Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoo Day

Thursday we had a fun day with friends at the Greenville Zoo.  This zoo is such a good one to take kids to and boy did we have the kids!  The more the merrier!  We actually were able to get a group rate.    Rebekah and I left the house Thursday morning (after we wrestled with car seats) and headed to Chic-Fil-A to meet up with Amanda and Erica for breakfast.  We let the kids eat then play so we could eat!

After breakfast we headed on to the zoo.  The kids had a blast and we enjoyed ourselves too!  I think they all enjoyed the lion the best and we had to try our trick again to see if we could get the lions stirred up like last time and it did work.  He didn't get quite as crazy as he did the last visit but the kids got a kick out of laying down to get them off the rock and at the window.  I even got a picture of the lion getting close to the glass to check out Macy :)  She was our brave volunteer.  It is crazy to see them act up like that!   The great part about this zoo is that it is pretty small but caters to kids so much.  They ran through the misters, played on the playground, climbed trees and took in all the animals.  They even cooperated for all our pictures!  We had a great time and I'm looking forward to more "field trips" together this summer.  We're off to a good start.
On our way home we grabbed lunch and Rebekah and I got smart and let them eat in the car.  It was much easier than loading and unloading 6 kids and getting everyone buckled.  Such a fun day and even better because it was with fun friends!
The whole crew of 11 kids at the elephants

Fun at the misters.  Cohen was so excited to see them on since it was now warm weather

Laying down to see if the lions would come down from their rock

Here he is...looking crazy!

The lion was checking out Macy!

Cohen was funny trying to pose for me while climbing the tree

Me & my girls

Kate & Bentley hit it off...these 2 were so cute to watch

Best Friends!


4 Brave girls...we got a picture together that we all approved of :) HAHA!

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  1. Just getting all caught up on your blog! First of all- Miss Kate is looking so grown up lately. I know you don't love to hear that, but she is such a cutie! Second- I can't believe Cohen already lost a tooth! How exciting for her. :-) Third - Y'all certainly were brave to take that crew to the zoo, but looks like it was a fun day!