Monday, May 6, 2013

Hilton Head

I'm playing catch up on the blog!  Last week was so busy that its taken me a while to stop to actually work on pictures for myself.
We had a WONDERFUL weekend (last weekend) in Hilton Head.  We always try to have  a long weekend down there during the spring and it was a great one to get away.  While it was cool and rainy here, we got to enjoy warm, sunny weather down there.  We rode bikes, played on the beach and at the pool, ate some really good food and just enjoyed ourselves.  Suzy and Denny went down with us too and we had fun with them!  We all left on Thursday afternoon.  The roughest part of the trip was going down when Kate was so tired it wasn't funny and she would not give it up and go to sleep.  It is wild how different 2 kids can be.  Cohen is the best car rider and Kate is normally pretty good but I have quickly learned that you can't hold her off for a nap in the car, its better to let her take a nap and be rested for a car ride.  We finally got there though and after fighting to get her to sleep again we settled in.
On Friday we got up and got dressed to head to breakfast.  We went to Skillets, which has quickly become one of our favorite places especially for breakfast.  We made a run to the grocery store then headed back to go play on the beach.  It was pretty breezy on the beach for sure but we had fun any way.  We joked that all of us were in bathing suits and Suzy and Denny had on regular clothes...pants and 3/4 sleeves!  With the breeze I think they were glad to have them on!  That breeze gave Kelly his first sunburn too.  The girls had a blast though.  Cohen and Kelly went to work on a sand castle and Kate quickly joined in.  Cohen also kept pretending to water a plant in the sand which gave Denny the idea to go find a small plant and stick it in the sand so Cohen would think she was actually growing something...and she did!  Of course he did this while she was down at the water and when she saw it she was amazed.  We got a kick out of that and I had to get a picture of course.  Cohen insisted on being buried in the sand and when Kate saw us putting sand on her she joined in too and even thought she might start pouring her bucket of water on her "sissy".  We caught her before it happened but it was pretty funny to watch.  After all this beach fun we headed to the pool to get a break from the wind.  Cohen got right in the COLD water and wanted someone to swim to.  Kelly got in for a few minutes but that water was too cold for us.  She braved it for a while and Kate played on the steps.  It was perfect to lay out in but not so much for swimming.

Cohen is amazed at her "flower" growing

So hard to believe that one year ago when we went she wasn't walking!

Watering her plant

all buried!

Kate is trying to help bury Cohen more!

Swimming in the cold pool!

Kate is really trying to tell Cohen something
After swimming our bikes had been delivered so we decided to go for a bike ride.  Kate has really been loving her bike helmet which is really funny so she was excited to get to wear it for a ride.  She lasted about 15 minutes and then started falling asleep though :)  We had both girls in child seats on the bike because I'm not real comfortable with Cohen riding her own bike and keeping up with us the whole time.  We found out real quick that this wasn't what we wanted though so after riding a little while Kelly went with her back to Pedals to see what else might work for her.  When they met us back at the condo she was real excited to show off their "new" bike which was the alley cat bike where Kelly is in front and Cohen is on the little bike right behind him.  This was great for her and it was so cute to watch!  The funny part was while they were getting their bikes situated we were riding back and Suzy and I had to stop and wait because we couldn't see Denny anywhere.  It turns out that when he caught back up with us he laughed and told us he had a little bike spill!  He is so funny and we were laughing so hard.  I wish I had a picture of that but no such luck!
Kate was ready before we left...watching TV in her helmet

Big girl on the big bike

That night we headed down to Harbor Town for some good seafood.  The girls were so good during dinner.  I love going to Harbor Town!  We did a little shopping and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  When the sun goes down though it gets chilly so we headed back after that.  

Cohen is always good for a pose!  She jumped right up on this stage and started dancing

Saturday we got up and went back to Skillets for another good breakfast.  This time we rode our bikes. After breakfast we rode more.  It was such great weather!  I wish we had trails like that here at home.  

Cute thang in her helmet!

Our bike caravan :)
Cohen wanted to brave the pool water again, which I thought was colder than the day before.  She was in and out since no one was in there with her.  We did enjoy laying out watching her though and Suzy and I played some games sitting out at the pool.  It was nice and relaxing.

She loves to wear her goggles!

That afternoon we went to eat ice cream and play putt-putt.  This is one of Cohen's favorite things to do and I love watching her.  Kate was happy to get a little putter and ball to play with and we had to constantly watch her because she thought the water on each hole made a great place to play with her ball.  She would put the ball in the water and say "uh-oh" so one of us would have to fish it out.  Suzy and I would switch up on who played each hole.  My competitive hubby had failed to keep my score, which we gave him a hard time about so he decided to make the last 3 holes be our holes to count and I had to brag to him that I won!  It doesn't happen with him often so I know that tore him up ;)  Cohen had a hole in 2 (fairly) and we were so proud of her.  It was too precious.

Hitting it in the water

Hole in 2!
The real fun and excitement came on the bike ride back.  Once again Suzy and I didn't see Kelly or Denny behind us so we stopped to wait and see if we could see them.  We waited then rode on ahead.  We stopped to watch some turtles and then they came riding up.   Turns out Denny had another spill in almost the exact same spot.  He was too busy trying to spot an alligator and down he went.  Kelly and Cohen got to witness this one.  Needless to say we were all dying laughing by this point and anyone reading this who knows Denny is probably laughing right now too.  He has no care in the world and was laughing at himself!  He did get a little scrape this time though.  We decided at this point he may need to change bikes with Cohen and be on the alley cat!

That night we went to the best restaurant.  It was one we had never tried before and I have now forgot the name of it.  It was Backyard something and we will be visiting it again :)  Other than it being a little cooler when the sun went down, it was great!  We ate outside but they did have fire pits going to help with the cool air.  It was some of the best food though so we didn't mind.   We had to pack up and leave early on Sunday but it was such a fun weekend!  We are always ready to go back of course.  I'm such a beach girl so I'm counting down the days until July!


  1. Love! The girls are so cute on their bikes, waifs in training for sure! Can't wait to get to Hilton Head later this year :)

  2. Looks like you all had a great trip! I LOVE HHI and when we went there a few years ago with the girls it became my favorite family beach spot. There is just so much to do and it looks like you all took advantage of it all!