Monday, August 12, 2013

Amelia Island!

Last week we got to spend some more vacation time in Amelia Island, Florida.  We LOVE this place.  This is where I grew up vacationing so any chance we get to go back there, we do!  We usually go out of town with my family this same time of year because this is the time that my Daddy died.  I can't believe that it has been 7 years doesn't seem real and it hurts knowing it has been so long since I've been able to see my Daddy and talk to him.  What I wouldn't give for one day with him but I try to remind myself that its not for me to understand and God's plan is much bigger and better than anything I could imagine.
This year we went back to Amelia Island because we all couldn't think of a better place to go.  I mean who doesn't love beach time!  Cohen has actually asked several times this summer when we could go back there so it worked out great.  We went down on Monday and stayed through Saturday.  Kelly joined us Tuesday night.  On the way down we had a little excitement with Kate when we stopped to eat...she was playing on the playground and decided she would go up to the top and not come down.  This has happened before with me at Chic-Fil-A and yes, I had to go up in the playground and bring her down, with a crowd of parents watching no less.  This time I had Auntie P go up and get her and bring her down...kicking and screaming of course.  It didn't take long for me to find humor in this whole scene so as they were coming out of the tree house I was ready to snap a picture with my phone. Good times!

We got to the condo and they kids couldn't get changed quick enough to head down to the pool for a swim.
On Tuesday we spent our day at the pool.  Kelly was coming down that night and he was bringing our beach chairs so we only walked on the beach for a little bit and stayed at the pool most of the time.  Cohen loves the pool so much better so she was thrilled.  She continued to learn more tricks in the pool.  I still can't get over how much she has learned this summer.  This trip she was swimming in the deep with no floatie.  She even was jumping in and and going down to touch the bottom.  She has gotten good at holding her breath for a long time too.  She can swim from side to side without taking a breath. She was also practicing her "hand stands" and trying so hard to turn a flip.  I'm not sure if she actually did one or not but she was rolling around and trying.  The only thing with her is she feels like she has to have goggles.  I personally think goggles are the biggest waste because no matter where you buy a pair they always seem to leak, break. or something.  She wore some of Brock's that seemed to work for her so that was great!  That night we went to eat at Slider's which has an outdoor playground.  I loved that because anything that occupies my kids is wonderful!

On Wednesday we headed to the beach!  Kelly had arrived the night before, we had our chairs and sand toys so we were ready!  Cohen actually enjoyed this beach a lot more because they have tons of seashells.  Growing up I remember collecting shells every time we came and they were even better all those years ago.  They still have a lot now and she enjoyed collecting them in her buckets.  I was glad since that bought us more time on the beach before she started begging someone to take her to the pool.
shell collector!

This sums her up!

Eating snacks...Kate starts asking for a "nack" as soon as we plop our chairs down!

serving Auntie P some "cake"

I was out in the water for a minute and came back up to find Bebe playing music for Cohen and Kate..."Gangham Style" which they love!  Here are their dance pics and notice that Cohen's mouth is always wide open!  Bless her!

She told me this was her bear claw dance!  

After lunch we came back down to the beach and found a little pool dug out just for Kate.  She spent her afternoon rolling around in it!  I love how it kept her so entertained!  The fun ended when we realized she had dirtied her swim diaper!  No more little pool play for her.  We got her cleaned up and headed back to the pool.
Someone else wanted goggles too!

We went out for some seafood that night too.  Its so nice going to restaurants without waits!  After we ate we watched the sunset down at the water and it was so beautiful.  We took some pictures but Kate got in one of her moods and wanted no part of it.  Once picture attempt  FAILED.

Just Beautiful!
We had to make a stop at the grocery store.  They had the cutest little kid carts at the store and both of the girls quickly grabbed one up and off they went.  Kate immediately stopped at the cookie display and threw a box in!  She was on a roll.  We had to constantly watch her because she was adding everything she saw.  She pitched a little fit when she couldn't open her goldfish in the store but got over that only to get made again when it was time to check out.  Kelly had to take her out.  While I was paying I noticed a box of crackers that I didn't think Kelly would have gotten so I did ask the cashier to remove those.  Everything else looked legit but come to find out Kate had snuck in a box of pancake mix and can of mixed nuts!  Those 2 things looked like items Kelly may have wanted but turns out he didn't...little sneak!  I would love to have these carts at our grocery store but they may cost me more with Kate doing the shopping!
throwing in the cookies

On Thursday we took a little sun break and went shopping in downtown Fernandina.  Its always fun to check out the cute shops.

 We got some beach time in that afternoon when we got back.  This time Cohen enjoyed a little beach pool.  Kelly dug her out one.  She and I collected more shells too.

Friday was our last day and so we tried to soak up as much sun as we could.  Kelly discovered these little sand creatures in the ocean.  I have no idea what they are called but him and Brock found a bunch of them and had them all in a bucket.  Kate was fascinated by them and was holding them and squealing each time they found a new one.  They obviously didn't have claws or sting so she loved it.

 We went to our favorite place, Barbara Jean's that night and got stuffed!  We walked around at the Plantation a little afterwards then headed back to start the packing process.  I have to write about the elevator obsession of my girls!  Kate absolutely loves to push the elevator buttons.  She loved it at Hilton Head and it continued here.  In HHI she actually called 911 in the elevator because the "help" button was just at her reach.  Cohen always loved the buttons too and she still does as well, she just will let her baby sister push a few sometimes.  On our way out that night she was helping Kate reach the button by lifting her up.  I thought that was so sweet of her.  Saturday morning when we left we carried the girls from the bed to the car.  Kate woke up as I got to the condo door and the first word out of her mouth was "button".  She was pointing to the elevator before we could get out of the room!   It was so funny.  She is a you can see.  I caught her as we were heading out and she actually smiled for me!

Saturday we left very early to get back for Savannah's 6th birthday!  We made great timing and made it to the party only a few minutes late.  Kelly started having a problem with his foot which we have now learned is gout!  I have informed him that vacationing seems to be a health hazard for him and costs us a lot in prescriptions!   Bless his heart!  Hopefully he will be better in a few days now.  We have a few days left of our summer before school starts on Friday.  This mama is going to soak up some time with my baby girl before she heads to Kindergarten.

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