Friday, July 24, 2015

Nationals Day 6: A TOP 10 FINISH!!

So I knew I would eventually get behind on my daily posts!  I didn't get to post last night because I was so tired!  Yesterday was an eventful day to say the least.  We had an early morning for Cohen's last open event...2 baton.  She did great and ended her competition at nationals on a good note!

We had to get back to our hotel for a little down time which was us packing up to check out.   We actually had to wash clothes at our hotel because Mr. Bryce has been pee peeing out of his diaper almost every night!  I went and bought overnight, extra protection diapers just for this reason.  The boy was not only almost out of clothes, but this morning he soaked his sheet.  Thank goodness we had a hotel with a wash room.  It had been very nice to be in the same hotel for 3 days straight but now it was time to pack up and move on.   I am so sentimental, I got a little sad leaving our room.  It has been one fun, memorable, unforgettable, experience here this week.  We have had a lot of fun!  I just thought to myself how we would always look back on this trip because it was our very first trip to nationals and how excited we were to have made it.  After my moment, we headed out and drove to meet everyone else for lunch.  We then went to watch some of the team competition and got ready for the awards ceremony.  Baton teams are quite fun to watch!
Lunch with my cuties

The awards ceremony was held in the basketball arena at Notre Dame and they really do a great job of making these girls feel special.  We had to drop Cohen off in a hallway and make our way to find some good seats.  The girls all walk out by age group and are in front of the entire arena.  Since Cohen was in the youngest age group, they were the first girls out.  We were all waving so hard at her so she could find us.  She was smiling the entire time and looked so cute out there.  Proud Mama moment!

She found us!
Since this is the title awards they also call out the top 10 in the 3 events that make up the title which are modeling, strut, and solo.  They did the modeling top 10, strut top 10, and solo top 10.  Cohen was 10th in the solo competition.  After seeing her score sheets she was still top 15 in the other 2 events.  She was 12th in the strut and 13th in the modeling.  Still very well in our books!  After calling out the individual events they announce the top 10 overall in the entire title competition.   When they started announcing the announcer said "In 10th place from Georgia...." and we immediately were ecstatic!  They called her name and gave her a medal.  She was so excited as you can tell from the smile on her face.  A top 10 finish at nationals is so awesome!  Not only do you have so many girls against you in your group, but each one of them is a great twirler.  I think she is starting to see how hard work can pay off.   The girl who won the entire age group was the other twirler from Georgia!  Woo hoo for Georgia girls!  She is a super super twirler and we had her picked to win.
10th place in the nation!

After they finished Cohen's age group we had to pick her up and we headed to the monogram room for some pictures!  We were all so happy for her.

This tells you how much fun these girls have had!  I don't know what we're going to do without having them right across the hall from us every day! 
Facetiming with Sug and Pop 
We had to say goodbye to Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Janet, Caroline and Cezann.  We were all leaving Southbend to start our way back to GA!   I can't thank each of them enough for coming all this way and for all their hard work they put into Cohen!  They not only made Cohen feel like a special little girl, but they helped make this trip one I know she won't ever forget and one I won't forget either.

We took a couple of more pictures then we hit the road.  We were driving to a town just outside of Cincinnati so we had some miles to cover.  On the way we did find a P.F. Changs for dinner which is my favorite so that sure helped make the drive better!

So long Notre Dame!  Thanks for the memories!  Maybe, just maybe, we will see you again soon!!

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