Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bryce 9 Months

Our baby boy is now officially 9 months old! He's been on the outside as long as he was on the inside!  Let me tell you these past 9 months have flown by way too fast.  He is now an official crawler!  On all 4's at that.  He is also pulling up so we have to be sure we have baby proofed a lot of the house.  He will get into everything in no time!  He has started waving this month too.  It is so cute to watch him wave bye-bye or hey to someone.  When Bryce sees someone he likes he will shake both arms and both legs in excitement.  He can also make a lot of noise.  I love to get him "talking".  He is at a stage that is so sweet.  Which I love every stage!  We go for his 9 month check up in a week so we will post his "official" stats then.  Until then here are some cute pictures at 9 months!

Mr. Blue Eyes!
 This is what I found this past week when he woke up in the morning!   Standing in the bed already?!
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He loves sitting like a big boy at the table and especially loves to try what everyone else is eating.  

Bryce started making this funny little face for us about a week ago.  He will squint his eyes up and look at you.  It really comes out when food is around.

nothing is cuter than a sleeping baby

Bryce was snuggling with me recently and he kept smiling.  I think he was having really sweet dreams.

Playing with Kate and all her animals

Bryce and his friend from church J.D.  These cuties enjoyed watching everyone at Fam Jam this week

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