Friday, September 23, 2011

Our family of 4!

It has been a while since I've blogged!  Not because we haven't been doing anything but because life has been SO busy!  I have had so much picture work, which is a good thing, but balancing that, preschool, and a family with 2 busy little girls and a busy nephew is a challenge sometimes.  I love it though.  Fall is full of fun.  I did want to post some of our family pictures that we had made a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted some pictures of the four of us and I also wanted to capture Kate at this little stage.  She is  changing so fast!   I also do pictures of the girls every year in their GA cheerleader outfits to kick off the season.  This year we all sported our favorite colors (red & black) and did our annual pictures as a family.  When you're  a photographer, the one thing you HAVE to have is a photographer friend :)  My friend Mandy met us in Athens and took our pictures and she did a great job.  I'm usually on the other end of the camera so it was fun to be able to switch places and now we have some updated, good pictures of us.  Maybe when I have lost the rest of this baby weight we can do more :)  I am determined to wear ALL of my jeans, not just a few of them. I put all of the pics on facebook for any facebook users who wants to see them all.

I loved this one even though Kate was starting to be a little fussy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kate Daniels is now 3 months!

Where has the time gone!?!  I can't believe my sweet Kate is now 3 months old.  She is my little smiley baby.  We don't have a doctor's check up at 3 months but I'm guessing she is some where around 14 pounds now.  She is a little chunk and Mama loves her little chunky thighs!    Kate is such a happy  girl and is so relaxed and laid back.  I couldn't ask for a more pleasant, sweet baby.  She has really been a joy for all of us.
Cohen is still very into her and loves talking to her and holding her.  She has been such a big help for me.  Lately we have been going through some of Cohen's baby clothes to see what Kate might be able to wear this fall/winter and Cohen has really loved looking at her old things even though she tells me she can't "remember being a baby".
Kate has started sleeping through most nights or at least until 5-6:00.  She loves her play mat and is very alert and observant.  I love to watch her sweet smile and her whole face light up!  Here are some recent pictures of her.  I have also added some pictures of Cohen at this same age.  I get asked a lot if she looks like Cohen so I'll let you be the judge. I tried to find similar pictures and I can definitely tell my picture skills have improved!  I personally think they look different.  They do have some similar  traits though.  I wanted to get the pictures side by side but for some reason I couldn't get the blog to format that way so this is the best I could do, let me know what you think :)...

Kate Daniels-3 months old

Cohen 3 months

Cohen at 3 months...she always wrinkled up her sweet nose!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cohen starts gymnastics

I am about a week behind on blogging because we have been so busy!  We have been out of town for a good friend's wedding and had a blast, but that's a whole different post :)
Last Thursday before we left, Cohen had her first gymnastics class.  She was so excited.  She had been asking me each day if it was time for gymnastics yet.  She and her BFF Josie are taking together so they were both so happy when the day finally came!  Josie has been taking gymnastics and Cohen had even been with her one time to "bring a friend" day, so that really helped.  As soon as we got to the gym they both put their shoes in a cubby together and out to the floor they went.  I loved watching the whole time.  It really amazes me at all the stuff they do with these little girls.  I'm looking forward to watching the practices and seeing what all Cohen can learn.  It really gives her a lot to talk about with us.  We are so proud of "our future gym dawg!"
On the bars

Cohen & Josie...the future gymdawgs!

Practicing her rolls