Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School Shopping

Last week Dawn and I took Cohen & Keyes back to school shopping for their kindergarten supplies.  We have 4 kids in our little subdivision going to kindergarten together!  We had a lot of fun doing our shopping.  We would call out what we needed and Keyes and Cohen would go grab it.  When we were getting our paper products they thought it was much more fun to climb on the shelves hiding behind the large packs of paper towels though.  I can't believe we are on our last stretch of summer.  I cannot tell you how much I hate to see it end, but I am choosing to focus on the positive and think about the fun we are going to have in this new adventure called school!!  Cohen is excited, especially now that we have her book bag and lunch box ordered.  I think we are officially ready! The kids start back in about 2 weeks so we are going to have all the fun we can.
showing off their buggy full of stuff!

Taking a shopping break...

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  1. I feel the same way as you about not being ready for summer to end. However, the kids are really excited about school this year, so I know they will love it. So fun that you all got to go school supply shopping with friends!