Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, Nanny!

This past Sunday was my grandmother's 80th birthday.  This is my Dad's mom.  We are full of birthdays in February in our family. Cohen and my cousin Bryan share a birthday on the 6th, my Nanny was 80 on the 13th, and next Monday my mom and my uncle Philip (my Daddy's brother) will both celebrate their birthdays.  Its a big one for my Mama :)
We had a great day seeing all the family and celebrating with Nanny.  Everyone went to church together and then had a big lunch.  I think she enjoyed it very much and of course I had to share a couple of photos!
My Nanny, Suzy, and Philip

Mama, Nanny, Suzy, and Philip

Nanny with her grandchildren

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cohen Turns 3!!

Last Sunday was Cohen's 3rd birthday and the celebrating started on Thursday.  This may be a LONG post so bear with me!  We started by heading to Gainesville to celebrate with Grannie, Papa, Aunt Vicki and Aunt Danette.    We had a great time with them.   Just before we left for Gainesville Cohen & I finished her pinkalicious cupcakes for her preschool class.  Cohen loves sprinkles so she had to put some on, even though they all just rolled right off.  And of course she wanted to sample one immediately :)  She has a pretty good sweet tooth, which is why her party this year was Cohen's candy shoppe!  This was such a fun party to get ready for, I must admit.  I think all the kids had a fun time and should have been nice and sugared up!  I had to put a few pictures up of Cohen's FABULOUS cake!  My friend Natalie in Charlotte has made Cohen's birthday cakes for me every year since she was 1 and she does such a wonderful job.  These cakes are not only beautiful but they are delicious too.  I look forward to seeing her creations every year!  This year my friend Jessica made the trip down for Cohen's birthday and was sweet enough to bring the cake with her.  A big thank you to Natalie and Jessica for that!!
Cohen was a little overwhelmed at first when everyone was singing to her.  When they stopped and it was quiet I told her to blow out the candle and she just had a melt down right there.  Daddy had to come in to help.  After that though things were much better.  This little girl has always been one to have to warm up to everything!  Thanks to everyone who came and made her birthday party so special...and SWEET :)

Sunday, on her actual birthday, we had a fun family lunch.  By this time Cohen was really into the "birthday" thing and had no trouble blowing out the candles.  She really had a wonderful birthday and has loved her new bicycle from Uncle Davis and Morgan.  I can't believe my baby girl is now 3!  Where does the time go.  I just look at her now and she is such a little girl, no longer a baby.  Good thing I have a new little one coming soon so I can enjoy that baby stage again!
So Proud of her cupcakes
adding the sprinkles 

The princesses

Cohen at her finest...being silly

Preschool birthday party

Cohen & Jessica
The Goodie Bucket table

The Fabulous Cake

Cohen's personal favorite...the Starburst

The Birthday Girl

Singing Happy Birthday,  you can tell she's not quite sure

And there she goes...

Getting some help from Daddy

Sunday she was ready to blow them out

Trying out her new bicycle

This one just cracked me up

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

22 Weeks and Growing!!

I had my 22 week doctor's appointment yesterday.  This was just one of those quick visits where you hear the heartbeat and then ask any questions you may have.  Very fast!  Its always fun to hear her little heartbeat though and she was not too keen on being messed with.  She was moving all over the place every time the nurse tried to get a good reading.  The heartbeat was a strong 156 though and everything looked and sounded great.  I'm measuring right on schedule, and I must say growing every week in my mind :)  It is true what they say, you wake up one morning and start showing.  Its fun though and I'm loving the feeling of her moving all around each day.  I had forgotten just how awesome that is :)
Cohen continues to prepare for her big sister role.   She is now telling everyone that the baby will get her baby bed because she is getting her new big girl bedroom.  We are starting the process to get Cohen into her new "big girl" room and decorate a nursery.  Now that Cohen's birthday is behind me, I can focus on decorating!!   I'm very excited since we missed out on this with Cohen since we were in the process of moving.  I get a double dose though!!
Stay tuned, I have to get Cohen's birthday post up...