Thursday, August 8, 2013

Birthday & Park Fun

Last Saturday we had some fun at the park...first for little Sam's 1st birthday and then some fun in the water.  I can't believe this sweet boy is 1 already!  Amy and I met from working together and the preschool and we hit it off immediately and have been great friends ever since.  Our first year she was their for me through my pregnancy and then the next year was when I went back to work with Kate just 2 months old.  Well it wasn't long into that 2nd year until Amy had some big news too...she was pregnant!!  It must have been in the water up there :)   This year has really flown by and Sam is just the sweetest little boy.  We were so excited to get to celebrate his special day.  He loved it too!  When everyone started singing to him, he just smiled and hammed it up.  Precious!  The girls really enjoyed painting their piggy banks.  I am planning to do crafts a good bit with Kate while Cohen goes to school, but this summer we haven't really did much so I didn't know how she would be with painting but she loved it.  She kept painting her elephant and the top of his head is quite colorful since she would paint the same spot over and over.  Cohen chose a train and did great on hers too.  They were really concentrating!  It was a lot of fun.

He loved everyone singing to him!

Can't beat Cheetos and cake!
After the party we went down to the water at the park and let the girls wade and play.  We had done this last summer and Cohen loved it and wanted to go back.  Kate did great too.  They both were careful and climbed over the rocks.  Kate got to a point and just splashed the water with her hands.  You could tell she was enjoying herself!  I think they really enjoyed their day at the park!
Daddy photo bombed in this one :)

You can see Kate splashing with the water

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