Thursday, May 23, 2013

Loose Tooth!

Last week on the day Cohen graduated preschool I noticed her tooth looked a little different.  I've always loved Cohen's straight little baby teeth, and one looked a little out of place.  Come to find out it was loose.  Now, a week later, it is hanging by a thread!  Cohen is afraid to pull it out but the permanent tooth is already coming in behind it and so is the one right beside it!  I called the dentist when I saw this because it freaked me out just a tad.  The dentist assured me that this was normal and that it would probably push the loose tooth right on out and then it would come forward.  I think that was my biggest fear.  I just know these perfectly straight baby teeth are going to be replaced with crooked permanent teeth.   I have a feeling the tooth fairy better get ready because we are going to have 2 teeth coming out at any time.  I wanted a picture of this sweet face before these teeth come out.  I've always dreaded her teeth falling out but it looks like the time is here!
Loose Tooth!

The permanent tooth coming in behind it

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