Friday, March 29, 2013

Preschool Easter Party

Today Cohen had her Easter party at preschool.  Its days like today when I can actually get her up in the morning without much whining or without it taking forever!  Baby girl loves her sleep just like her mama!  She was so excited about her egg hunt.  We have been hunting all week here at home so I was glad for her to actually have a real egg hunt, and have it outside!  Kate and I went early to school to help Mrs. Amy with all the Easter fun.  Everyone decorated their baskets, played some fun Easter games, and Mrs. Amy used the resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story.  Kate thought she was just as big as everyone else and sat right there listening to the story and even did the "Bunny Hop" with them. They all think she is great too so it works out pretty good.  After their Easter snack everyone went out to the playground for the egg hunt.  It was a fun day at school and at least it wasn't near as cold as it had been earlier in the week.
Doing the bunny hop

Kate listening to Mrs. Amy tell the resurrection story...she liked the little donkey

Kaylyn & Cohen were amazed at the story and how many times Jesus was whipped
Guess who got in on snack time too! 

ready, set, go!

Kate wanted to hunt too.  She had one egg that she would carry around but it kept dropping out of her bucket:)
So many eggs!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Egg Hunting!

The weather this week has been just down right COLD!  I think we are having the coldest weather we've had all winter and the wind just makes it worse.  Monday was so cold that we had a fire going most of the afternoon.  Since this week will be full of Easter activities I decided to get out our plastic eggs.  Kate enjoys just sitting and opening all of them one by one.  While she was napping I decided to hide eggs for Cohen.  She was loving it!  We would go room by room through the house having an egg hunt.  I've created a monster by the way because now she wakes me up holding the basket full of eggs and begs me to hide them all day long!   It was a fun way to enjoy the afternoon.  When Kate woke up she joined in too, in her high heels of course.  That night when we were back from dance we did another egg hunt and this time she also wanted to hide them from me, with Daddy's help.  I think by Sunday Cohen may be a pro at this for sure!

Going to hunt in her heels
Yesterday I took Kate to the library for our regular story time day, and this week was the Easter egg hunt.  Luckily it wasn't quite as cold as Monday had been.  After their  story, the kids made little bunnies while Mrs. Emma Lee hid the eggs.  Kate's bunny is now without a nose but it was cute while it lasted.  She really got excited hunting the eggs.  She quickly found 2 in the grass and would shake them in each hand.  When I got her to go toward another egg she would squeal and pick it up and put it in her basket.  Then she would run to the next one.  It was extremely cute to watch.  We did our best to get a quick group picture before everyone got too cold.  I really am hoping for some warmer weather very soon!  I'm beginning to think we may trade our Easter dresses in for Easter sweats!
making her bunny

Dragging the basket along with her

Kate & "Lina"

Group shot!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cohen's BIG Surprise

Friday morning, after registration,  Cohen and I headed to Charlotte.  We were having a girl's weekend with my WAIFS!  We met Tina and Tara and headed up to Tara's house and later Jessica met us there.  Cohen had no clue what we were doing other than just spending the weekend up there and she was excited about that in itself.  Once we were all at Tara's we had a big surprise for Cohen.  We all asked Cohen if she could do anything she wanted what would she want to do.  Her answer: "go to McDonald's"--my child is easy to please!  We then asked her if she could go to any show what would it be, and her answer was: "Taylor Swift".  RIGHT ANSWER!!  We told her that is where we were going and she smiled but didn't say too much.  I was videoing her reaction and to be honest this child isn't one to give you a big reaction so I didn't think too much of it.  I turned the video off and we were like, "well we hope your excited because we sure are."  At that moment she looked at all of us and said, "Well I just don't believe that's where we're going."  I wish so bad I had still be recording that because her face was priceless.  We had to convince her a little more and then she got excited.  She wanted her hair curled and wanted some of Jessica's red lipstick.  Jessica had gone all out, finding the "perfect" Taylor Swift outfit for the night, and she was right on of course.  We quickly changed and got ready to go.  Of course we had to sit in traffic but we got there in plenty of time, got parked and headed to get the tickets.  Cohen was having little squeals the whole way in.  I loved seeing her so excited!  We had GREAT seats for the concert, right beside the stage.  A HUGE thank you to Matt for getting us such awesome seats!   Ed Sheeran opened for her which Cohen wasn't all that into.  She knew 1 song but when it was time for Taylor I held her up and she was doing these little screams for her.  It was precious!  We had such a fun time.  Taylor Swift knows how to put on a show so we were very entertained!  The show was great and she played for a full 2 hours.  Cohen did start to get tired about halfway through but she was a trooper and would stand in her seat every time she would sing a song she knew, which was most all of them.  On one song she actually came over right to our seats.  The final song was "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and the big confetti drop was a hit!  Cohen still has a few confetti hearts from the show.  I can't thank my WAIFS enough for everything they did to make this such a special night for Cohen--It definitely was!
Ready to go...RED lipstick and all!

Cohen wanted to take a picture of all of us :)

Ticket in hand and ready to go in!
Of course we had to get the cotton candy

The start of the show!  ITS TAYLOR SWIFT

So Close!

Cohen's reaction to seeing her for the first time

Coming over to our seats


Cohen crashed 5 minutes after we got back to our car.  I know she was worn out from such a fun day.  She was up early on Saturday though ready for more fun.  We had a lazy morning then went out for some shopping that afternoon.  At the mall Cohen was wanting her picture made with all the mannequins.  She has always loved those things...weird I know!  She also had a fit when she saw the Easter bunny.  Now how she can love seeing a giant bunny but be scared of Santa Claus is crazy but she had a fit to see him so we let her.  We all had our iPhones out so we would have our own pics instead of buying theirs :)  I asked Cohen if that felt like a person in a bunny suit and she said, "no Mama, that was the real bunny and he was soft."  LOVE HER!  We finished our shopping trip with some take-out and headed back to eat in our sweats!  Nothing better!  Cohen and I drove back that night since I thought it would be easier for her to sleep during the drive.  It was such a fun time.  I love any time with the girls and this was such a special trip.  NOTHING LIKE IT!

Silly girl!

bunny love