Thursday, September 21, 2017

Soccer Season!

Tonight was Kate's first soccer game of the season!  Soccer just started at the beginning of this week but tonight was game 1.  Kate was moved up in age this year to the 8U team (even though she just turned 6) so she now plays with a goalie.  Age cut offs always confuse me but whatever.  Most of her friends in kindergarten with her are still in 6U but she is up and of course she loves the idea of having a goalie, and more so getting her turn to be the goalie.  She was so ready for her game tonight and she played so good!  She was running all over the field and was serious about getting that ball!  I love watching her in action.  She loves to run so she definitely got some run time in.  When I look back at these pictures she looks so grown!  I still see that first season of soccer when she looked so small.  And she is probably the youngest on this team but still looks so much bigger!  My girl is growing up on me and too fast!  I can't wait to watch her as she progresses this season.  She definitely loves the soccer field!
One picture below is absolutely PRICELESS!  Kate brought her game face to the field tonight and was giving the girl behind her the "look".  I was so glad I caught that because I have loved looking at it.  It shows how into the game she really was.  Go Scorpians!

playing goalie

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Football Season is Here!!

Fall is upon us and we are so excited!!  I'm always so sad to say goodbye to summer because I love it so much but once we get into our school routine and the sneak peeks of fall start, I am ready to embrace all the goodness of fall.  It is one of my favorites too!  I'm all about sweater weather, boots, pumpkins, apples and of course GEORGIA FOOTBALL!  The Dawgs teed it up between the hedges 2 weeks ago and we were so excited to be back in Sanford Stadium.  We have now been back twice since we were there last night as well.  Georgia has now won their first 3 games so we are excited about our good start.  I hope we can keep it going.  The first game we took Cohen to because she loves to go to any and all the games she can.  I love that she has our enthusiasm about Georgia football.
We all went to the game with Blake, Kasey, and Bebe too.  We all rode together and ate downtown at Taqueira Tsunami.   It was so nice being back in Athens for game day!  You can really smell fall coming once football season is here.   It is always still nice and warm though so it has been nice having these first few games as night games.  The Dawgs were playing App State and pulled out an easy win.  GO DAWGS!

 Yesterday we decided it would be a great time to take Bryce to his first home game.  When he was 2 months old we took him to the bowl game we played in Charlotte so this wasn't his first GA game but it was his first in Athens.  We knew there wouldn't be another "easy" game like this one and if we had to leave early this would be the one to do it at.  He did great and had a ball!   We took him to the Dawg Walk and he was amazed at the band.  When we asked him what he thought about it he just said "loud."   He didn't understand that he was seeing the football players since they come through the dawg walk now in their clothes vs. their uniforms.   After the Dawg Walk we went to eat before going into the stadium.  Uncle Davis and Kayla had met us at the Dawg Walk so we had fun just hanging out with them.  Thankfully Bryce was happy and in a good mood.   He loved "jumping" down the stairs which was Kelly & I holding his hand lifting him up, and he loved just running around.  Of course with all those people that is hard to do.  When we finally went into the game he was mesmerized by all the people and lights and the players down on the field.  He loved dancing and saying GOOOOOO Dawgs Sic em!  Right after kickoff he told me he wanted to go home but then he started playing with a water bottle and with Michael and Wyatt who sat with us this game.  I think he played with Wyatt for most of the game!  Kelly took him out once to get Dippin Dots and he loved having his ice cream!  There were also some girls sitting behind us that he loved to flirt with.  I think they were actually with Samford but seemed to love Bryce and were happy to play along with him.  All in all he did so good and we knew he had had a blast.  He kept saying GOOOO Dawgs all the way to the car.  Today when he woke up he was talking about the game and said it was so fun!  The seed was planted!  You have to train these kids up right!  Red and black runs in our veins!  Go Dawgs!
mesmerized at the Dawg Walk.  Those instruments will do that!

Dippin' Dots for the win!  


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse

Yesterday we got to witness one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The Great American Solar Eclipse!  Our little town here in Lavonia, Ga was one of the places that actually got to experience totality! I know they hype over the last week was crazy.  While we have known for a while this eclipse was coming I don't think everyone was really in eclipse mode until about a week before.  First, school was canceled due to safety concerns.  This had parents scrambling to find glasses for their kids and themselves too.  With the news that some glasses weren't safe to use I know it had me thinking twice.  We also started thinking about our "eclipse party"!  Since we were in the path of totality we got to enjoy the view from our own backyard.  The kids were able to swim and then get out and see the sun.  It was so much fun and the build up was half of it.  I could not wait to see how dark it would get, the changes going on in temperature and all that fun.  And I have to say it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The moment of totality was just incredible.  It is so hard to describe but I do see now why people follow these eclipses.   We were all scrambling the last minutes leading up to it just so pumped up and excited and then the moment hit and we were able to take off our glasses and just be in awe!   I had my camera ready to take a picture too even though I wasn't sure I would even be able to get one. I did though and even though it may not compare to a NASA picture I love it because I took it!  Last week while Suzy had her surgery I spent some time doing my eclipse research.   It was a lot of fun to be able to experience this with our family and friends too.  I know I will always remember that and I really hope that my kids will remember this too.  Cohen was all hyped up and kept saying it was the best day ever.  Kate didn't show much excitement which is typical for her.  She and Bryce had my nerves shot because they weren't as good to keep their glasses on.  I quickly turned a movie on inside for them and would call them out to see it as it changed.  With all the hype on watching the eclipse was also hype on burning your retina and how damaging it could be.  Try telling a 2 year old to not look up at the sun without his glasses and see how well he remembers that.   Bryce was so cute though when he would look at it he was say "whoa, its orange and black, or "its big".  It was just so neat to watch and we all wanted to rewind time and see it again.  Just an all around amazing experience!  Maybe we should make travel plans for 2024....
Ready to party

Dawn even made us a box projector

 Cohen got creative and made herself a headband to hold her glasses on

Cohen made sure her doll didn't miss out.  She was so excited when she found out her friend Carolina had done the same thing!

the moment we had all been waiting for! Totality!
We had read that at totality the stars would start to come out and you would be able to see 2 planets, Mars and Mercury and sure enough we did.  These pictures don't do it any justice but there they were!