Friday, May 10, 2013

Muffins with Mom

This morning was Muffins with Mom at preschool.  Cohen had said for a while that she was looking forward to this at school, and I love it too.  It was much easier getting her out of bed :)  I started thinking and it is actually her last Friday at school too!  I can't believe this year is winding down already and that my little girl is about to graduate preschool.  I feel tears coming already.
We had a fun morning though.  At school Cohen had 2 crafts she had made for me and a questionnaire she had filled out.  Those are always my favorite.  The answers can always make me laugh and it is so funny to see what they say about you.   She wanted me to read it out loud to her which I did.  I'm not sure if you can tell much about her answers from the picture but it was entertaining.  We talked for a while and then I had to get back home since Kelly was keeping Kate.  I always love doing things with Cohen at school though and I know I am going to miss it next year.  We are looking forward to summer though!

Cohen & Keely

Cohen & Rylie

Cohen's question/answer sheet about me

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