Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Disney Run Fun

That title is a bit misleading...Disney is a ton of fun, the running part is only fun at the finish line!  I can't believe its already been almost 2 weeks since we were in Disney.  A few of us girls went to Disney for the Wine & Dine race weekend.  We were running the 10k which was my second Disney run.   I always love any reason to get to Disney!  The Disney runs always fill up so fast but they re-opened some spots earlier this year and we were able to sign up.  The only down side to these runs is the early start times!  Oh my!  You have to be on the bus leaving your hotel no later than 4:30!  I am not a morning person so that is not appealing to me at all but it happened and we all made it.
Our trip started on Thursday afternoon.  I had been in Athens with Bryce at the doctor so needless to say my day was not going as planned but I had to make sure my baby was ok.  He was fighting a severe case of bronchitis so I'm glad I got him there and started on some medicine.  Because I was so busy with him I actually left my house and forgot one of my bags which had my bathroom things but luckily I was with four other girls so I was covered.  We flew down and arrived in Kissimee around 6:00.  We went to Disney Springs our first night and shopped a little and ate at Earl of Sandwich.  Then we crashed to get ready for our next day at the park.

Clearly Dawn was not a fan of the small plane:)

Friday we got up and made our way to the parks.  Since no children were on this trip we moved a little quicker and we were mainly looking for roller coasters!  First up was Hollywood Studios where we could ride The Tower of Terror, Rockin' Rollercoaster, and we did throw in Toy Story.  Rockin' Roller Coaster is my absolute favorite ride down there so we jumped on it twice.  Getting there early helped with that!

Ride 1 

Ride 2-Same face & hair!

Tower of Terror

When we left Hollywood Studios we headed over to Epcot for some fun rides there.  And from there we had to go to the expo to pick up our packets.  I was so tired that afternoon!  When we went back to our room later that afternoon I had to get a nap in!  Those don't happen at home for sure.  We ate at our hotel that night since we needed to get to bed early.  That 4:00 am wake up call required an early bed time!

Saturday we headed out at 4:30 and started our run at 5:30.  The race goes through both Hollywood Studios and ends at Epcot. We are finished before the sun even comes up!

The rest of the day...since it was just getting started, we spent at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.  Disney was in the process of filming their Disney Christmas special so it was neat to get to see some of that.  Cohen would have been in heaven since there were several Disney channel stars there.  One was from Disney's Decendants and plays the part of Jay.  She was a little mad when I told her.  We also saw several players from the Houston Astros.  They were filming what looked like a parade for the World Series winners.  It was so neat seeing the parks decorated at Christmas.  I only wanted to see the castle lit up and they had not yet did that.  We were told that they were going to light it filming for their special but this was after 11:30 and we were beat!  I guess we will just have to go back some time to see it for Christmas!

That night we had reservations at Cape May.  It was so good!  This is Donna's favorite place and we were all excited to see real food on Donna's plate...not a piece of lettuce or almond.

 Unfortunately I had to miss the GA game but I was glad Kelly and Brock had a fun time.  He even sent me a picture!   Cohen was also helping to crown at the high school's Miss Echo pageant.  She is Little Miss Echo so that was why she was asked to help and they even had her twirl for entertainment.  A big big thank you to everyone who sent me videos and pictures so I didn't have to completely miss it!  She did so good and I was so proud of her.  Grace was in Miss Echo so Dawn and I both were constantly being kept up to speed.  When you do have to miss something its so nice to have friends who will make sure to send you videos!  All around a fun weekend!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween!!  I'm so glad when the actual holiday falls after the Georgia/Florida game so we don't miss out on any fun.  When my kids were small I missed a lot of those game weekends because of Halloween but now it has cycled back to being during the week so we don't have to choose!  Woo hoo!  This year we started our Halloween fun earlier in the month at Nat's Halloween party and got to have more fun as the actual day came.  On Monday night Bryce had trunk or treat at the preschool.  Since Cohen was Little Red Riding Hood we borrowed Shawn & Nat's stuff to make Kelly be the Big Bad Wolf/Grandma in the back of our trunk while Cohen could be Little Red Riding Hood.  Bryce had started to feel bad over the weekend while we were gone to the game and he still wasn't himself.  He did learn real quick that each car was giving out candy so he perked right up for that.

Little Red Riding Hood and "Grandma"

This was a picture of Bryce's class at their Halloween party they had earlier.  

Tuesday was Halloween and it was full of fun.  I got these cute pictures of Kate and her friends at lunch.  Later that day I went to the school to enjoy her class Halloween party and help make the "Witch's Brew".  I love getting to go to her classroom and see her with her classmates.

That afternoon after school, I took the girls and Bryce into town for their Halloween fun.  We really wanted to go so we could let Bryce participate in the Halloween costume contest.  This year he was a tractor and I had made his costume.  I loved making his costume but it is always more work to make them than to buy one!  This costume was so him though and he was proud of his tractor, especially the lights.  I was proud of it too since I had spent time working on it.  He was in another bad mood though so we didn't know how he might do.  In fact he wouldn't put the box on until right before it was his group's turn to go on.  He was too consumed with the jump house!  He did finally agree to put it on though and when he went out there it was like a light switch was flipped.  He walked around and waved at everyone...without even being told!  We were pretty excited and then he won first place!  Suzy had been with me and we laughed saying well we went to do the contest and he did win but we were both wore out after it!  He was pretty proud of his trophy too.  I can't believe I never took one picture of him but I did have this one of him in his car seat holding on to that trophy.  The newspaper had tried to get a photo but Bryce wasn't having it so this was all they could get. Notice his happy face!  Lol.  He may have won first place but after getting the trophy he was done.

We spent our Halloween night at Sara's house.  Each year we eat and trick or treat on her street.  I'm pretty sure we already had enough candy to open our own store but of course the kids love trick or treating!  I walked with Bryce which we were a good ways behind everyone else, but he was so cute walking up to each door to knock and say "tricky treat".  He loved nothing more than getting candy, especially suckers.

Happy Halloween!