Monday, April 23, 2018

Easter 2018

So I'm having to play blog catch up because I didn't even realize I had not did an Easter post.  Easter is one of those holidays that you always have a lot of pictures from because there are so many school activities beforehand and of course Easter Sunday at church!  I was so glad to have nice weather this year!  I actually had a dress to match my girls and chose not to wear it because I thought I would be too cold.  They had little sweaters they could wear but I didn't so I broke Easter dress code and did not match.  I know, what was I thinking...starting a new trend called don't stress over the things that really don't matter.  LOL!  Why do we moms put so much pressure to match, and only on Easter?!  Anyway, we didn't, we will have to pull it back out for Mother's Day or something.  We did have a great day though.  We had a great few days before too, full of Easter fun.  Bryce and Kate both had Easter parties at school which was a lot of fun.  I hate that in elementary school once you pass 2nd grade they seem to think you are grown and the fun stuff ends.  I still think they are just kids and should have parties, and egg hunts and all that fun but....
We began by partying with Bryce at First Friends.  Since outside was muddy from so much rain the kids had to hunt eggs inside.  It worked pretty good and the eggs really blended in well with the floor in the Kids Town room!  These kids were so excited!

Daddy got to stop by for the party in between meetings!

We fixed these cute bunny car snacks which Bryce loved!  Sugar and cars...his 2 favorites
Mrs. Margaret reading PJ Funny Bunny.  We love her so1
Next up was Kate's Easter party that afternoon.  They did get to hunt outside and sure had a lot of eggs to hunt for.  It was fun seeing them clear that playground.  And there was even a special visit from the Easter bunny!

The rest of the weekend we did more fun Easter things.  We dyed eggs, made our resurrection buns and even had some softball and baton time thrown in.  Sunday we were up early to get ready for church!  We had fun there with fellowship and egg hunting then spent our day with our families.  We definitely were missing Nana on Easter since we would always look forward to being at her house but we had a good day together.  We ate lunch at Sug and Pop's with more egg hunting.  Kate became best friends with a little lizard there.  We had a wonderful lunch.  Holidays are the best aren't they?!

The cross is always so beautiful!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Softball Season! Lets Go Red Hots!

Our family has added a new sport to our activity list...softball!  Kate is playing softball for the first time this spring and so far is loving it.  This is also a new sport for her coach, aka her Daddy, to add to his coaching resume.   She is in the coach pitch age division and it is precious to watch.  I'm not sure it gets much cuter than these little girls out there learning and playing their hearts out.   I love it and I love watching my girl doing what she likes to do.  The girls are in 2 totally different things so we keep bats and batons in the car and enjoy going to both events!  I've had my camera at a couple of Kate's games so I have a few pictures to share.  Her last game was her best game so far but I didn't get any pictures or videos so yay me, but her smile when it was over was priceless. I love this little baller!

A meeting of the great coaches!

I love the smile on her face!
Kate's biggest fan, her cousin Addison

Her coach is pretty proud!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Competition Season Has Begun!

At the end of February we started the 2018 baton competition season.  This is Cohen's 5th year competing.  It really doesn't seem like that many but she loves this baton life and I love doing it with her.  She blows me away with how talented she is every year.  I get to see her grow as a twirler and just learn so many new things.  To say I'm proud of her would be an understatement.  These competitions get tougher and tougher each year but she is a competitor and loves it.  This year we started our season in Statesboro, GA and Cohen came home as the title winner for her age group, she was the open modeling winner, open strut winner, and was 2nd place in open solo.  It was a great way to kick off the season!

The next weekend we headed to Athens for the Bulldawg Classic competition.  This time Cohen had some good open placements for her events but came up 6th in her title after having a rough solo.  She had several drops which is not her ordinary self but its those bad days that will help to make you better so onward we go...

This past weekend we headed to Jesup, Ga for the GA State competition.  This was another good week for Coco.  She was 2nd place in her title, had some top 5 finishes in open strut and solo, and was the Beg. Juvenile State 2 Baton champ.   So proud of my girl!   We are now about halfway through with the season so hopefully she can continue to improve and keep climbing to the top!

While Cohen was twirling the day away in Jesup, Kelly took Kate and Bryce on a little adventure to the Okefenokee Swamp.  He actually got to meet up with Kayla (Davis's girlfriend) since she lives down there!  He had made this trip with Kate a few years ago and they enjoyed it so he decided to go back and Bryce got to get in on it this time.  I think they really enjoyed their day.  They did stop in to see Cohen on their way down and made it back to the gym in time for awards.  Hubby doesn't do well sitting in a gym all day watching baton twirlers.  Watching Cohen yes but watching everyone else all day isn't his idea of fun.  I'm still waiting for one of these competition directors to have the "Dad lounge" complete with T.V.'s showing any and every sporting event.  They would each have a pager to let them know when their daughter was about to go...LOL.
I would have really loved to bring that 80 degree Jesup weather home with me.  Instead I have 25 mph winds knocking me down!  Come on spring!