Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse

Yesterday we got to witness one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The Great American Solar Eclipse!  Our little town here in Lavonia, Ga was one of the places that actually got to experience totality! I know they hype over the last week was crazy.  While we have known for a while this eclipse was coming I don't think everyone was really in eclipse mode until about a week before.  First, school was canceled due to safety concerns.  This had parents scrambling to find glasses for their kids and themselves too.  With the news that some glasses weren't safe to use I know it had me thinking twice.  We also started thinking about our "eclipse party"!  Since we were in the path of totality we got to enjoy the view from our own backyard.  The kids were able to swim and then get out and see the sun.  It was so much fun and the build up was half of it.  I could not wait to see how dark it would get, the changes going on in temperature and all that fun.  And I have to say it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The moment of totality was just incredible.  It is so hard to describe but I do see now why people follow these eclipses.   We were all scrambling the last minutes leading up to it just so pumped up and excited and then the moment hit and we were able to take off our glasses and just be in awe!   I had my camera ready to take a picture too even though I wasn't sure I would even be able to get one. I did though and even though it may not compare to a NASA picture I love it because I took it!  Last week while Suzy had her surgery I spent some time doing my eclipse research.   It was a lot of fun to be able to experience this with our family and friends too.  I know I will always remember that and I really hope that my kids will remember this too.  Cohen was all hyped up and kept saying it was the best day ever.  Kate didn't show much excitement which is typical for her.  She and Bryce had my nerves shot because they weren't as good to keep their glasses on.  I quickly turned a movie on inside for them and would call them out to see it as it changed.  With all the hype on watching the eclipse was also hype on burning your retina and how damaging it could be.  Try telling a 2 year old to not look up at the sun without his glasses and see how well he remembers that.   Bryce was so cute though when he would look at it he was say "whoa, its orange and black, or "its big".  It was just so neat to watch and we all wanted to rewind time and see it again.  Just an all around amazing experience!  Maybe we should make travel plans for 2024....
Ready to party

Dawn even made us a box projector

 Cohen got creative and made herself a headband to hold her glasses on

Cohen made sure her doll didn't miss out.  She was so excited when she found out her friend Carolina had done the same thing!

the moment we had all been waiting for! Totality!
We had read that at totality the stars would start to come out and you would be able to see 2 planets, Mars and Mercury and sure enough we did.  These pictures don't do it any justice but there they were!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Back to School!

Oh me, the dreaded back to school post.  Not really, I do love our school, teachers, and even the few hours with no fighting kids to referee but if you know me you know I LOVE summer.  We are now 1 full week in with the girls being in school and this week Bryce started the 2 year class at First Friends.  He will be going 2 mornings a week.  And for the first time in 9 years I have a few hours with no kids!  I may now get to grocery shop alone without it having to be at night.  I love having my kids with me so I will definitely have to adjust but 4 hours do pass quickly.  Bryce and I are loving our mornings and afternoons together.  He did ask about his sisters on the first day back but now we are settling into a routine and I am loving my time with him.  He may just be the most precious boy on the planet.
Last week before school officially started the girls had open house to meet their teachers.  We were so excited about their teachers.  Cohen has Mrs. Robinson and Kate has Mr. T and Mrs. Sandy.  I was thrilled about their teachers and I know they are both going to have a great year.  They are going to have so much fun and be so loved with each of them.  We had kindergarten open house first.  I'm still so sad that kindergarten is here for Kate.  I'm so glad I held her back for that one year and had that extra time with her but now the time has come that I have to let go.   She was very excited and she has a few of her friends that she already knew in her class.   I didn't even get a picture from open house with Cohen and Mrs. Robinson! Slacker!

That afternoon before open house Kate had pulled her 2nd top tooth.  Since the first one came out the week before I get to have the cutest little snaggle girl!  She looks so cute with that big gap in front!

The next night was Bryce's open house.  The girls had a special date night with Daddy so I took Bryce.  Our own little date night too!  Bryce has a special teacher too-his Suggie!  We kept having him say Mrs. Lydia.  It was precious.  He is going to be all about school.  It helps that he goes to our church too.  No worries on his end, other than him being ok sharing his Suggie!

Thursday before school started on Friday Keyes and Cohen decided to invite some of their school friends over for a back to school pool party.  Even though school is starting we still want to get a lot of pool time in because it is still so hot!  Last week was pretty cool for August but the kids still swam and had a lot of fun.

Thursday night I had my moment about Kate's first day.  I wanted to get it out before taking her to school!  I thought the ugly cry might not be good in front of all those kindergarteners!

Friday was the big day for both girls.  They were both easy to get up.  The first day is usually that way then it is a struggle!  Both were so excited.  All 5 of us went to the school and walked each girl to their class.  First Cohen then Kate.   Notice in these first pictures the cute little photobomber in the window!

I love having teachers and friends that take pictures and send them to me!  I love seeing a little glimpse into their day!  I was sent several sweet messages from friends saying how much fun Kate was having and that meant the world to me.  I knew she would but it is so nice seeing that smiling face!

Both were all smiles when I picked them up.  That is when my tears came.  I was so happy to see them and seeing Kate come out just made me tear up.  They had great days.  Cohen was telling me how much she LOVED Mrs. Robinson and that she was so sweet.  Kate loved her teachers, her friends, and lunch time.  This week it has been the same.  They have fun stories each day and I love squeezing out all the info I can from them.   So thankful for sweet teachers and a good first week.

This week it was Bryce's turn to go to school!  Wednesday and Friday are the 2 days he will be going so his first day was Wednesday.  He was so excited.  I got a big kick out of his answer to the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  He said, "a Gravedigger driver!".  Gravedigger being his favorite monster truck.  I almost couldn't handle all the cuteness!  And a big thank you to my friend Mary who let Bryce borrow his sweet first day outfit!  We both are 2 moms that love to dress our kids in theme clothes and this mama totally forgot about a cute back to school outfit for her baby! Shame on me, but no worries because I ran into Mary who had me covered.  Us theme wear moms have to stick together for sure!  I love it!  

Today was his second day and he was the leader!  Leader days are big deals especially since you bring snack.  Bryce wanted muffins and fruit snacks.  Oh if I could freeze him now!  Happy first week of school!