Uga's doghouse.  I'm so glad she had a good time and I'm pretty sure she is going to want to do this again!  Who knows we may have a future Uga twirler on our hands.  IF so we will have these pictures and this story to look back on!  And of course it was a big GA win!  GO DAWGS!

Lining up and ready to go!

                                                                 At the Hedges

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kate's Thanksgiving Feast

Friday was Kate's Thanksgiving program and feast at preschool.  She was such a cute little Indian!  The 3 year olds are the Indians, while the 4 year olds are the pilgrims and 2 year olds are turkeys.  They all did such a good job singing.  I feel like it was just yesterday when Cohen was a little Indian up there singing.  When Kate saw us as she was walking in she was all smiles.  She would watch us and smile as she sang.   She is a little bit more shy than you would think but she did sing her songs.  She has been singing them for me in the car and since I know them all from teaching up there it has been fun to sing them with her.  After they finished singing she couldn't get her costume off fast enough.  I had to do some bribing just to get a picture!  She was really fascinated with her little drum she made and kept wanting to open the top of it to see what was inside.  She is such a mess, I just love her fun personality!  The feast was delicious and I enjoyed finding her crafts.  She was thankful for "mommy and daddy".  And I can tell you that we are both so thankful for her as well!  I love this sweet girl!

Can you tell how hard it is to take a picture...neither will look to save our soul!

I have to include these cute pictures of Bryce!  When I was getting him ready Friday morning he was in such a happy mood.  His smiles are becoming a daily thing and I love it!  He really enjoys being on the changing table in the morning.  The room is really bright and he just looks around.  He also is now looking for me when I talk which I love of course!  He recognizes his Mama's voice :)  So Friday I was talking to him and he just had the biggest smiles for me.  I think he was as happy as I was that it was Friday AND that Thanksgiving break was starting.  I am looking forward to next week so much!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Back in Athens! Georgia vs Auburn!

Last Saturday we were finally back in Athens for the Georgia/Auburn game.  We have joked that this year's football schedule went hand in hand with us having Bryce.  There were several home games at the beginning of the season (right up to Bryce's due date!), and then a month's stretch with the Dawgs on the road for away games.  The Dawgs were finally back in Athens for a big game against Auburn and since Bryce is already 1 month old we were geared up and ready to go!  We had a rough start leaving for the game--losing, then finding the parking pass, being raced on the road by a crazy person--but after some laughs we were on our way to Athens.  Alan, Jennifer and Keaton were with us so things are always more fun with good friends!  These big games are always so much fun, even when its 30 degrees outside.  We spent the day with so many friends tailgating and then got to watch an awesome Georgia win!

fun at the Dawg walk

The Haley's!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bryce Paul is 1 Month Old

Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!  I can't believe my little man is already a month old!  What else is new...time flies!  I hate it too.  I just love all his cuteness though.  Watch out ladies :)  This past month has been so fun getting to learn all about baby boys.  Bryce is really such a good baby too.  He has his moments of fussy time but overall we have been blessed with another good baby.  He melts my heart too.  I have spent countless hours just snuggling up with this boy and he is a snuggler for sure.  He LOVES to be held and I love holding him but every once in a while I have to put him down...showers, pictures, and of course right now for Christmas decorating!  I don't go long without holding him though.  Can you say spoiled?!
Over the last month Bryce has adapted well to our "on the go" lifestyle.  We have now gotten back in a routine of picking his big sisters up from school, going to baton class, going to story time, hanging out with friends and so on.  Bryce has even been with Mommy to get her hair done!  My sweet friends had an awesome baby shower for me and him as well.  He got to be held by everyone and he just loved every minute of being held and loved on.  He has even been with me to a few picture session and behaved like an angel.  I know we are a little over 1 month now but he has now been to church and on the day he turned 1 month, Kelly was ordained as a deacon in our church. That day was just a special one for our entire family.  Bryce spent that service in the nursery for the first time and got to be loved on by Elizabeth.  I think the world of Elizabeth and leaving Bryce with her so early on just proves that! haha!  No lie, all of us have felt so much love over the past month from so many people and we can't thank everyone enough.
Here are a few things about Bryce at 1 month old:

  • He weighs 9 lbs 7 oz
  • 21 inches long
  • Wears newborn clothes.  Maybe a few 0-3 months but not many yet
  • Has now started to smile.  His very first smile (that wasn't gas) was for his big sister Cohen
  • Loves his car seat and will sleep really good in it
  • Takes a passy which is a big change from his sisters
  • Wakes up 1-2 times each night.  Usually eating every 3-4 hours.
  • Does not really care to be laid down flat & doesn't like his bassinet.  He sleeps in a rock-a-roo beside our bed or right in Mommy's arms (GUILTY).  I'm more spoiled to it than he is.
  • He is a gas king!  #allboy
  • He is working so hard to start cooing.  It is coming any day now!
Here are a few pictures throughout the month...most from my phone. What would we do without phones and thank goodness they come with good cameras! Being a photographer really means pictures for other people but none of your own children!

he does cry some but is even cute when he does

snuggling with 2 out of 3 babies
 Bryce first smiled at Cohen.  I mean a real smile where he made eye contact.  When I saw him do it I grabbed my phone and caught the second one!  So sweet!

 He got lots of love while we all watched Georgia beat Kentucky!

smiles for Mama this time! 

Look at those sweet baby wrinkles...I love this boy!
At his one month check up with Dr. Setia.  He was "perfect"!

I never have shared any of his newborn pictures!  I did not take his pictures, Bianca Hubble of Axsys Design did and she is fabulous!  Here are just a few of them.  These were made at 1 week.  Precious all the way around!  He rocked his session and I was one proud mommy.