Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice "long" weekend.  Cohen was ready for a day off from school and she kept asking me if it was a holiday that celebrated her because she now went to school like others go to work.  I know I was ready for a little break too!
Friday night Kelly took Cohen to the Franklin Co. football game while I had a picture session.  I had Kate with me, but my mama went along so she could help keep an eye on Kate, and so we could run a few errands afterwards.  I had this funny picture of Kate...we had to run into Belk so my mom could exchange a few things and of course we like to check out the children's section. As I was leaving I called to Kate who loves hiding in a clothes rack or playing with a stuffed animal!  When she came to me I actually had to do a double take to figure out what she had on...she had obviously found a skirt she liked and wanted to "try on" because this is what she looked like...
She is a mess!

Saturday was the start of football season for us!!  YAY!   We love watching our Bulldawgs and while this game wasn't the outcome we had hoped for, we still were right there cheering them on with some of our favorite people!    The girls had a sleepover with Sug & Pop, but earlier that morning I had gotten them all dressed in their cheerleading outfits and then I found them in Cohen's room putting on makeup.  Cohen was putting lip gloss on Kate, who kept wanting more, and she had also put lip gloss and eye shadow on herself.  It was a cute sight for sure!  Cohen is counting down the games until she can finally go back so we will hopefully get her there in a few weeks.  In the meantime we'll look to next week when the Dawgs are back in Athens!!!

After having such a long night on Saturday, we came home from church Sunday and relaxed!  Very rarely do I ever take a nap, but I did that day!  The girls both took a good one too.  Sunday night we all ate at Sug & Pop's and it was delicious!  IT was so nice to come home and know we didn't have to get up so early for school!

Today was a fun day for us too.  We made the most of our holiday weekend!  I actually got up early to run with Stacey & Jen.  We are crazy and I know we all thought twice when that alarm went off but it felt good and we have to jump on days when we have hubby's at home to babysit!  Kate had her little gymnastics class this morning and today Kelly took her because he was off and this was a good day for him to get to see her in action since he has to miss out when he's working.  This gave me and Cohen some time together too which was nice since she is usually at school.  She wanted to play with chalk so we did!  It felt so good outside.  When Kelly got home we decided to take the girls kayaking.  Kelly's brother Davis and Pop came with us!  We met up with Dawn, Westley, Brad, Erin and their kids and kayaked at Slow Water.  The kids had a blast, and us adults too.  Kate did much better than I thought since this would hit during nap time.  She had a couple of little fits but would quickly get over them.  We stopped a few times to let the kids swim.  At one stop we were all just hanging out on the rocks when one of the kids noticed a snake on the rock!  Yikes!
The kids all loved standing on the kayaks like they were surfing, and you know Miss Kate thought she was every bit as big as they were and had to do it as well!  She was so funny.  Everything Cohen would do she wanted to do too.  She laid on the front of the kayak, she stood up, and she laid back.  I think she enjoyed herself.  She had rides with me, Daddy, and Pop, and so did Cohen.  If we had only gotten Cohen to do the rope swing...!  Maybe next time!

Cohen has been asking about riding the school bus, so I told her that this was her chance to ride a bus!  It will be as close as she gets for now.

swimming with Pop

Cohen standing up on Pop's kayak

Kate wasn't about to be out done!  Love the tan line!

She kept turning around to look at me.  she really thought she was something!

"riding the bull" on Daddy's kayak


Avery & Cohen the mud princesses!

This splash was all I got of Kelly on the rope swing.  
I had to add this picture I took the other day of Cohen.  She was enjoying her new umbrella, which has become quite the staple around here this summer!  What I liked was the rainbow in the background.  It looked like it ended in the field right beside the Harbin's house!  She asked me could we go find the pot of gold :)  This was taken with my phone so its not the best.  I wish rainbows were easier to see in pictures because this one was pretty bright when we looked at it.

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