Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We had such a fun Easter!  The day is always so busy that it leaves me wishing we had Monday to do nothing but we managed just fine.  I was looking forward to seeing all our family and having some really delicious food!  And that is just what we did.  The girls were both excited to wake up to see what goodies the Easter bunny had left for them in their baskets.  Then we got ourselves all ready to head to church.  We had a great time at church.  Instead of Sunday School we have a family celebration time so we could eat breakfast, have a small worship time, and make crafts with the kids.  Everything was great and Cohen has told me this week how much fun she had at church on Sunday.  Miss Angie really goes all out!  After church was an egg hunt for the kids.  It was separated by age group so I didn't get a picture of Cohen with her group but I did snap some of Kate.   She has really enjoyed hunting eggs this year!  She knows just what to do and with every egg she picked up she would shake it to make sure there was something in it.  After the egg hunts we had a family picture at the beautiful cross!  We do this each year and this year it was so pretty.  Everyone brings flowers for it and with Easter being later this year there were so many pretty flowers on it.  We were all thankful for the sunshine that came out too!  It was the perfect way to start the day and to really look at that cross and know that Christ is Risen!  What a sacrifice that I hope we never forget!

putting flowers on the cross

So proud to show me her egg

After church we made our way to Athens to Nana's house.  We always look forward to getting together with everyone there and have such a fun afternoon together.  We all get to catch up with each other and the kids can play.  Nana has the best porch and I always look forward to the weather warming up so we can sit out on it.  I love it!  The girls had fun playing in the yard and of course hunting more eggs.

Our one picture together taken in the car!

Doesn't she look thrilled to be taking another picture!? 

The great attempts are priceless!

Cohen & Savannah wanted to sit in the tree

Kate wanted to be like the big girls but once she was up there she didn't like it so much...hence her excited face!

We left Nana's a little after 4 and made our way to Suzy's house for more Easter fun and more yummy food.  This pregnant girl was in heaven with all the food!  The girls enjoyed another egg hunt and even got some quarters in their eggs this time!  I was happy to see those instead of more candy!  We had to have more group pictures with Nanny too.  This was little David's first Easter so we had a new great grandchild who had to be introduced to all of our photo opps!  He was precious just like the others!  I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the Easter holiday.  We are blessed!

Great Grandkids...#1


Grandkids!  I think our last picture I was pregnant with Kate so we were due another!  

One story to share that I couldn't possibly forget...Cohen was so excited to give me an Easter present. She had worked on it days before Easter and had even got a gift bag out to put it in.  After church she made me run inside the house to get it so I could open it.  She made me melt!  Inside were the sweetest little gifts...her picture album of Kate when she was born, a rubber band bracelet she had made for me, a note saying "best mom ever", a picture of Jesus on the cross (with some very funny details but so sweet), and $36 that she had got from her own money.  It was the most precious thing ever.  Later that night I put her money back in her wallet along with her picture album since she needs to hold onto that but it was so sweet.  Here is a picture of everything in my gift bag she gave me :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cohen's Kindergarten Egg Hunt & Easter Party

Friday was Cohen's turn for an Easter party!  The kindergarten was having a big egg hunt followed by their Easter party.  Everything started at 2:00.  We were rushing against beating the rain and thankfully it all held off so the kids could hunt eggs outside.   There were so many eggs!   Cohen found all her basket could hold!  Easter has become as big for candy as Halloween!  After the egg hunt we headed back to her classroom for their Easter snack.  They were all having a ball!  I'm so glad they still get to have these parties because it really is so much fun for them.  I remember having all that fun in elementary school too.  I'm also glad Cohen doesn't miss out on the fun since she hears about Kate getting to go to the library egg hunt.  I have to always remind her that she got to do that too and still does fun things at school that Kate doesn't get to do.  

These bunny snacks were so cute!

love these silly girls
Since Sug had Kate for me to go to Cohen's Easter party we decided to go ahead and dye eggs when we got home while it was just the 2 of us.  Cohen had picked out a marble egg dye kit so I wasn't sure how complicated it would get, but it was fun for us.  I miss getting one on one time with her and I think its something you don't realize your missing out on until its just the 2 of us.  Our marble eggs were a success.  We now have lots of boiled eggs to give to Bebe since she can use them ;)

Kate's Library Egg Hunt & Egg Dyeing Fun

Last Wednesday was our regular library day.  This week would be their Easter egg hunt.  Miss Jordan read them their Easter books then everyone made a little bunny craft while she hid the eggs.  Thanks to winter showing back up we had to hunt eggs inside.  The weather has just been awful!  Lucky for the kids, they love hunting eggs anywhere so they seemed just fine with it.  Kate was thrilled to find that inside her eggs was a little play frog and little rubber snake.   Those are right up her alley.  She also opened 2 suckers to taste them both.  
A group shot attempt

Carolina & Kate

You can see a yellow frog in one hand & green snake in the other!
Thursday Carolina came over to dye eggs and make another Easter craft with Kate.  The girls made handprint bunnies and then dyed eggs, all in between some playtime of course.  I think they were both amazed at how strong vinegar smells!  They did love watching the eggs change colors too.  Its fun because I feel like Kate is really enjoying everything so much this year.  I love dyeing eggs and will be doing it again with Cohen.  It just worked out this year to do it separate with each girl which worked out fine.  I feel like it gave me a little one on one fun time with each.

Cohen's Kindergarten Field Trip

I have some catching up to do on this blog.  Earlier this month Cohen had her kindergarten field trip.  They went to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.  Cohen had talked about riding on the school bus for a while and her concern was not having seat belts, but I assured her it would be safe.  I was also glad that I was going to be going with her on the bus and getting to experience everything with her.  When we got there the classes went to a workshop and got to make their own puppet.  The show they were seeing was Charlotte's Web so their puppet was a spider.  After making the puppet we ate lunch then headed in to the puppet show.   I think she really enjoyed it all and its always fun to have a little break from school work, even though Cohen loves kindergarten no matter what they are doing.  And even though we did have an adventurous bus ride, she liked that too!
Cohen & McKinley on the bus

Making a spider web

Having a little puppet parade

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Zoo Fun!

I'm late posting this because I actually forgot that I had not posted it already.  You can see that my mind is a little scattered!  The Sunday of Cohen's "mini" spring break we decided to take the girls to the zoo.  Cohen had asked about going to the Atlanta zoo to see the pandas and this was a fun little day trip to tie in with spring break.  We decided to go on Sunday after Sunday school.  Cohen invited Savannah to come with her.  It was a little chilly unfortunately but we made the best of it.  We all had a quick picnic lunch then headed into the zoo to check out all the animals.  The girls loved running from animal to animal.  Both of my girls love animals and we thought Kate would really love seeing them.  Cohen still says the giraffes are her favorite, Kate said she liked the lions the best (who knows but since we saw the baby lions she probably did enjoy that!), Kelly could have watched the monkeys all day, and I loved the pandas.  The twin panda babies are too cute!  We also got a good show from the 2 tigers there at the zoo.  They are in separate areas but could see each other through the glass and that seemed to have them all in a stir.   We also watched a bird show which was neat and the girls loved seeing all the different birds.  It was a fun trip and the rain held off until right when we were getting ready to leave.  Perfect timing!  We topped our zoo trip off with dinner at P.F. Changs, my favorite so that was great!

Staying warm while we picnic

Playing in the rain!