Thursday, May 23, 2013

Braves Game

Tuesday night Kelly and I took Cohen and Brock to the Braves game.  This was Cohen's very first Braves game!  She loves to watch them on TV with Kelly so she was pretty excited.  When we got to the game she had a great time dancing on the fan stage, playing a water balloon game, and getting to meet "Homer" the mascot.  We got something to eat so we could get everyone satisfied before heading to our seats.  Before the game started Cohen and Brock both got an autograph from Dan Uggla.  Brock, of course was real excited about this.  He went with Cohen and when they came back he said that Uggla had told Cohen how cute she was and asked her name.  She was proud to show off her little pink glove.  She had brought it along because she wanted her chance to catch a foul ball too:)
We got a bag of peanuts because this was something everyone could snack on, unlike cotton candy and those were a huge hit.  We thought Cohen might turn into a peanut she was eating so many!

Dancing away...

Playing the water balloon toss

showing off her autographed glove

munching away on peanuts

It wasn't long into the game when we felt a few rain drops.  I knew Cohen could get whiney if it really started to rain so she and I headed up under the breezeway.  Good thing we did because right as we reached the top it really started to pour.  We made it just in time but Kelly & Brock were not so lucky.  They got nice and wet and we were then under a rain delay that lasted a little over an hour.

2 very wet boys
We were glad to see the game get started again.  Cohen and Brock both had exciting moments of making the jumbotron.  They both got to show off their dance moves and it paid off:)  Brock made it first and Cohen kept dancing between innings until she got her turn as well.  It was precious.  She loves to dance so everyone around us had noticed her especially since she started standing up in her chair doing it.  It was cute to see her enjoying herself though.  It also turned out to be a very exciting game.  The Twins were up by 1 run and the Braves tied it up in the bottom of the 9th.  They then went on to win in extra innings.  GO BRAVES!  It was a fun night which we needed in the midst of such a sad week.

Brock made the big screen

Seeing herself on the screen...

dancing away!!

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  1. It's so neat that they both got on the big screen!