Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Race the Rainbow 10K

Saturday was a busy day for us, but so much fun.  I started the day running with my friends.  We were doing the Race the Rainbow 10K in Anderson.  I had not done a 10k since the Disney run 3 years ago.  Now we have had a couple of 15k's which are longer but running is such a mental thing and each run over 3 miles takes some mental preparation!  We keep playing with running a half marathon so when we had a choice of the 5k or 10k I decided to go on for the 10.  Its always much more fun running with friends and we always have a fun time, especially since we always plan a fun breakfast or lunch after!  The rain held off too which was a big plus!  Running 6 miles is enough so I didn't want to throw any rain in there to make it worse.  I did have a goal of finishing under an hour and so excited that I did do that!  My first one was just over an hour so I wanted to beat that time.  It was a tough course.  Mile 3 was a constant uphill climb which is never enjoyable.  Usually hills are short or don't last that long but nope, not this time.  It was constant uphill from one to the next.  It definitely was a challenge.  But we all did great and placed in our age divisions, which is always a plus.  I was excited about the time finish and then getting 2nd place was just another perk.  The best part was still hanging with these awesome girls!
ready to run

Smiling more when we have finished!

2nd & 3rd place finishers! woo hoo!

After lunch we had some birthday fun for Cohen's best friends, Josi.  She was having her birthday party at the theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast.  I know I was as excited as all the other little girls to see this one!  Kate and I were getting to tag along on the fun!  It was more fun because we rode with LeAnne, Baylor and Skyler.   We always have a fun time when we are together!  And we finished our day with a little shopping and of course a frozen coffee at Chic-fil-a!

Sweet friends!

Just like old times! 

Kate's First (Loose) Tooth

My sweet Kate has now lost her very first tooth.  I hate when my kids lose their cute, straight,  little baby teeth, but yesterday Kate lost her tooth.  This tooth has been loose for a little while now so I knew it was coming.  Sunday night it was hanging by one tiny root and we tried pulling it then but decided to hold off another day.  Yesterday after lunch she was playing with Nolan and she came running back to my bathroom to tell me the tooth had come out.  I think she was shocked and excited, but anytime there is blood she is a bit freaked out.  She got excited though and was really looking forward to showing Cohen.  Today she had to take her tooth to school to show all of her friends.  The tooth fairy did visit last night though and she was so excited.  I think showing the tooth off was more exciting than the money though.  Both my girls are really into showing off their lost teeth!  I feel like Kate is just growing up so fast.  Pretty soon she will be losing more of those cute little teeth and getting those big permanent ones.  Between this and next week's kindergarten registration, this mama is going to have a moment or 20!

Last pictures with all her baby teeth!

My little snaggle tooth

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Disney Day 5: Epcot

Thursday was our last day of Disney fun.  We had a breakfast reservation at Askershu in Epcot which is a princess breakfast.  The park also was having morning magic hours so we got there early so we could get a good ride in before our breakfast.  We quickly decided that we would do test track and it was a blast.  I love that ride and everyone else enjoyed it too even the kids (minus Bryce who would have loved it too if he were tall enough)!  I always love the pictures that the rides snap.  They are always hilarious because they catch you on a fun part of the ride.  Here we look like we are in a wind tunnel, except Kate who looks like a sweet little Elsa sitting there.  Sara and Addison are right behind me and Kate.  I also love how Cohen is holding on to Pop in their picture and he is smiling so big.  We knew this was just the ride for him!

While we rode Kelly sat with Bryce.  They took this selfie and we died laughing...

After riding Test Track we met up at Askershu for our breakfast.  We had a big family picture taken with Belle and made our way to our table.  It was another yummy breakfast!  I can't say enough how good the food was everywhere we ate.  I'm glad I was doing a lot of walking because I was doing a lot of eating too!  The girls loved seeing all of the princesses and being apart of the princess parade.   I did get a kick out of Kate.  She is really not a princess loving girl.  She does love Elsa and that is who she wanted to dress as but as for all of the others she likes the movies but can take them or leave them.  When Princess Aurora came to our table Kate just sat right where she was and watched her, all while eating her biscuit and bacon.  She was a bacon lover the entire trip and she felt that eating her bacon was way more important than talking to a princess.  First things first!

After breakfast we decided to go ahead and meet Anna and Elsa.  They still have a short wait.   Kate was all about meeting Elsa and actually wanted to meet her by herself.  She was still shy meeting her.  She had already asked me if I thought Elsa would think she was beautiful.

After we had our fill of princesses we made our way to the "golfball ride" as we call it and then through the countries.  Cohen was so excited to go to "Paris".  She is all about anything Paris.  They also loved the red phone booth in London.  Its amazing how our kids never knew what a phone booth was...if it isn't an iPhone they are a little stumped on the phone thing!


These pictures cracked me up on our ride.  Once again the pictures they take are great!  Kate wasn't ready at all and her sweet face had me and her laughing when all these results popped up on our screen at the end of the ride.  We were excited to see what our future looked like.

our version on the Lion King

After the countries we rode more rides, talked with Crush, and ate.  Kate had started feeling bad while we were in line for Soarin'.  We did ride the ride because it is SO MUCH FUN!  She wasn't a fan but I sure was.  I love the new remodeled version!  I can't wait to ride it again.  After riding it though we all made our way to the entrance to get ready to leave.  We had so much fun!  The entire trip was so much fun and one we all will cherish and remember.  I have to brag on how well all the kids did.  Disney is not for the faint at heart and it is a non-stop, go go go, trip but the fun is worth it all.  I'm ready to go back!  Its definitely special to be able to capture so many fun memories with our entire family.  I know we will look back on this special trip for many years to come and talk about all of our memories!

Thanks POP Century!  We had a blast!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Disney Day 4-More Magic Kingdom

Wednesday we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom again instead of doing Hollywood Studios.  I love some of the rides at HS but if there is a park to skip with kids this is probably the one to do in my opinion.  We knew rain was going to come on Wednesday but we decided we would brave it out.  Even with rain Disney is fun.  We had lunch reservations at Chef Mickeys so we headed to Magic Kingdom that morning to get some rides in first.  We had not covered everything the day before so we started where we left off which was with the Barnstormer.  Even Bryce can ride this little roller coaster so he experienced his very first roller coaster!  When we got seated on the ride the rain started.  It was just a little sprinkle on the roller coaster, enough to feel it in your face though.  We rode Dumbo next and we were in a full out rain on this one.  Our seats were wet so that was fun.  We had some ponchos and rain jackets but ended up buying more.  Let me just say, Disney has to make a fortune off of the rain.  Those aren't your cheap ponchos but of course at the time they are worth every penny.  You need a poncho to cover what your jacket doesn't!  Sug & Pop decided to head on to the Contemporary Resort for our lunch reservations while Kelly & I took Cohen and Savannah to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  I love this one!   Since Wednesday had been our MK day all along we already had this one fast passed and definitely didn't want that to go to waste.  The line stays forever long for this one.  The girls (and us) loved it!  
Ready for the Barnstormer!
This photo was taken on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and I loved it when I saw because of all of our faces.  Cohen was a little unsure but once we rode the ride she kept saying over and over that it was her favorite ride.  

After we rode we headed to the monorail to get over to the Contemporary.  We had brunch at Chef Mickey's.  We love Chef Mickey's and it was a nice break from the rain.  The food is always so good too!  The kids loved meeting Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy again.  

Ice cream is so yummy!

When we were finished the rain had stopped for a little bit so Kelly, Sara, and I decided to take Cohen, Savannah, and Kate back to the park for more rides.  Bryce and Addison went back for naps with Sug and Pop.  I don't think they were excited for an afternoon in the rain.  We rode a few rides then the bottom dropped out.  We waited under some shelter for the rain to let up and then we had to take advantage of everyone else finding shelter and we were waiting to ride Tomorrowland Speedway.  As soon as the rain let up we were able to jump right on.  Kate was my driver and she loved this ride!  We then headed on to meet Ariel in her grotto.  

We finished the night riding more rides and then headed back to the hotel.  The kids were back surrounding Pop like they did each night.  Bryce had a game he loved where he would stand on the bed facing Pop and have Sug blow on him and he fall straight down on the pillows like a tree.  HE would do this over and over.  I know we made great memories at the parks each day but its these memories at the hotel that I will treasure too!