Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Saturday we celebrated Brooke's birthday.  Cohen and Brooke have been friends for a few years now and Cohen loves her!  Brooke went to kindergarten this year and Cohen has told me how she misses seeing Brooke at school.  The party was at the horse barn at Camp Toccoa and all the girls got to ride a horse.  They were all super excited about this and had so much fun.  It was so cute watching them too.  They were led on the horse through an obstacle course to earn points and then they got to do an egg/spoon race on the horse.  It was such a neat thing to do for a party.  Kate loved seeing the horses.  She is such an animal lover.
After the horse rides the kids had snacks and cake inside the barn and watched Brooke open her presents.  Then they were able to brush a horse and do some grooming things.  My favorite thing was when they were letting the kids pick the dirt from the horses' hoof.  Cohen was soooo excited until they lifted up the hoof and picked out a huge clump of grass and dirt.  She went from saying "this is so exciting", to "ewww I didn't know they were that dirty."  We all just laughed at her.
While the big girls were grooming the horse, Kate was having a ball watching one of the horses in its stall.  Kelly would hold her up and call the horse over, the horse would stick its nose out and Kate would try to pet the horse and just belly laugh.  She was amazed at the big horses and just loved them.  I think we need another zoo trip soon so she can see all the animals.  She loves them.  We have the most fun with her animal books at home so seeing the big horse up close and personal was a lot of fun for her.  The girls really enjoyed it all.  It was such a cute and fun party for everybody.

Getting their riding helmets on

Cohen & Josie are all ready!

Carrying the egg on the spoon 
Cohen & Brooke

Kate thought she was just as big as the other girls

Laughing at "Dixie" the horse

Waiting on the "hossie"

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