Wednesday, August 14, 2013

American Girl Bistro

Yesterday my friend Stacey and I took our girls to the American Girl Bistro.  This was another thing on my summer to-do list.  Kate stayed home for this outing so Cohen and I could do something just the 2 of us before school starts.  We loved it!  Stacey had all 3 of her girls so we just made it a girls' day.  I was impressed with the American Girl bistro and the food was delicious.  Each girl had their doll with them and each doll gets their own special seat at the table and even gets served their own little drink.  The girls were in heaven.  After we ate, we did a little shopping in the store which has everything you could ever think of.  I think Santa even got lots of ideas for Christmas!  I let Cohen pick out something for her doll and she settled on a bathtub with bubbles and a pair of glasses for her doll.  We also got a little tip on how to keep Caroline's curls tamed down because they had gotten a little wild :)  After leaving the store we did a little shopping at the mall and let the girls pick out their "first day of school" outfit.  We ended our fun with a ride on the carousel.  It was such a fun day and I know we will definitely be making more trips in the future!
Giving Caroline some drink

Cohen loves Saige

Silly girls!

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