Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Bums in St. Simons

Today we got back from a much needed and very fun vacation in St. Simons.  We planned this trip last minute since I had Kate this summer and we weren't sure how things would be going.  Soon after I had her though I was ready for a beach trip.  Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE the beach and living there is on my "bucket" list!   We decided we would go somewhere we had never been so St. Simons it was and our friends Jarrett and Hazel were on board with us!  We went down on Thursday and came home today (Sunday).  It was too short of course but we had lots of fun while we were there.  I admit I was very nervous taking my 6 week old out on the beach with it being so hot but we got a Pea Pod tent and Kate did great!  Once again she is the BEST baby ever.  She did great on the drives there and back, during the day at the pool and beach and going out too!  I will say it is A LOT more work having 2 kids though, especially one being an infant and so small too!  We were packed down in our car with no spare inch and we had to rotate going back and forth to the room.  We would usually all head out in the morning and when Kate got hungry she and I would go up and stay until after lunch.  Kelly would take the afternoon shift with her for a little bit then bring her back to the beach so we would all be together again.  We would finish with a little pool time.   Kate got in the pool for the first time in her short little life and didn't cry, though she almost did as you can see in one of her pictures.
Cohen had a blast too!  She went straight into the ocean and even put her floatie on to swim in it.  She loved the pool too!  She is just a little fish!  She loves Jarrett & Hazel and they are so good with both of our girls.  We only hope that our kids don't scare them away from having their own one day!  Cohen said so many funny things on this trip.  I had to find paper to write them all down.  Watching her is the best.  She is at the perfect age to enjoy everything and be amazed by things too.  I cherish these times with her sooo much!  I wish I could freeze her.  Now that I have 2 kids I think time just sped up a little more and I wish I could slow it down.  I am blessed beyond belief and I love these girls so much.  I never knew I could love someone so much!
Last, we ran into so many people we knew down at the beach which was a nice surprise.  It is a small world!  But it is so nice running into old friends and catching up a little.  All in all it was a fabulous weekend with our good friends and for our new family of 4!  Our first beach trip as a family was a success and we definitely want to make this trip a tradition!
Me and my girls!  Getting blown away by the wind :)

My little beach bunny!

Big sis had to keep a check on Kate

The little fish!

Kate's first dip in a swimming pool!

Family time in the pool

The lip is the sweetest!

Mommy loves her so much!

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Cohen smiled in this one!

Me and Hubby!

We visited the lighthouse before heading home

Triple stack

you know we HAVE to have a silly one!

"Hang loose"

Group picture!!

Group picture #2

One with Mommy!  Notice that Daddy put my outfit on backwards.  Love him!

All I do is love on her! 
My precious baby was out on the way home.  I love pictures of her sleeping!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Day in Greenville

Last Saturday we decided to spend the day in Greenville taking the girls to the zoo and then on to the Greenville Drive baseball game.  Cohen LOVED it!  She was amazed at all the animals she saw at the zoo, saying her favorite was the "giraffe and silly monkeys".  She found the water misters at the zoo and she loved getting wet too :)  After the zoo we spent some time shopping and eating in downtown Greenville then headed on to the Greenville Drive baseball game.  Cohen did great there as well.  She loved dancing to the music and later we found the playground which was also a hit!  She found another water mister at the game and this time really soaked herself!  We then finished the night with ice cream!  It was such a fun day!  Kate was perfect the whole day!  I am blessed with the best baby.  I could just eat her up all the time!  She is 6 weeks old and beautiful!
Our first stop-the elephants

always has to do a silly picture

Little precious--6 weeks old today

Loving the water mist

Going  into the baseball game

I love my girls

She loves her sister

She found the button to start the mist

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate Daniels is 1 month old!

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is already a month old.  Time is flying by.  She is a big bundle of preciousness!  We went to see Dr. Setia for her 1 month check up and she is "perfect".  She weighed 9 lbs 7 oz (her little cheeks are filling out so much) and she is 21 1/4 inches long!  I could eat her up!  I don't want to jinx anything but she has to be the BEST baby ever.  She only cries when she is hungry and that is basically a whimper.  She's my little grunt girl.  Kate has started smiling more now and I know she knows what she's doing:)  She eats and sleeps mostly but she is starting to be awake a little more.
At 1 month she loves:
being held!
kisses from big sister Cohen (and Mama & Daddy)
going to Pilates class :)
riding in her stroller
her swing

Here are some pictures from her Dr's appointment.  She did so well!  She only cried a little bit from her shot.  I think it hurts me worse than her!  
In the waiting room

Sweet baby getting weighed

All stretched out

Her little boo-boo on her leg, but she did so good with it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Play-Doh cakes

I am in the process of learning how to balance my time between 2 kids which has really been hard for me.  I feel like I am cheating Cohen of the time that used to be ALL hers and I want to give Kate my time even though she doesn't realize what is going on.  I love to just hold her and take in all of her little expressions.  At the same time though I don't want Cohen to feel like her mom doesn't have time for her.  Its a process but hopefully we will get used to it very soon :)
This week, I thought it would be fun for Cohen and I to play with her Play-Doh cake set.  Its something I don't let her do by herself because 1) she cannot always figure everything out and she is very easily frustrated and 2.) the mess would be beyond words with her and Play-Doh.  We had a fun time together though.  I love Play-Doh and so does she.  We were both enjoying making our own cupcakes and even made a "wedding" cake.  I think she could have done this all afternoon which reminded me again that she loves the little things we do together and its the small things that are most fun to her.  I love watching her take everything in.   And of course taking pictures of it is a must :)

Adding some icing

Decorating her cupcake with LOTS of sprinkles

Pretty cupcakes

Being silly :)

We can't take pictures without having a "Funny Face" picture

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Fun

I'm a little behind on posting this week, but better late than never :)  We enjoyed a fun 4th of July with lots of our friends.  Since I was a little girl, we always have spent the 4th with the Burton's.  Its so fun to be able to take my girl's to the same party I always went to and its always a fun time.  We have watched the crowd grow every year so there is no lack for entertainment.  All the kids love to swim and the adults can swim, play games, talk, just about anything, and we always end the night with a fabulous fireworks display!  This is also a special get together because this is where Kelly and I started our relationship 8 years ago!  Its hard to believe its been that long!  Here are some pictures from the afternoon...
Playing in the pool with her cousin Katelyn

Kate-Kate, Cohen, and Kayleigh

Jumping to Grace

Cohen and her BFF Josie

CoCo and JoJo