Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Fun!

Cohen has had 2 small camps this summer.  Last week she went to baton/tumbling camp for 3 days.  It was just for 3 hours each day but she loved it!  Her friend Brooke also went to the camp and it was fun to listen to their excitement on what they had learned.  The last day they did their routines for the parents and did so good!  I am so mad because my phone had an issue which caused me to lose the pictures I had taken and the video I did :(  These group shots were taken of all the girls at camp by Mrs. Amy which I was glad she did!

silly pic!

This week Cohen and Josie did a little art class together.  Cohen had been excited about art "camp" ever since I had signed her up.   She has also told me several times how much she enjoyed it.  It is one of the classes where the instructor walks you through the paintings.  I have been to Athens a couple of times and I love it!  I knew she would too and I was very impressed with their paintings.  We will definitely be looking into another class for her again sometime.
2 little artists hard at work

Cohen & Josie with their "masterpieces"

One last picture...Brock has had All-Stars this week and we could not be more proud of him and his team!  He truly played like an All-Star not only showing us his baseball skills but his character and sportsmanship as well.  He did awesome in his games along with his other teammates!  I snapped this picture with my phone before one of the games.  Kate and Cohen both LOVE Brock to pieces!
Pep talk before the game

Our Little Animal Lover

One thing about our little Kate Daniels...she LOVES animals and when I say animals I mean ALL of them.  Cats, dogs, frogs, bugs, cows, you name it and she loves it.  She reads her books about them, loves to put them in her water table, and the real things is just the best!  We have been spending a lot of our time this summer at my cousin's pool.  On our first visit there was a frog in the skimmer and she carried that poor frog around until it had definitely "croaked".  That started the fascination with frogs.  Last weekend we got together with several of our friends and after we ate the kids started catching frogs.   They caught so many that they actually were able to all have one and have a frog race!  We have some good entertainment around here!  Well Kate was all up in it and was all about having a frog.  I don't think she put one down unless it was to grab another one.  Eventually I was having to make her put it down by bribing her with brownies.  I guess food is still better! haha!  After a good hand washing!  She is a mess and we all got a kick out of her frog love.
She also loves the baby kittens that are at Sug and Pop's house.  On Father's Day she was sitting in her swing and wanted a kitten in the swing with her.  We kept trading out kittens and she was in love with each one.  You will notice in these pictures her grip on the kittens...she would adjust them in her lap as she felt she needed too and those poor kittens were getting one wild ride!  One has a look of terror on its face.  All she wanted to do was love on it :)  She is so funny to watch.  Every day she has to love on Dooley and any other animal she comes in contact with!
All the kiddos with their frogs!

Kate was proud to show everyone her frog

She and Carolina had a blast passing the frog back & forth

Swinging with the kitty
Notice the look on the kitten's face...of course Kate is holding on to it for dear life!

Here she is adjusting the way she's holding the cat...bless it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tooth #2

Last night Cohen lost her second tooth!  We knew it was coming because both of her permanent bottom teeth have been coming in behind the loose ones.  She lost her first a few weeks ago at Grannie's house and guess where she was last night...Grannie's house!  That is the tooth pulling place.  I had a photo session so I wasn't able to be there but Aunt Vicki sent me pictures which I'm so thankful she did!  I love being able to keep up right now.  Cohen came home and made a note for the tooth fairy and asked that this time I let the tooth fairy keep her tooth.  I had told her I asked that the tooth fairy let me keep the first one :)  She has also requested a special tooth pillow so I guess I'll start looking for that!  ETSY!!  Maybe we won't lose anymore for a little while though :)
Corn on the cob got that tooth right out!

Father's Day

I just realized today that I had not posted anything from Father's Day last Sunday.  Woops!  We had a nice Father's Day.  We spent the afternoon at Larry & Lydia's having a delicious lunch and relaxing.  The girls always love playing on Sug and Pop's playground.  Pop has made this playground a playhouse heaven for the girls and I know there is something new everytime I see it.  They have their playhouse, slide, swings, climbing net, and I'm pretty sure a zip line is in the works.  He has gone all out and they love it!  I didn't take a lot of pics through out the day but I did have to share a cute one of Pop and the girls.  I am also mother of the year for not getting a picture of Kelly and both of our girls.  I was able to get a cute one of him and Kate on the swing enjoying some ice cream.  She actually climbed up there and laid down so it was a cute moment.  I will say that we had a fun time the weekend before buying some special gifts for Kelly.  Cohen looks forward to picking out a funny card that sings for her Daddy and this year it was a big hamburger card with googly eyes singing a Father's Day song. She had the song memorized before we got out of Target and I had to put it up right when we got home or else it would have been destroyed by Father's Day.  She also wanted to get daddy some funny banana underwear!   Crazy I know but she thought it was hilarious.  She is so funny sometimes and I really like to get one thing that she alone picks out just from her.  I'll handle the rest for now :)  I have to say my girls have the best daddy they could ask for.  Kelly is not only a great father but a great husband too and we are so very thankful for him each day.  Focusing on him is what helps me get through the day.  Its a tough day not being able to have my Daddy here with me but I am SO very thankful for each year I had him and I could not have had a better one.  I miss him so very much but love all the great memories I have with him and will cling to those forever!
Pop & His Girls!

Cohen loves to get Kelly's ties and say she is dressing up like Daddy and going to work.  This is how she came through the house yesterday.  Notice her baby's doctor kit is her "briefcase".  Kelly has a bag he uses but not a briefcase so I thought this was cute.  She is very observant!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wedding Fun & Shirts & Desserts!!

Saturday was a fun and exciting day for us!  Cohen had been counting down the days until Curtis and Sara's wedding because she was getting to be the flower girl.  Curtis is Kelly's best friend and we were excited for him and Sara too.  Cohen has been wanting to be a flower girl for so long and it was so sweet when Curtis and Sara asked her to be theirs.  She was so excited!  Sara had told Cohen she would be holding a sign and Cohen had been saying how she couldn't wait to see her sign.  Friday was the rehearsal dinner and she was all pumped up about "wedding practice".  She did really well and when Saturday came she kept asking to put on her dress.  We got up early and went to Annie's to get her hair fixed.  She loved her hair and was excited when I found a flower bow for her that matched perfectly.  We had to be ready at the campground for pictures at 1:00.  It ended up that everyone was running behind so I used that time to take my own pictures of Cohen which is why I have picture overload on here now :)  I couldn't stop taking them because I thought she looked so pretty.  She looked like a 16 year old!  The wedding was at 4:00 and it was beautiful!  It was the perfect day and such a beautiful spot.  Cohen did a great job carrying her sign and I know she enjoyed it so much!  At the reception she got to be announced with Kelly, who was an usher.  And her highlight of the reception was catching the bouquet!  When Sara tossed the bouquet it somehow landed on the floor and while everyone was looking to see who got it, Cohen swooped in and scooped it up!  She was so excited and asked me if it was hers to keep forever.  I thought it was so precious!  It was definitely a special day for her and we couldn't be happier for both Curtis and Sara!
One sweet story I have to the Methodist Campground (where this wedding was) there is a big wooden cross right in front of the shelter where the wedding took place.  While Cohen and I were walking around doing our own pictures she saw it and looked at me and said, "Mama, is this where Jesus died?"  I thought that was the most precious thing.  I love how her mind works!
My beautiful little flower girl!

Cohen & Curtis

The photographer in me had to take one of the first look!

I loved this of Cohen and her sign & Sara happened to be in the background!

Cohen had to have a snack break...PB&J! 

I peeked during the prayer but I had to take this shot...she looked so sweet!

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Chitwood!

Everyone could write a message for them on a fan...this was Cohen's.

Cohen found her name on their sign

Watching them dance at the reception

Kate got to come to the reception...she would have been too much to handle at the wedding!

After all the wedding fun we headed to a "shirts & desserts" get together with some friends.  It was so nice to sit back and relax on such a nice day.  All the kids played together, we had some fabulous desserts, and then all the kids made tie-dye t-shirts.  We did red and blue dye so they can now have these for the 4th of July.  I thought it was such a cute idea and I enjoyed being with all our good friends.  What beats good friends and desserts?!?
Kate following Elliott...she loves him!
Kate was all over the poor cat...she is a big animal lover!

Making shirts!
The GIRLS!! Love them!