Sunday, July 19, 2015

Road Trip to Nationals, Day 2: Indianapolis

Today we left Louisville and headed to our 2nd destination, Indianapolis!  Before leaving we drove through downtown Louisville to see the city and also to see the famous Churchill Downs.  We thought about taking a tour but decided to keep on going since we were planning on a zoo visit.  We did take a few pictures on the outside of the gates though.  Kelly and I were both amazed that Churchill Downs was right in the middle of downtown Lousiville, right across from the football stadium.  We could definitely tell that inside it was very landscaped and manicured.   Louisville also had some very pretty, and neat houses.  It looked like a pretty neat town!

Bye, Bye, Louisville...notice Kate has a box of chicken minis in her hand!  If you missed our funny story from day 1, you can read all about it here

A statue of Barbaro outside of Churchill Downs

In Indianapolis, we decided to take the girls to the zoo.  It was overcast most of today so it didn't feel quite as hot as it was yesterday.  The zoo was really great and was a perfect size.  The girls loved it, and Kate has been wanting to visit another "animal zoo".  Being the animal lover she is, you can imagine she was in heaven again.  This trip has started out right up her alley!  I hope she hangs with us through the next few days of twirling.  Both girls got so excited seeing all the animals.  We also saw a dolphin show.  The girls sat in front of us so they could be in the "splash zone", but they were so cute sitting side by side.  My favorite animal was the koala bear!  The zoo has them until Labor Day so I was super excited to get to see them.  I think koalas are so cute.  Another highlight from the day was the birds.  We actually went inside and several of the birds actually let you hold them.  There were a few guys who had been holding two of the parakeet/parrot birds and let the girls hold the cup the bird was on.  One then actually got on Kelly's arm and this bird kept on licking his arm!   It was so funny.  Kelly then got the bird to go to Kate and she loved holding it!  We thought she might be scared but not Kate.  I think the day was a success!  We left a little after 6:00 to find a dinner spot downtown.  The girls got to see downtown Indianapolis.  Its so funny because every city must look the same through their eyes.  Leaving Louisville this morning Kate was adamant that she had been to "this place with Aunt Sara and Addison".  I'm not sure what city she was thinking about but it was funny to hear her talk about it.

Unicorn fish

Petting sharks 

How cute is this guy??

Bryce got to check this orangutan out up close and personal

Now in this next picture notice the zebra of course, then there is a stork on the far left.  Well Kate was most excited about the little duck right there in the center of the pond.  She ran so excited for that duck.  I mean I think a zebra is pretty impressive but nothing in comparison to a duck right?!

When you can't reach, have your sister give you a lift!

This bird could not stop licking Hubby's arm!

Holding the bird herself!

Bryce has been such a sweet boy this whole trip.  We knew he would be but he has just been so fun!


I think he likes all the city noises!

Arriving at the hotel!
This is a typical sight in our room...Bryce exploring everything, and the girls tackling Daddy on the bed!  All this then getting ready for a quick swim of course!  Day 2 adventures were fun fun!  Tomorrow its on to Southbend!  Notre Dame here we come!

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