Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mommy & Me Day at Chic-Fil-A

This morning Stacey and I took our girls to Chic-Fil-A for their Mommy and Me time.  I had no idea that a Chic-Fil-A close by to us had this but they do!!  Kate loves playing with Carolina so she was excited just to know we were going to play with "Lina".  When we got there, they had Play-Doh already waiting on the tables with a basket of cookie cutters.  The girls went right to playing and making all the different shapes.  Stacey and I went right to the chicken minis!  I mean what better place to have a play time hour than Chic-Fil-A, right?!   Later into the playtime they had a lady who came to read a story to all the kids and then they all sang several songs complete with hand motions and all sorts of dance moves.  One of the songs was the fish song that Kate had sang in her little gymnastics class yesterday, so she really liked getting to do that one again.  For one song they all had little beanie baby animals to use during the song.  It was very fun for them and very organized.  We will definitely be back to that.  Stacey and I couldn't believe when we left that we had actually been at Chic-Fil-A the entire time and without having our children on the indoor playground!  Considering that I had to crawl up in the playground the last time I let Kate play, I was very excited! :)
After we left we had a few errands to run and the girls were so good the entire time.  It was another fun morning!!


Hard to tell but she is dancing! 

Love these little girls!!

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  1. Kate looks SO grown up all of the sudden. Glad you all had a fun day!