Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Celebrations & The Tooth Fairy Makes a Visit!!

We had a very fun weekend and it all started on Friday.  Cohen got to have a playdate with a friend Friday morning and had a birthday party that afternoon.  It was for her friend Mylie.  The girls had so much fun in the pool.  Cohen immediately found some goggles to put on...her favorite.  They would swim from the shallow to the deep and back over and over making up games and just squealing.  They had a break for ice cream topped with all kinds of sprinkles, then enjoyed watching Mylie open her gifts.  It was back in the pool after that until it was time to go.  We had a fun time!  Happy Birthday Mylie!

The girls loved running from the water gun, and I think Lily enjoyed spraying it!
Cohen & Rylie enjoying some ice cream 

I got a kick out of watching these girls talk about their nail polish.

These sweet girls have been friends from the beginning!  Its hard to think they are 5!

 Friday night we had so much fun!  We went to a gender reveal party for our friends Josh & Molly.  I don't have any pictures but we are so excited for both of them.  They are having 2 precious boys!!  It was a great evening spent with great friends.  We ended it with a stop at the ballfield at Brock's last game.  My girls absolutely love their cousin Brock!  Kate ran to him and wanted him to pick her up so she could play with his hat.  I thought this was too sweet!

Saturday morning we decided to get up and do something we love to do...walk to Mac's to eat donuts!  Its nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and those donuts are the best.  They had my favorite, bavarian cream, and me and the girls really loved those.  Kate had never had one and when she found that pudding in the middle you could tell she was enjoying it :)  Like mother like daughter!

Later that day we went to Gainesville to visit Grannie, Papa, Aunt Vicki, Aunt Danette, and Danny.  We had a great visit with them and we even celebrated Kate's birthday because Aunt Vicki will be having surgery next week when we have her birthday party.  I think she thoroughly enjoyed everything especially the chocolate icing on her cupcake.  She loves singing Happy Birthday and I don't think she realized that this time it was for her!  It was so cute to watch her.  While she opened her gifts she would want Cohen to get the paper started and then she would rip it off.  She would just make this excited sound with every gift and Cohen was just as excited for her.  It was sweet to watch them.  Cohen had to get my camera at one point and take a picture of Kate...I had to grab my phone to get a picture of that for myself :)
Ready for her cupcake and oh so excited

Laughing at "sissy" who decided to put the pillow over her head and be funny

While we were at Grannie and Papa's another exciting thing happened...Cohen lost her first tooth!!  We knew it was coming any day.  Vicki and I had been out shopping and when we got back I noticed it looked even more loose than it had been (which was pretty loose).  I asked Cohen to let me wiggle it a little and she did but I just couldn't bring myself to pull it.   I knew we were about to eat and thought that would get it out.  I was right!  We were talking about loosing teeth and Kelly looked over and noticed it wasn't in her mouth.  She didn't see it anywhere and I ran over to have her spit out any food in her mouth but nothing was there either.  We really thought she had swallowed it and tried to tell her that was ok if she did.  I was trying to tell myself that too because I really wanted to have her first tooth!  A few minutes later Kelly happened to look down on her chair and there it was!  She was excited to realize she hadn't swallowed it after all.  On our drive home she told me she wanted to leave a note for the tooth fairy but she just felt she was about to fall asleep :)  I found a piece of notebook paper stuffed in the car and a pen in my purse and let her write her note.  She fell asleep right after that!  I asked her to tell me what the note said and she said, "Dear Tooth Fairy...From Cohen".  She drew a picture of the tooth fairy too :)  I now have a cute little girl with a little hole in the front of her mouth and an oh so cute little lisp sound when she talks :)

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