Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Donkey Tales

Sunday night was Cohen's choir musical at church.  The title of the musical was "Donkey Tales".  We have been listening to these songs for a couple of months now in the car and Cohen was so ready to sing.  She loves it!  Of course I could sing every song in it as well and even Kate knew a lot of the songs.  That was very funny and cute to hear.  She would mumble along with the song but always knew that one ending word.  I love to hear her and Cohen in the backseat just a singin'.  Two little song birds.  Everybody had to wear their western attire, which Cohen loves her cowgirl boots so that was a plus.  She asked me to give her pigtail braids, and I am not a great braider but she loved it and I thought she was super cute of course!  All the kids did such a good job.  We really enjoyed the entire show, including Kate.  She loved seeing her "sissy" down there singing. We are so thankful for those who work so hard with the kids, they are truly a blessing to our family!

Cohen and Josie

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