Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Fun this Summer!

This is a sad post to me because I absolutely love summertime!  I know it is still officially summer until Sept. 21 but when school starts back it feels more like fall and some of the fun of summer goes away.  I have enjoyed this summer so much!  We had a lot of fun things down on our "to-do" list at the beginning and I'm happy to say we crossed a lot of it off.  In a way it seems like it flew by but in a way some of the things we did like going to the zoo and to the Braves game seems like a long time ago.  I hate how time can make you feel that way.   There have been so many things I've loved about this summer and I've blogged on a lot of it.  A lot of the pictures I take are just randoms here and there in our day to day fun though and they don't get their own post but I still want to have these pictures in a book when I print it out at the end of the year.  This is why this post gets made!!  So here are a few random pictures from our summer!!  *sigh*  I hate to see it end :(
Enjoying their swing at Suzy and Denny's house
We love bubbles!

Chalk fun!

Cohen & Josie looked so sweet.  This was at one of their sleepovers :)
We met Nikki and Kylie for lunch one day this summer.  Kate and Kylie are about 6 weeks apart.  The funny part about our lunch was when Kate started having one of her little "moods" where she pouts when something doesn't go her way.  She wouldn't look at anyone but when we left she all of the sudden perked back up and was ready to play.  Here they are playing outside the restaurant.

What else can I trip gone bad.  On the flip side, my girls love riding in this type of buggy now.

Cohen & Savannah found some silly glasses!
 Can I say how much we love our neighborhood?!  It is so nice to go outside and have friends and neighbors to play with and hang out with.  It works out so good for all of us!  Cohen and Kate love to play with Keyes and Elliott and we do it often.  Here are some pictures of Cohen and Elliott playing in the kiddie pool and sprinkler.

We met "Annie" and Baylor for lunch one day.  While LeAnne and I enjoyed our lunch and talking, the kids had fun looking at the stuff in the bubblegum machines.  When we were leaving Cohen pointed saying Kate was in there and I thought she meant walking in the next room, she actually meant she was behind the machines.  Silly Kate!

Cohen & Baylor

This was a sweet picture Kelly took of the girls fishing 

We really enjoyed our waterpark trips this summer.  Our last one was in July and here were some of the pictures.

At a stop sign I had to take this...the girls were jamming out in their seats!

Cohen & Grace at the "Wizard of Oz".  Cohen loves her Grace!  (who is also our neighbor :))

Suzy and Denny are always good to watch my girls.  They do it a lot and I can't say how much I appreciate them doing that.  I may have a little errand and they stay for a couple of hours or they may keep them for the entire afternoon.  My kids (and me) love them and they love my kids!  I really liked this picture because right when I walked in they were eating popcorn.  I could see them through the screen as I walked up so I was able to get a good picture!  Don't you love Kate's glasses!

By far one of my favorite pics!  Riding up and down our street in the Barbie car.  Cohen got her "license" as I say this summer!  

At the end of July we had fun at Cade's birthday party!  We always look forward to his party at Brad and Rebekah's.   This year they brought out the slip-n-slide which brings back good memories!!  The kids had a ball on it as you can see...and some adults too!

Kate & Bentley hit it off this summer!!  Little lovebirds??!!

 These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.  We had some Saturday morning fun walking to Mac's Donuts...which we love to do.  On our way we went past the hardware store which is one of Denny's favorite hang outs.  We had to stop and talk for a while and get a picture.  I love Denny!!  I think he stops by the hardware store every day.  Ever since this little trip, when I drive by, Kate starts pointing and asking if Denny is there.

On August 4, we had move up Sunday at church.  This is where the kids move up to their next class and since this year Cohen was moving up to kindergarten, it meant she would leave the preschool dept. downstairs and move upstairs to KidsTown.  (sniff sniff)  That was definitely worthy of a picture!

upstairs in KidsTown

One with our pretty flowers

Yes...they are special

Preschool choir surprise party for Elizabeth!

And last, but definitely not of my favorite things about this summer is the girls I run with!!  When the summer started some of us started meeting up to run and it has been so much fun.  We definitely get our miles in, then we get to spent a little time socializing!  We have all now signed up for our first 10K this coming February at Disney!!  I love these girls and they have definitely help make my summer!  There's nothing like time with girlfriends to keep you sane!  We have shared many laughs and I know we will share many more.  Even though our schedules will have to change a little with fall and school, I know we will still be running.  Like I said, we have to keep our sanity and I mean we are hard core after all!  Love you HC GIRLS! 

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