Monday, January 31, 2011

Mani/Pedi with Daddy

Cohen has become obsessed that she keep her fingernails and toenails polished.  It used to be toenails only but now its the hands too :)  I keep meaning to take her to the nail salon with me, especially now that she has officially potty trained (another blog post to cheer about).  This time though Daddy was happy to paint them pink for her.  She was more than happy to sit still and let him work his magic and I was more than happy to snap a picture of this.  Kelly was wondering why everything has to go on the blog but did think it was cute that she wanted him to do it.  I can't believe my baby girl will be 3 this weekend!!
Watching as Daddy carefully paints her nails 
Waiting on everything to dry

Dinner with Minnie Mouse

Cohen decided to show up at the dinner table dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  Kelly & I of course do not make a big deal out of it at all, we are too focused on getting her to eat better.  The more I sit staring at her though the more I have to get a picture of this.  These funny moments are too great not to capture!  The best thing about this Minnie Mouse costume is that it was Cohen's Halloween costume in 2009 so to say it is short would be a major understatement.  I couldn't capture the fullness of it since she was sitting in the chair but it was very cute.  She can always give us a good laugh!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Kelly & I found out this week that we will be adding another little girl to the family in June!  We are so very excited, and Cohen is very happy!  She was adamant that it was a little sister all along so she was right.  We are looking forward to filling the house with more pink.  Kelly is slowly accepting the fact that he will be outnumbered...for now at least :)
Here are a couple of ultrasound pictures.  I'm not a big fan of 3D ultrasounds, they scare me a little but you can make out the face which is sweet :)  We had  a little cake to share with our family later that night which I think Cohen and Savannah enjoyed the most.  I had to include a picture of them too!  ENJOY!
She had her arm right up at her face.
Profile shot

Cohen & Savannah enjoying some cake.  Notice the icing all over Cohen's face!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hide & Go Seek

Cohen has a new favorite game, hide and go seek.  She loves to play with anyone who will play with her.  She loves to find you and then will hide in the exact same spot she finds you in.  The other morning though, I go to look for Cohen and she is no where to be found.  I knew she had just been in my bedroom so after searching the entire house I decided she must be under my bed.  I quickly grabbed my camera and sure enough found her under the bed with her blankie in her mouth.   I think she could have fallen asleep under there.  Funny girl!

Cohen's First Movie

I have been meaning to post this long before now but for some reason I forgot until now.  Recently, Cohen went to the movie theatre for the first time to see "Tangled".  Cohen has loved movies from day 1 so it was no surprise that she enjoyed seeing one at the movie theatre.  There have been a few movies before now that I had wanted to take her to see and I guess I never did because I was afraid of her not liking it.  It was a fun experience though and she got to share it with her best friend and cousin, Savannah, and with Aunt Sara and Sugie.  We all had a fun time and the girls really enjoyed having their popcorn, of course.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look out Nashville!

Anyone who knows Cohen very well knows this girl loves music and loves to sing.  I love to listen to the radio myself and always have.  When I was pregnant with Cohen I was big into listening to the radio and now I think it wore off on her.  It is the best sound though to hear her sing with her sweet little voice!  Cohen has really become interested in Taylor Swift and loves to sing her songs.  For Christmas Cohen's #1 item on her list was a microphone (even though she already had 3) and she also wanted a pink guitar.  Santa brought her a microphone and Suzy gave her a pink guitar, so she was set.  I took these pictures of her on New Year's Eve singing to Taylor Swift with her new guitar.  It was so funny and cute that I had to share.  She is so much fun to watch each day for sure!! 
striking a pose

Monday, January 3, 2011

A White (Day After) Christmas

It was so fun to see the snow start falling on Christmas night, and even more fun to wake up and see it still snowing outside with so much snow to play in!  I think Daddy was the most excited!  Cohen had a brand new sled and ski suit to play in, thanks to Uncle Davis, Sugie, and Santa :)  Cohen really enjoyed Daddy pulling her in the sled.  She even brought along her new "sing-a-ma-jig" toy to play too.  She really wouldn't go out with it.  We made snow angels and had a snowball fight too.  It was a lot of fun.  I really  hope we have at least one more snow this winter.   
Headed out to play, toys & all...
Fun on the sled

My little snow bunny!

Daddy making his snow angel

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

I'm just a tad bit late on updating this blog.  Hopefully I can make it a point to try to do better :)  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was so much fun this year.  First, no one was sick this year.  I had many many prayers on that one.  Second, Cohen was at a good age and she was really excited about Christmas.  I know it will only get better but this year was still fun.  Christmas Eve night we all celebrated at Sug & Pop's house.  Cohen & Savannah enjoyed telling "Santa Claus" Pop what she wanted for Christmas and loved hearing Pop read "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  She loves books so that was right up her alley.  We had to hurry home to feed the reindeer and put cookies out for Santa.  Cohen had to give herself a cookie and Santa a cookie.  My little sweet tooth monster!

On Christmas morning she was a little slow to wake up but once she got a glimpse of what Santa had brought she was ready to play!  I think Santa is starting to be on her good side now.  We had to go back to Sug & Pop's for Christmas lunch and Santa had came there too!!  He brought sleds and we all hoped that she would be able to use it very soon, which she did!  It was a busy day visiting my mom, and then spending Christmas with my Daddy's  family but we all enjoyed every minute.  I LOVE Christmas and when the snow came it was icing on the cake.  We are truly blessed with such wonderful family.
Telling Santa (aka Pop) what she wants for Christmas

Cookies & Milk for Santa


Sleepyhead coming into the living room

Santa came at Sugie & Pop's house too!