Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

I feel like I've been MIA on the blog lately.  Not because we haven't been going strong since school started, quite the opposite.  I'll be doing a little catch up and back tracking but for now we just celebrated a long holiday weekend!  I'm now counting down until the next one.  We really enjoyed ourselves over the weekend.  The big highlight was the start to college football and the start of UGA football season!  We've only been waiting 9 months so of course we were excited.  This year Georgia was playing in the Chic-fil-a kickoff game against UNC.  The game was at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.   Its almost like a reunion when the season rolls around even though we go to most of the games with family and friends, its still just fun to start up our fun season together.  We left Saturday at lunch.  We picked up Jason and Lindsay then headed to Blake and Kasey's.   We made a quick lunch stop and made our way to the Dome.  We went to the fan zone at the World Congress Center and met some of our other friends there to watch the Dawg Walk.  It was special watching Kirby lead the team in starting this new era of Bulldawg football!  After walking around a little bit in the fan area we made our way to the stadium to our seats and got ready for some great football.  The 3rd quarter had us sweating in our seats a little, but Georgia came out with the win and we were left excited about what was to come this season.  We love our Dawgs!

Today we decided to take a little family hike.  We are close to a lot of waterfalls in the Oconee County area in South Carolina.  There are so many waterfalls around and they make perfect little day trips.  With 3 kids, and small kids at that, we wanted to find something they could do and also a place they could swim.  We settled on Rylie Moore falls.  Kelly had been there earlier this year on a hike with his family but Cohen and I had been at a competition so this was our first time.   Its a one mile hike to the falls and once your there it is a great area to get in the water.  You can even walk right up to the falls.  We saw several people climbing on the rocks in the falls.  The water was pretty chilly but we had fun and Bryce loved playing in the water.  The one problem that happened was Bryce knocking my phone in the water! (gasp).  And while we thought we had gotten it saved in time since it continued to work, by late afternoon things were not working so well and I now have a new phone. I was pretty sick about it so our fun hike turned into an expensive one but I know things could be a lot worse and I shouldn't let it bother me.  We had a fun time and even picnicked before hiking back out.  It is a lot of uphill hiking on the way out and the kids of course had to complain a little.  Kate was telling us she was getting a mad face and sleepy legs, but then looked and saw a frog and had it caught before we could see what she was after.  This girl loves her frogs!  She carried it out almost the entire way before we convinced her to let it go.  It was a fun Labor Day weekend and now we get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  This week starts soccer games so we will be busy with those!  At least it is somewhat of a short school week!

Best feeling just holding this little hand!

A successful trip includes catching a frog!