Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was the BIG day!  Cohen's first day of kindergarten.  We had a smooth morning.  Cohen was so eager to go to school that she was up with a smile the minute I went in her room to get her up.  We got ready, and of course took some pictures before heading off to school.  One funny things she said to me as I was getting her ready was, "Mama, do you think I need a little eye shadow or lip gloss for school today?"  I had to tell her to slow down that she wasn't that grown yet!  Of course it was very busy at school and rainy!  We finally got parked and went inside and my big teary moment came as we were walking in.  I had to take a deep breath to stop the water works.  We headed to Cohen's class and when we got in there we got her situated.  She got her book bag put away and started on her coloring page.  I got her picture again and then told her I would be leaving and wanted one last hug.  She gave me a one arm hug and went right back to coloring.  This girl was ready and was not phased at all by me leaving.  That really made it so easy for me.   It also helps knowing that I'm leaving my child in such good hands.   As I walked out I started to leave but went back for one little peek and she was so busy coloring.  I ran into several of my friends who were dropping off kids in different grades and that totally helped take my mind off of everything.  I peeked in on my niece Savannah to see her happily coloring in her class too.  I still have a hard time thinking these girls are old enough to be in big school.  I walked out of the school with my friend Whitney who had dropped her little girl off at kindergarten.  Her daughter Rylie and Cohen went to preschool together and have since they were 2.  We just talked our way to the car and made it a success getting to the car without a melt down!  I think I got it out of my system in the days leading up to this.
Kate and I kept ourselves busy all day.  We went with Auntie P to have pedicures and manicures.  Kate did so well the entire time.  We then had lunch with great friends!  I only had about 45 minutes at home before it was time to go get Cohen.  Kate had looked for Cohen when she woke up this morning and had repeated the word "cool" several times when I would mention something about Cohen.  We get to pick Cohen up at 3:00 and I couldn't wait to hear all about her day.  Mrs. Hendrix said she had a great first day when she put her in the car.  The first thing Cohen told me was she had left her bracelet.  I assured her Mrs. Kellum would still have it if she left it in the room.  She then told me she LOVED her day but she did not want her lunchbox at lunchtime because she had wished she could eat in the lunchroom.  They had corndogs today which is Cohen's favorite.  She had actually asked me to pack her one but I had told her it wouldn't be warm at lunch.  She went on to tell me that she had made some new friends and seen a lot of her friends that were in other classes.  I assured her that soon they would get to play outside together once the rain stopped.  I think she mentioned more than once how many people were in kindergarten.  She said she had went to the gym and library and mentioned music but didn't really go to any one class yet.  I know she is so anxious to do all these fun things and I just know she is going to love kindergarten.  First day was definitely a success!

She has been so excited about her new book bag!

Ready to go!

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