Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dentist Appointments

I wanted to do a quick post on the girls dentist appointments this past week.  It was actually Kate's first visit which is why I am writing this post.  That and I know everyone loves to read about a dentist appointment!  She was not excited about it at all after overhearing me make the appointment last week but quickly forgot about it until Cohen told her as we were pulling into the office.  She didn't put up too much of a fuss and once we were inside she went back great and both girls had their teeth cleaned at the same time.  Two great cleanings with no cavities!  Cohen was a champ for all of her cleaning as I expected.  Kate did great too!  She was very interested in the squirty tool and the "tickle" brush that would make her teeth sparkle.  The best part came when she got to get a purple princess toothbrush and her other goodies.  It turned out to be a great first appointment for her and both girls getting a great dental report made it even better.  Hopefully we can keep that up for the future appointments!
one in each room

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