Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party Fun

On Friday our fun continued that night with our annual Halloween party with our friends.  I think Cohen has been looking forward to this since last year's party. It is super fun so I know how she feels.  I love Halloween and nothing beats a Halloween party with fun friends.  We got everyone dressed in their super hero costumes and headed over to Shawn & Nat's house for all the fun.  The kids paint pumpkins, go on a hayride (or 5), and the adults get to hang out and have fun talking and eating.  I love seeing everyone all dressed up!  Bryce was matching with Georgia so of course we had to get their picture together, and Cohen and Keyes were matching since they had been planning this.  Kate didn't have a twin but she sure had fun playing with everyone.  She loved painting her pumpkin and was focused doing it too!  She also loved the hay ride and where Cohen was worried at first it was going to be scary, Kate didn't seemed phased a bit.  It was such a fun night and we were excited to get to introduce Bryce to everyone too.  It was the perfect way to start our weekend!

Little Batman

Georgia & Bryce...Batgirl and Batman
Ready for the hayride


All the kiddos

silly one 

photo bombed...the headless jumper

Kate was all about the silly glasses

the glasses and teeth combined were a scary combo

Love these sweet girls, they were right with Kate

Ella Grace, Kate, and Georgia

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kate's Preschool Field Trip!

Friday Kate had a field trip with First Friends.  She started school at a great time because she's getting to do so many fun fall activities.  Their field trip was to Denver Downs Farm, which is the same place Cohen went on hers.  I wasn't able to make it with Cohen but I was determined I would be there with Kate.  I left Bryce for the very first time!  I think he slept most of that time, but I knew Suzy would love on him as much as I do.  I was excited to get some one on one time with Kate too.  It had been a couple of years since we had been to Denver Downs and they had added a good bit since we were last there.  Kate had a blast!  She rode the cow train, played in the corn box, climbed in the straw barn, jumped on the big pillow, ran on the hay, fed the goats, had a hay ride and picked out a pumpkin.  I think it was safe to say her very first field trip was a big success.  I loved watching her run around and do everything.  She was really enjoying herself.  The trip ended around 11:30 so after we left we went to get Halloween costumes for her and Bryce.  We had our Halloween party later that night so we had to get them something to wear and it was totally not planned but my kids will all coordinate this year!  I couldn't have made that work if I had planned it.  Cohen had already picked her own costume out when she went with Dawn and Keyes.  When I started looking I saw that I could match them all no problem so thats what we did.  I'll take it while I can!  After running a few more errands, we were headed back home.  I was definitely ready to get back to my little man!  We had some snuggles to catch up on.  I sure enjoyed spending the day with Kate though.  We are definitely used to our time together and even though having Bryce has been a good adjustment so far, it is always nice to spend quality time with each child.
Cow Train!

Digging up corn!

Feeding the goats was one of her favorite things! She kept wanting more feed for them.

Mrs. Lori and Kate racing the ducks

Hay Ride!

 Picking out her pumpkin!

group shot attempt

While running errands we had to run into Old Navy and of course this called for what...a photo op with the mannequins.  They not only have Kate-size mannequins, they also have dog mannequins!  She refuses to shop until I take her picture.

She also had way too much fun putting on the scary masks at Party City...there is a lot of laughing going on behind this awful mask!

Scarecrow Fun

What's fall without a trip to Hartwell to look at all the fun scarecrows they have up around town?!  This decorating tradition is one of my favorites and its something that is so simple but so fun for entertaining our girls.  These businesses really put some time and effort into decorating their scarecrows and they are very creative.  I love it!  As most people know, Kate loves mannequins and when we go out shopping she HAS to have a picture made with everyone she sees.  I usually have to start pretending I'm taking her picture.  Well scarecrows are just as fun for her as mannequins!  She wanted her picture with each one and wanted to hold their hand.  Kelly kept telling her not to touch because people had worked hard building the scarecrows and we didn't want to mess them up.  She wasn't a good listener and at one point we were putting a hand back on one of them...oops!  We enjoyed our walk around the square though and the girls favorite scarecrow was of course, Olaf, even though I think they really just loved them all.  I really got a kick out of watching Kate do every single thing Cohen did.  She watches her so much.  If Cohen would step one way, Kate was following right after.  Bryce was as good as gold the whole time, sleeping in his stroller.  Kate wanted to push him and it was so funny because from the front of the stroller you couldn't see anyone pushing.  Her head doesn't show at all over the seat.  She has become a little mama just like Cohen.  It was a fun little outing for all of us!

Cohen was giving a good pose in this one.  She said she learned it at dance :)

little poser!

Sweet baby just slept the whole time

The girls couldn't figure this one out...she was shampooing her hair.  It was a beauty shop ;)

Little Mama Kate!