Monday, August 19, 2013

Mud Party Fun!

Saturday we had a very fun birthday party to go to!  We celebrated our neighbors, Keyes and Elliott's 4th and 6th birthdays.  The boys had a mud run party which was a lot of fun.  Even though it was a little cooler and rainy it didn't stop all the kids from having a ball. Cohen had so much fun she told me when we left that she wanted to have one for her birthday.  With this crazy weather we're having she probably could have one and it be hot...right in February!  I'm really looking forward to some sunshine for a few days and I know my little girl is.  She's ready to hit that new elementary school playground!

The party was great though rain and all.  Cohen had been a little hesitant at first looking at the "course" but once she took off I couldn't get her to slow down!  Kate loved it too.   Kelly went through everything with her and I tried to snap a few pictures with my phone.  Dawn and Westley really did a great job planning this out.  The kids went through the woods climbing over logs, going through "spider webs" of strings, and more.  At the end of the course was a slide going into a big mud pool!  All the kids were loving it too.   Kate was a little overwhelmed with all of the older kids but she did get in the mud and splash around for a little bit.  She was a little cold so that put an end to her playing in it.  Cohen ended up going back through the course and Kate did too.  They loved it.  After that we hosed them off and got them changed.  It was a blast!  Happy birthday Keyes and Elliott!!

Loading up to head down to the starting line!

And there off...
Over the logs!
Cohen was gone...
Sliding into the mud pit!

Muddy girls!
Here goes Kate!!

Kate just got right in instead of going down the slide

She was a little unsure of all the mud slinging!
Love it!!

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