Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday we finally got to carve our pumpkins!  We had bought pumpkins earlier in the week, one big one and a little one for Cohen.  Jessica came over to carve with us and we just made a day of it.  We watched the GA game which was a great win!  I had a picture session at the park, so Cohen got to go since Jessica said she would watch her on the playground.  It was a beautiful day and we ended it with some fun pumpkin carving.  Jessica and I decided on a cute surprise face for our pumpkin and had our work cut out for us (literally) when we started carving it!  We had to admit though that we really liked the finished, lit product.
I asked Cohen if she wanted to draw the face on her pumpkin and we would carve it for her. She said yes but actually drew a smiley face on it so we had to turn it around and carve a face on the other side.  It was precious to see her drawn face though!  She even drew the pumpkin an ear which she wanted to make sure we saw.  Now we have to cute jack-o-lanterns just in time for Halloween!
Celebrating the GA win!!

Cohen's face says it all when she saw inside the pumpkin

Kate had to investigate too!

Drawing the face
This was Cohen's face on her pumpkin...notice the ear on the side :)

Finished pumpkins

Imitating our pumpkin's face

All lit up!

I have to add one of Kate that was taken earlier.  She now faces forward in her car seat, which she loves!  She was playing with a pair of sunglasses, which she also loves, and when I stopped the car to get her out, this is exactly how she looked.

 Cohen had a birthday party earlier in the day on Saturday and the highlight for her was getting to sing karaoke.  This child loves to sing and dance and has no shame in doing it.  Here she is singing at the party...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Brock!!!

Double Digits!!
Last Saturday we celebrated Brock's 10th birthday!!  (I know I'm a little behind on this post, but life is so busy this time of year!)  Can I just say that I cannot believe my little Brock is 10!  I saw a picture of him holding Cohen when she was born and I realized that she is now almost as old as he was when she was born.  He is such a special boy to us though and I just soak it all in.  We celebrated his birthday here at our house with some of his friends.  We actually had to plan last minute because of football.  His team is still in the playoffs and have yet to be beaten!  Lets hope that continues.  And guess what these boys wanted to do at the football!  I love it!  They took a small time out to eat lunch and then to have cake but that was it.  I thought for sure food was a no brainer for boys but they were much more interested in playing.  We had a lot of fun and I can't thank everyone enough that helped make Brock's day special.  He said he felt so "old" now that he was a decade old.  I can remember feeling that same I have to laugh at him.  Brock is such a fun boy though and I am so proud of him and everything he has done in his 10 whole years!  He has a great outlook on life, loves GOD, his family, and loves people...what more could you ask for?!  Happy 10th Birthday B-Rock!

While the party was in full swing, Cohen and Candler were in their own happy world!  These 2 cracked me up.  Here they are playing "crack the egg" on the little trampoline.


Paula and her look-a-like...Devin

Kelly loved every minute of playing football with these boys

He's getting so big!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Carnival Fun

Last night I took Cohen & Kate to Brock's elementary school carnival.  The PTO did a great job organizing this fall carnival.   Cohen had a blast and Kate was good for me the whole time we were there.  Cohen's friend Brooke also goes to Central Franklin Elementary so Cohen was so excited to get to walk around and play games with her.  They both played games, went through the jump houses, got their faces painted and most exciting of "hoo hair".  When we got to the carnival Brooke already had "hoo hair" and immediately Cohen started asking to have hers done.  To get "hoo" hair, you have to have your hair put up (with the help of a cup), pipe cleaners put in, and most important...all different colors sprayed in!  After making sure this indeed would wash out, I gave in and let her do it.  After a couple of turns through the bounce slide and obstacle course Cohen had lost the cup keeping her hair sticking straight up, but we improvised and she kept right on going.  She really had so much fun.  I love fall carnivals and its so much fun getting to experience these events with my kids.  I remember how much fun I had doing them when I was younger.  I think that is why I love Halloween so much.  There is just so much fun to have during this time of the year!

Taking it all in

Apple toss...caught her getting this one in :)

Getting her "hoo hair"


2 Cuties with wild hair!

She picked a pumpkin for face painting
One last game before heading home...cup stacking

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Camping + a Festival Performance + Football = Fall Break!

We had a fall break from school last Thursday and Friday.  Kelly and I decided to take the girls camping with Sug and Pop at Oconee State Park.  Our original plan was to camp both Thursday and Friday, but after one night we changed our minds and came on home.  We enjoyed our one night but sleeping with a one year old that likes to move does not make for a good night's rest, not to mention me waking up worried that my girls were warm enough.  Our camping was not in a camper either, we were tent camping so I was ready to get back to my warm, comfy bed!  I think the girls had a blast though.  We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, sat by the fire, and had a fun tire swing right at our campsite.  Kelly and I had fun on that ourselves as you will see in our pictures!  The next morning Pop cooked bacon and eggs and we had a yummy breakfast.  We got our stuff packed up and then went on a hike.  It was so beautiful outside.  We had a picnic lunch and then took Cohen to the fish hatchery.  Other than fighting the gnats and yellow jackets it was a nice afternoon.  Once we got home I was ready to crash!  Cohen had fell asleep on the way home at 4:00 and slept all night!   We were all worn out and ready to relax in the comforts of our home :)

My favorite spot

We had just a little fun on the swing!  Hubs was not handling the dizziness after a while :)

Cohen said the fire hurt her eyes

Roasting another hotdog

good morning sunshine

Always smiling!

Making a mess at our picnic lunch 

Hiking near the water at Burrell's Ford
Nature girl!!!
 Saturday Cohen got to perform again at the Royston Fall Festival.  I had not talked much about this festival to her because I didn't know if we would actually be camping still or not.   She was real excited when she found out she could perform again "in the road" as she called it.   She did so good!  She had her smile on again and during her baton routine she threw her baton up and caught it!  I was so proud of her, which I would be no matter what she did.  Its so fun watching her have a good time out there though.  She likes to watch the older girls dance and twirl too.  This week she was measured for her recital costume so now she is extra excited.  This is what she has been looking forward to:)

Kate was staring at this girl.  She was taking something in

 After we left the festival we headed straight to Brock's football game.  This was his last regular season game.  They pulled out a big win over the Stephens County team and finished their season undefeated! This was a big deal for him and the whole team.  These boys have worked really hard and I have to say, they were very good.  Now they head to the play-offs!!  You'll  notice in these pics below that Brock and some of the other boys have on bright pink socks...they wanted to support breast cancer awareness month.
Playing quarterback

Running the ball

This was from their big win over Hart Co. last intense win for sure!  Love my #24