Friday, August 7, 2015

Amelia Island Part 1

I am happy to say that I am blogging from the beach, my happy place for sure!  I am going to break my posts up though so it doesn't take all day and all night to write and so there isn't too much picture overload!  This is our last full week of summer before school starts back.  That makes me so sad but I can't think of a better way to end the summer.  Kelly only got to spend half the week with us before he had to get back to work.  I will make part one of the trip with him here and part 2 without.  Part 2 may be a lot shorter because I may have my hands too full for many pictures!
We left on Saturday morning and had a smooth drive down which was wonderful.  Since we come to Amelia Island every year it doesn't take long at all for everyone to get settled in and ready to head out for some pool and beach fun.  We had been to Amelia Island back in May with Kelly's family but the one major difference in these two trips is back in May Bryce wasn't  quite so mobile.  Now he is very mobile, crawling everywhere and into everything.   We got him into the wagon along with all of our other beach stuff and made our way down.   Is anyone else amazed at how much stuff we take to entertain kids?!   Its a little tiring just to look at the wagon and we won't even start to talk at how much is packed into a car.  Here we are ready to go down to the beach...all smiles from this excited boy!

Cohen chose to stay at the pool with Auntie P but Kate came down and had a blast jumping in the waves.  She would fall down and get right back up.  Bryce was unsure of the water the first time we sat him down in it but it only took maybe 5 minutes before he was fascinated by it and couldn't get enough of the water.  We had fun watching him crawl towards it.  Just like a little sea turtle.  It was so nice because the tide was out and their was so much beach for him to crawl on.

Somebody likes the sand!
Kate enjoyed feeding the sea gulls.  A couple was feeding them and let her come feed them too.  They shared their Cheetos so she could feed the birds and keep a few for herself :)

That night we stayed in and ordered pizza and the kids had more swim time.  The beach vacation was off to a good start!  Kelly and I made a run to the grocery store and got a movie to watch.  It doesn't take long to get into the swing of relaxation!  One very cute story, I was unpacking some of the girls' things and in Cohen's bag I found her "perfume".  She had ran back in the house to get something to pack and it turns out it was her special perfume she had picked out shopping early this summer.

Sunday we spent our morning at the pool.  We brought a blow up pool for Bryce to play in while he wasn't in the big pool, but Kate seemed to like it just as much as he did!

We had a few afternoon showers that day and I always think it looks so neat to watch the rain over the ocean.

That night we ate in again and decided to go out for ice cream afterwards.  We have a favorite ice cream spot down here called Denucci's.  They serve dole whip soft serve ice cream!  Yum!  Sunday's flavor was mango and it was yummy.  I was hesitant on the mango flavor but it was good.  You can see here that Kate really enjoyed her vanilla!

Suzy, Denny, Bryan and Jessica got here on Sunday and were ready for some fun with us on Monday.   Kate was super excited to wear her new swimsuit that Bebe had bought her.  She had found the clearance rack of swimsuits while we were shopping last week and was not leaving without that swimsuit.  She was showing off the "waffles" on the back...lover her.

Monday we were back on the beach and at the pool throughout the day just relaxing and playing.  You will notice the theme throughout the entire week.  A little over a month ago, Cohen bought herself a mermaid tail.  She has been saving and saving for one for a while now and she finally had enough money to buy her own.  We did a lot of price shopping for just the right one, and of course it had to be shiny and sparkly like a real mermaid!  She has really enjoyed using it this summer and she brought it with her this week to use at the beach...I mean it is where mermaids live after all.

Bryce took a nap in Suzy & Denny's room while we were on the beach.  After he woke up they were bringing him down to us.

Monday night we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants down here, Barbara Jean's.  If you are ever here at Amelia Island you must try it!  The pumpkin bread that they bring to the table is seriously one of the best things you will put in your mouth!  Barbara Jean's never disappoints and this time was no exception.  I had the shrimp & grits and it was delish!  You can also eat inside or outside.    It had just rained so we opted to eat inside but one day when we come we are going to take advantage of the outdoor porch to eat on!

Tuesday morning we started our day at the beach instead of the pool.  We made Cohen come down with us.  As we were playing and just getting settled there was a man who had an accident while body surfing.  I'm not sure of all the details but we turn to our left and see a man being drug from the water unconscious and not breathing.  It was a scary sight to see.  Kelly had to run for the lifeguard.  I do know they were able to get a pulse back on the guy and he was taken straight to Jacksonville to the hospital.  I know one guy helping thought he could have a broken neck but weI never heard for sure.  We definitely said a prayer for that situation.   We stayed for a little longer and built a nice drip castle "tree forest", but then decided all the beach excitement was a little much for the moment and headed back to the pool.
our drip trees

 The girls are still goggle lovers!

 Cohen loved being at the pool.  Bryan and Kelly would play "throw the Cohen" with her.

That night we went downtown to eat at the Marina Restaurant.  I always love going downtown.  You are guaranteed some great food with a gorgeous sunset.

a large ice cream cone is just as good as a mannequin
Once we got back from dinner we got to have a little card game fun with Suzy and Bryan.  Beach nights are always filled with fun card games and other games too!  I will let that end part 1 of the vacation.  I would have to say we were off to a fun start!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! That mermaid tail looks exactly like the one Handley has. She loves it!