Saturday, July 7, 2018

Summer Part 1

Since our summer break is 12 weeks long, we have now reached our halfway point.  I always feel the second half flies by way faster than the first half for some reason.  We have some trips in our plans so I know that will make our summer fly by quicker.  We all know the clock speeds up when your at the beach or on a trip because you are having so much fun and wish it would freeze!  We have had a wonderful summer so far and have soaked up as much fun and sun as possible.   We have had pool play dates, had some fun summer day (and night) trips, and just enjoyed no schedule.  I love the long daylight hours where we can really live it up outside for as long as possible.  We love to swim of course, but we also love some summer evening bike rides.  Bryce has become a master on his little balance bike.   The girls love to get a good kickball game going in the yard at night.  It is just one of my favorite times of the year and I want it to keep going forever!  I wanted to share just random pictures we have taken throughout our summer fun.  Of course we don't take pictures of everything we do but we have a lot!  This first half of summer has been a blast!  Bring on part 2, we will soak up every minute of it too!
We kicked off summer the day school got out with a few of Cohen's friends coming to swim.  No time to waste on the summer fun!

Summer also means fun lunch dates with our friends!  Bryce doesn't quite understand that you can't go pee-pee anywhere you feel like it.  That day's pick was facing highway 17 right in the middle of town.  For anyone who got an eye full....sorry!  Boys?!  Grace got to him first!  Later he did look so sweet just sitting on the bench waving at every car that passed.

We had Kate's softball party at the house too.  The girls got to swim together and we had a cook-out. They also had such a cute cake with their team picture on it.  Mrs. Kathy had got the cake and cute cookies for them.  This was such a sweet team of girls.  We loved our first year of softball!

Bryce had fun with Charleston at the party!

More silly fun at another lunch date!  

After our family beach trip, Kate headed to basketball camp for a few days.  She kicked off her camp on her birthday!  She really enjoyed camp.  I think this little girl just loves ball right now!

Bryce had birthday fun with his school buddies!  It was Grayson's birthday and these 3 look like they had a blast!

Lunch with your cousin is always fun!

We have a lot of swim time and the kids have fun making up pool games especially on the floats!  This year's big float was a unicorn!  Trying to stand up on this has created a lot of laughs.

The girls have also had pool fun and playdates with their friends.  Kate & Bentley had a blast catching frogs!  When Amanda sent me the picture of them holding frogs I couldn't believe how many she had in her hands and one on her shirt.  I think that one actually jumped from Bentley's hand.  These 2 could spend hours catching anything and everything!

We got to watch Brock play summer ball!

 Miss Elizabeth got married this June.   Since I was her photographer I had to snap some cute ones of these guests!

Avery is in the picture too only she lifted Kate in front of her!

Summer can be very tiring too...little man was out this particular night.  I think he's also had more naps in the summer than during the school year.

We always love celebrating our favorite guy during the summer on Father's Day!  Bryce did not want to take the helmet off for a picture though.  You can see what happened when I made him and I want say what I said to him to make him giggle again.

Later on he was out while eating his snack.

pool games

You never know what you might find going on at our house.  This was dress up day obviously.  I like how the girls had Bryce dressed in his bow tie and his Daddy's hat!  WE also had a visit from Tina this day!
Bike riding at church!  Nothing better than evening bike rides!

We got to have some fun with friends at a Braves game.  We have another game on our schedule soon but it was fun to get to watch the Braves play the Orioles.  The game was such a good one with some serious comebacks but then ended up going to 15 innings!  In the end unfortunately the Braves lost.  At that point though we were all getting so tired!!

These girls were so silly but had a blast together

We also had our annual frog party with our friends this year and guess who this year's winner fitting.   She won the championship race round.  And yes the kids catch frogs and race them.   We can always have fun around here!

Kate cracked me up just relaxing watching t.v. with this Jason mask on

We've had some baby fun this summer!!  A new baby boy cousin!  Welcome to the family Carter James!  We love you so much!

pool princesses

Bryce was practicing a new trick...touching his tongue to his nose.  His Nanny would have been so proud

Bryce had a playdate too!  John Davis came to visit and these boys got to have 2 playdates.  They swam here and then played with John Davis' trains another day.

Gravitopia is always a favorite for the kids!  A sleepover with your best friend and Gravitopia is extra fun!

Bryce had to skip Gravitopia but playing with John Davis made it ok

Summer always means fresh peaches!  We love getting to pick at Chitwood's and I love making some yummy peach desserts with them.

My mom's side of the family had a family get together at the end of June.  We have not had one in a while so it was so nice getting to catch up with everyone and see how they have been.  this is my Mom with her sister Ann, and sister-in-law Betty.   Bryce again broke his potty manners and was going right in the middle of the playground.

Sleeping in is so nice in the summer!  I did crack up when I woke up and found Bryce sleeping in these positions.  He makes his way into our room most nights.  We keep this little cot conveniently beside the bed ready to pull out at all times.  It has been so nice having it, and it is awesome for travel!  

So that sums up a little bit of our summer through June!  I know we'll continue to enjoy every minute we have left over these next 6 weeks!