Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our Road Trip to Nationals! Day 1: Kentucky

We officially left out this morning (early) on our way to Southbend, Indiana and the University of Notre Dame.  This is where Cohen will compete in the National Baton Twirling Association National Championships.  When she won her age group title a few months ago and we decided we would make this trip, we wanted to make a week long trip out of it.  We are making some stops along the way there and back.   We are praying for safe travels and happy kids each day!  I will say we had tears before we could back out of the garage but that was pretty much our only snag.  We drove straight to Lexington, KY to the Kentucky Horse Park.  The kids slept almost the whole drive which is why we didn't stop.  We went through a drive thru for breakfast (funny story below) and stopped to get Bryce a bottle.  We were extremely happy for such a great trip.
When we got to the horse park we were welcomed with extremely hot temps but everyone was excited to see all of the horses and do some fun things.  We went through one of the stables and saw some of the largest horses I have ever seen!  Kate was in heaven as you can imagine.  I think Bryce was just glad to be out of his car seat...sweat and all, and Cohen really enjoyed the horses too.  We watched a show at the Breeder's Barn that showed several horses from different countries.  The girls got to have pony rides and then we went to a Hall of Champions show where one of the horses we saw was Funny Cide.  I actually remember watching this horse when he was trying for the Triple Crown in 2003.  He came up short but it was neat to recognize one of the horses.  It was a fun way to start our journey and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  IT was very hot, but we had no complaints!  Once we left the park we made our way through the Kentucky countryside to Lousiville.  Seeing some of these horse farms was pretty amazing.  They are beautiful to say the least.  Tonight at our hotel in Louisville we had a picnic dinner and the girls got a little swim time in.  Day 1 is complete and we will keep on going tomorrow!  I do want to say thank you to everyone who has wished Cohen good luck.  It means a lot to us and gets her excited!  Please continue to pray for safe travels and happy kiddos!  We want this trip to be fun and memorable!
Our funny story of the day came this morning when we made our breakfast stop at Chic-Fil-A.  We were going through the drive-thru to save time and when we got our drinks at the window the girl asked that we pull around to the flag pole and they would bring our order out.  They were making fresh chicken minis which we had 3 orders of.  We also had 1 biscuit and hash browns.   We pulled around and parked and soon after a lady came out with a bag for us.  As Kelly was driving off we were checking the bag and it was 3 boxes of hash browns and a large box of about 20 chicken minis.  I told Kelly it was wrong and that his order was completely left out so we pulled back to the flag pole and he went inside to deliver back the chicken minis.  We decided since we were short only 1 box of hash browns we would keep the 3 we had and just get 1 plus Kelly's biscuit.  A few minutes later another lady came out and handed me our correct order this time and had actually included MORE hash browns.  Well a few minutes later I see Kelly come out with another bag of food plus the box of chicken minis he had tried to take back.  Well seeing this I just completely died laughing.  He got to the car asking what in the world I was laughing at and one look at my lap and he knew.  Here we now were with our order doubled plus the 3 boxes of hash browns and box of chicken minis.  AT this point I was in tears laughing so hard.  We ended up with 30 chicken minis, 2 biscuits, and 11 boxes of hash browns!  I love a laugh that makes me cry and this did it.  Needless to say the girls have snacked on chicken minis all day!
all smiles at breakfast

back to sleep soon after

petting a miniature horse

someone was in her element

The size of these horses was amazing

This was the only "Muscleman" we found

Here is Kate trying to get close!  I think she would have got in there with the horse

I love Cohen's face...looking at Bryce

Funny Cide

The Man-o-War statue

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  1. Sounds like your trip is off to a great start!