Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Birthday to Bryce!

My sweet baby boy just celebrated his 3rd birthday!  I can't believe how fast these 3 years have flown by.  I find myself saying that sentence about all 3 of my kids all the time.  It does seem like Bryce was just born though.  I can't even put into words the joy this little boy brings to us on a daily basis.  Bryce is just special and there's no other way to put it.  He is this happy, outgoing, friendly, lovable, and hilarious, little boy.  He is such a talker and it is so fun to hear what he is going to say next.  I don't know that he meets a stranger and he will definitely want to know right away if you have a lawn mower, weed eater, chainsaw, leaf blower, hedge trimmer or tractor!  And yes, he owns every one of those things himself!  He makes life entertaining for sure!  I love that he is all boy and having had 2 girls before him it is all new and fun for us.  Each day with him is certainly a blessing and watching him grow and learn is so much fun.  I love my days with him and I'm trying to soak in every second!  For his 3rd birthday you can guess what kind of party Bryce wanted...a lawn mower party!  I thought that might be hard to pull off but it wasn't.  I found a super cute invitation on Etsy and some cute little lawn mower ideas on Pinterest of course.  It was funny because Bryce didn't realize how much fun his birthday would be and how we would stretch out the celebrations.  He loved every minute though.  I think he really got into opening up his presents and he got so many fun things.  I could write a book on all the cute things he says and does right now but I will stick to the highlights!  A huge thank you to everyone who helped make his birthday special and his birthday party.  He is definitely one loved little boy and he doesn't even realize how lucky he is to be surrounded by so many awesome people who love him.
At 3 years old here is a little about Mr. Bryce:

  • ALL BOY!  Loves anything with a motor & all things lawn maintenance.  His favorite toy is probably his tractor that he will ride around the yard all the time!
  • This boy LOVES his Georgia Bulldawgs!  We have raised him right!   He will walk around our house singing all the Georgia songs, yelling Go Dawgs, and acting like a football player.  
  • Loves to sing and dance.  Eric Church's song "Give Me Back My Hometown" is by far his favorite!
  • Loves to carry on a conversation with anyone.  He is a people person for sure!
  • Bryce is around 32 lbs, wears mostly 3T clothes and is in a size 8 shoe.  
  • Unbelievably smart and loves preschool.  He loves his friends, loves learning songs, and everything about his "church school" with Sug.
  • Even though he is super smart he is not yet potty trained.  A lot of that is our fault because if there is one thing I hate its potty training and I just can't bring myself to get it done.  Our on the go life also thinks diapers are more convenient.  All tips are welcome!  At this point our motto is we will get it done before!
  • Loves to play the iPad and loves to watch Blippi!  If you have a boy you probably know exactly what and who this is!
  • Bryce is back & forth on taking naps and usually when he does have one we have a harder time at night.  But no matter what he will wake up in the night most nights and creep into our bed.  Sometimes we hear him but most of the time we don't!  
  • loves to brush his teeth...he chipped his tooth back in the summer but so far we haven't had any issues.  
  • he loves to eat and is a pretty big eater.  He has a lot of favorite foods, some healthy some junk food but for the most part I am happy with how well he eats.
Happy Birthday to Bryce.  I love you so so much!

 Bryce had his birthday breakfast at Burger King!  It was only fitting that he celebrate with some of his favorite people.  This has been a morning tradition for him since he was born!

Since Bryce's birthday fell on a Monday we continued with our weekly meal at my Mama's.  We love our Monday family nights.  Bryce wanted "vanilla cake" so that's what he got.  He really blew out candles all day.  I had sang to him with candles in his PB&J...3 times we sang and blew out the same candle.  I did video that and on the last time one candle fell out and without skipping a beat he picks it right up, lit and all!  Didn't think twice!

Bryce's lawn mower party was on Friday.  We had a family cookout for him.  The lawn mower food was so cute!  Sug made this cute fruit lawn mower and I had made some lawn mower rice Krispie treats.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I didn't .  He had a blast though and we loved celebrating with everyone who came!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Back in a Routine

Ever since school started (back in August!) I have had so many random pictures but yet nothing I have posted about in particular.  Partly because we have just gotten so busy and partly because I just forget...whoops!  So that leads to this long post full of random pictures.  We are now back in our routine of school, church, activities and just on the go craziness!   Cohen and Kate are both enjoying their school years.  Kate seems to really enjoy kindergarten which has been a big blessing.  I love hearing about her days and I'm glad she is happy at school.  She finally started her soccer season and has been doing so good!  I couldn't be any more proud of her.
Cohen continues to do great in school too!  She never ceases to amaze us both with how smart she is. She has really enjoyed her class and has also came home talking about things they are learning in school.  Of course the older you get the more she can complain about school too, but I know she enjoys it.  She is also on the yearbook staff this year at school so that has been a new, fun experience. She continues to be devoted to her twirling and also loves tumbling. Just this past week she did her back walkover and also landed her back handspring on the trampoline.
To say Bryce loves preschool with Sug would be an understatement.  He loves it!  I love getting pictures of him at school and hearing about things he does.  We celebrated his birthday at school just this past Friday!  He sings songs, and is so smart!   I cannot say enough about how I love my days with him.  His personality is so awesome and he never meets a stranger.   I am definitely trying to make the most of my time home with him!

Here are just some fun pictures from the last 2 months:

Bryce and his 2 year class

We celebrated Devin's 23rd birthday.  Can you guess who helped me pick out Devin's cake??  Bryce is so much like Devin when Devin was his age.  They both share a love of trucks at that!  

How I find the garage ready to ride...helmet & goggles on

Some Pictures of Kate enjoying kindergarten.  On this particular day she was the superhero in the class so she got to wear the superhero cape.  This was the first week of school.  Once you have been able to get your clip moved to pink you are the super hero.  Well Kate informed me she didn't want to get to pink anymore because she didn't like wearing a cape.  Only Kate would say this, but I told her she could still go to pink and just not wear the cape!

 The girls did a Little Lions cheer camp this year.  I think they enjoyed being with their friends more than anything, but it was cute watching them.

At the beginning of September we celebrated Nana's 85th birthday!  Even though the water was getting chilly we still swam.  It was so fun having our family up to our house.

Its always fun when a waif comes to visit!!!  Tina was in town in September.  We love when she has meetings in Atlanta!  Tara also drove down from Charlotte so we could have some girl time.  Even though our visit was short we had a blast and I always love our visits.  There was a little hoverboard injury but nothing a little Motrin couldn't help.  You will see the reaction from Tina and Cohen below...

hoverboard one was hurt except the doll bed

That afternoon the girls had dentist appointments.  As Kate was getting her teeth cleaned I find this going on....Cohen acting as the dentist for Bryce.  I can't take these kids anywhere! lol!

Cohen & Kate got to go to the annual rodeo with their friends!  Amanda made them matching cute shirts and they had a blast!  They look forward to the rodeo every year!

We love to enjoy the weather by taking bike rides and on this particular Saturday we saw the train loading cars.  Well of course Bryce was amazed and wanted to watch.  At one point he was waving to the conductor and so the conductor started throwing candy to him.  He was then even more amazed at the "candy" train!

We also got to celebrate Suzy's birthday in September!  This was a milestone b-day for her so we had a surprise party!  We got her good too!

How can we forget the excitement of Hurricane Irma in September!?  For the first time in my life, school was canceled here for a Hurricane!  We only thought we were far enough away from the coast to avoid being hit.  Irma did a good bit of damage, nothing like what the coastal areas get, but still enough.  We were lucky enough to have only lost power for about 4 hours.  Sug and Pop lost it for 3 days!   Bryce and I had some Hungry Hippo playing time.  The neighborhood trampolines were destroyed.  We were shocked to look out of our kitchen window to see the Shavers' in our trees.  It did stay in this spot though and didn't travel further towards the pool.

When we lost power it was right in the middle of cooking but never fear,  Hubs found another way.

neighborhood clean up crew

The Harbin's trampoline

We had to get a sweet picture of these 2 cute snaggles after school one day! 

Bryce had Grandparent's day at school.  Bebe was out of town so Suzy & Denny filled in.   Sug of course is playing double duty on this day...Grandparent and teacher.

Big milestone for Bryce in September...his first home Georgia game.  We are raising this boy right, introducing him to UGA football!  He LOVED it!  He is always singing "Glory Glory" and calling the dawgs!  He was amazed by the band, loved all the songs during pre game and even during the game.  And of course he loved the dippin' dots!

Enjoying lunch with our Coco!

More Gameday fun!

you know just enjoying someone else's peanuts

While we enjoyed the game Kate was having fun at Autumn's skate party!

Cohen and Kate had grandparent's day at school at the end of September.  They always time that day around the book smart!

Last week was spirit week at school since it was homecoming week.  Here is Kate on 'Merica Monday and Cohen on twin day.  Kate had to miss a few days for not feeling well.
notice the lion tooth necklace she has fallen in love with.  It was from a book fair book and you know she was all about that!

Bryce had a visit at preschool from Miss Wishy-Washy!  He looked like he enjoyed being washed!

Cohen ended her week with a fun sleepover with her best friend Josi.  These 2 had a blast and had me laughing a lot!   One thing they did was the baby food challenge...YouTube has become a big thing for kids and all the challenges you can do!  They were so excited though and it was funny to watch them!

That covers a lot of our last month and a half!  We are moving into October looking forward to some cooler weather (maybe) and all sorts of fall fun!!  I love fall and all the fun things that come along with it.  Especially in October when we get Halloween fun too.  We have birthdays to celebrate too!  Fun fun!!