Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrating Cohen

Last week we celebrated Cohen's 10th birthday with a few of her close friends.  A cold, February birthday usually means trying to make sure everyone is entertained and anything outside is eliminated.  This year Cohen wanted to take some friends to RUSH in Athens and then to eat at her favorite, Barbaritos.  I picked her and some of her friends that go to school with her up on Friday afternoon after school.  Some of her other friends came to the house to ride with us and some met us in Athens at RUSH.  I took some pictures with her big balloons before we left even though all the girls weren't in this picture but I got several more group pictures that had everyone.  I think they all had a blast or they seemed to!  They jumped, flipped, played dodge ball and just had a ball for a solid hour.  The dodgeball was a real big hit and everyone could do this all together.  Even Bryce got in on that.  Kate did too!  But Kate also loved being right there with all of these big girls.  After we jumped we all headed to eat at Barbaritos.  I had worried a little that not everyone would like this place but they all did and it went pretty smooth ordering for everyone.  All of the girls got along so good, everyone laughed and just had a good time together.  I told my mama that I just loved hearing all the little girl giggles.  Once we got back to our house we had cake and opened presents.  Everyone's parents picked them up at our house after.  It was such a fun night and Cohen really enjoyed having all her friends with her to celebrate.  It was such a sweet little group of girls and I hope that they all stay friends and stay so sweet in the years to come.  As a mama I constantly pray for good friends for Cohen.  Thank you to everyone who helped make her day so special!!

I got a kick out of the girls all being outside watching Keyes leave his house.  Of course they wouldn't dare wave or anything.  They all go to school together but boys are just "gross" right now.

headed to Athens 

The whole group!!

Earlier in the week on Cohen's actual birthday we celebrated as a family with her.  She got a special treat on her birthday...instead of eating at school with her, I checked her out of school for lunch and Kelly and I took her to 211.  She got to enjoy some yummy birthday dessert there.  With the flu being so bad at school, I didn't want to take Bryce in there if I didn't have to.  He also stayed away when I went back that afternoon for her birthday snack in her classroom.  That night we had our family over to eat and celebrate.  You can see that we love to party! She opened some fun gifts from everyone and  really had fun.  Still hard to believe we've had this sweet girl for 10 years!  She has brought so much joy to our lives and I continue to be amazed at the girl she has grown into.  We Love You Coco!
Always have one last picture as a 9 year old...I made it home later so she was already asleep. 

211 always has the best desserts...And of  course Bryce had to throw in a peace sign

If you notice on the right that motorcycle.  Well Bryce wanted to be sure we took a picture with the motorcycle so that's what we did!

Savannah had worked hard on 2 gifts for Cohen, a bulletin board and a painting.  Such a sweet gift and Cohen loved them

She may be 10 but she still has love for babies.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Decade of Love

Wow, I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be double digits tomorrow!  Something about the sound of 10 has this mama all tore up.  That's an entire decade of her life and also a decade of mine.  An awesome, wonderful, life changing decade!  Ten years ago I truly found out that love at first sight exists.  I held Cohen for the first time and life definitely changed.  I became a mother and in that one word life just took on a new meaning.  Life certainly looks a little different now.  Being a mom is something I have always wanted to be and I have learned so much over these last 10 years.  There are some days when it is definitely the most rewarding thing I've ever done and some days I want to pull out every hair on my head.  It is tiring, but fun, stressful but something I wouldn't trade one minute of.   And the special part with Cohen is she is my first and she gets to be the one I learn everything through.  Each kid is different but I feel like she's the one I try everything with first, the one that gets to do all the fun things first, and yet the first born is always the one we have the most expectations for just because we don't know any better.   I know for me I feel like I am hardest on Cohen, not because I mean to be,  but now because she's the oldest of 3 and I lean on her to just know.  Not always the best way to be and something I need to be more aware of.
I tell you one thing though, this girl not only has filled a hole in my heart that I never knew was there, but she is pretty awesome!  I'm so lucky that I get to be her mom and I hope I always let her know how proud me and Kelly are of her.  She is an extremely smart, talented, kind and funny little girl.  She is and always has been a perfectionist and that is a strength and weakness for her.  She is confident and I hope she always stands for what she believes in and never tries to be someone she isn't.  I hope she can always be a light to others and a friend they can turn to.  And when life gets hard for her which I know it will in the years ahead I hope she knows that her Mama is always in her corner and will be here for her no matter what.  
This last decade I have watched my tiny 6 pound baby girl grow so much.   I don't think I can handle how fast time has flown by!  I can say that watching her grow and learn is so rewarding and amazing.  I have taken about 5 million pictures documenting her every step of the way and looking back through them brings me so many smiles and tears.  I love this little girl more than anything and I can't thank her enough for showing me a love I never knew, for teaching me to stop and enjoy the little moments in life, and for being my little best friend.  I know we have some fun years ahead and yet some hard ones ahead too.  I know God is going to walk with us both and I pray he guides her path every step of the way.  I pray for good friends to influence her, good boys to enter her life when the time is right, and I pray that He gives me the strength and patience to be the mom I need to be for her, especially as we enter those wonderful teenage years (in a few years!).  I'm clinging tight to this tween stage first!  I love you COHEN BRENLY FINGER!  You have and always will be my sunshine!