Monday, August 26, 2013

Kate's First Mommy & Tot Gymnastics class

Today Kate started her Mommy & Tot gymnastics class.  I basically wanted something fun for us to do together and thought this would be fun.  I'm glad I did because she LOVED it!  We go to Pendleton which is where Cohen used to take gymnastics.  We did not tell Cohen because this would be one of those situations that she would cry about.  She does know Kate has a class, just not where :)  When we got there we went right out on the floor and started stretches and I saw immediately that Kate was going to love it!  She did every move...her way of course...I mean who needs to bend over to touch their toes when you can squat and do it :)  She loved the jumping!  After that we went right to "playing".  Miss Kip sets up several stations and shows you what to do, then you just go to each one as you want.  Kate was busy running from one to another.  I think her favorite was the rings!  She would swing and hang, and then she learned how to kick the big "mailbox" mat over in front of her and did that several times.  She climbed, threw bean bags, slid, jumped and had a ball!  At the end they have a few minutes for music where they sing a song with hand motions.  She loved this as well.  Miss Kip gives everyone their stamps before leaving.  Kate got her hand stamped and got up to walk away, but then she noticed Miss Kip gave 2 stamps and she had to go back to get her other hand stamped as well.  She was very proud of those stamps on her hand!  It was too much cuteness!  She wore Cohen's leotard, which I think Cohen can probably still wear!  It was a little big but with a diaper on it wasn't too bad. haha!  

She was so proud every time she threw one in...& she was good at it!


This has to be my favorite!!  Her eyes say it all!

Waiting for her stamps

Checking them out!

So proud!

She is still looking at her stamps!

I love this kid!!

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