Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kindergarten Open House

Tonight was open house at Lavonia Elementary.  Cohen was so excited to get to go and find out who her teacher would be.  She was beyond thrilled, and I was too, to find out she would have Mrs. Kellum for her teacher!   We could not have asked for a better teacher and she is even more excited now than she already was.  She didn't know anyone in her class right off but I know she will make friends fast and I assured her she would see all the friends she already knew on the playground.  She kept telling me over and over that she wished it was the first day and she would get to stay at school.   I just know she is going to love it and that helps me so much.   I still got teary eyed tonight when we walked in and come Friday morning I know I will have a small little break down,  just when she isn't looking!  I am looking forward to the fun we are going to have with school activities and I hope to help out in any way they need me to.  I think the most overwhelming part is actually realizing that my little girl is growing up so fast and we are now closing one big chapter of our lives.  I know the next chapter holds fun things as well, but like any thing else that involves change it takes adjusting and that isn't always easy.  I know God has everything in his control and that as much as I love Cohen, He loves her even more and that gives me peace beyond anything!  Thank goodness we are going to do this adjustment phase with a fabulous teacher!  
All Ready to go

So Excited outside her room

Cohen wanted to sign her name on all that paperwork!
 We had a little fun with chalk tonight outside!  Cohen said she sure hoped the rain didn't wash it all away!

And Kate could not be left out of the action!

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