Monday, June 29, 2015

Fun in the Sun: June Happenings!

We sure are enjoying our summer!  I can't believe the month of June is coming to an end.  Slow down summer!  We have had so much fun over the last month.  From pool days to water parks, sleepovers and outside fun, we have loved it all.  Since coming back from Mexico we have spent a lot of time swimming with our friends.  Bryce loves the water so that helps out a lot!  Pool time can sometimes interrupt nap time so I need this little boy to love the water when we have to push naps back a little bit.  Last week Rebekah and I took all the kids to this little water park in Gainesville.  We have gone every year, sometimes more than once, and it is so kid friendly.  When we first started taking the kids our oldest kids, Cohen and Cade, couldn't even go down the big waterslides, but now they can take off and come down both of the big slides with no problem at all.  Of course Rebekah and I had to give the tunnel slide a go ourselves.  The big kids can't have all the fun!  I love that her 2 boys and my 2 girls play so good together.  We get to sit back and have some mommy time!  Bryce loved his first water park trip and was so good for us.  He got a little sleepy and took a short nap during one of the break times but other than that he enjoyed the water himself!

someone is loving goggles like her big sister!

 First visit to the water park!

 Once Kate went down the slide once, she was hooked!

Almost every night during the summer we are outside playing after dinner.  It could be soccer, baseball, frisbee, kickball, you name it.   The girls also love to catch fireflies or lightening bugs as we say in the south, pick blackberries, and help do things in our garden.  That last one is mostly Kate...who also likes to use her butterfly net and hands to catch butterflies and other insects!  Recently we had a little game of baseball going and Kate (aka Captain America) was decked out in her costume playing.  It was comforting being on second base knowing that Captain America herself was batting me in!  She is so funny and her kick on having magic powers and being a superhero has been in full force this month!

The cape was an added extra to the costume, but don't all heroes need a cape?!

Night walks are always fun too...might need to update the push car though.  Bryce would prefer blue!

When we needed a little cool down from the sun we had some fun indoor things going on too!  Last week the girls and I went to see "Inside Out" with Sug and Pop.  Cohen had been begging to see it and I also thought it would be a cute movie.  It definitely was!

Our last weekend in June was spent gearing up for the 4th of July!  On Saturday Dawn and I had some fun of our own with a local 5k.  It was even more exciting because I was 2nd in our age group and she was 3rd.  We have had to move our runs from day to night with the way the temperatures have been here lately.  I love summer nights too so we don't mind too much!

We ended the night watching the fireworks at Hartwell Dam with our friends.   It was a fun night for sure.  The kids had a blast watching the show and it really made us get excited for this coming weekend.  We always love the 4th and have so much fun celebrating with some of our favorite people.  I hope July brings as much fun as June did!  And that it goes by just a tad bit slower!

cutest face I ever did see!

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  1. Sounds like you all are having an awesome summer!!! That water park looks fun!